14 Best Heavy Duty Air Mattress‍es [For Heavy/Light Sleepers] June 2022

So you’re going camping. Or, maybe you’re just sick of sleeping on the hard ground and want to take the stress out of your next backpacking trip.

Or, maybe you’ve just gotten tired of the same old mattress and want something new. Whichever the reason, you’ve decided to take that next step and upgrade your camping accommodations. But, what kind of mattress can you buy?

The air mattress market is filled with a dizzying array of options, from the budget-friendly to the high-end. If you’re unsure where to start, keep reading our top recommendations for a high-quality air mattress.

What is an Air Mattress?

Air mattresses are inflatable beds that use a layer of air as the foundation. In most cases, this air is held inside a large mattress that sits on the ground. The mattress is made of special material that offers a comfortable sleeping surface without the weight of a traditional bed.

You can inflate the mattress using a pump or automatic hand pump included with the mattress. There are many different ways to use an air mattress, making them a versatile option for camping, backyard relaxation, and more.

You use an air mattress by inflating it with a pump or manually pumping it with your hands. Most air mattresses use an air pressure of 2 to 6 psi. When you inflate an air mattress, it can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes for the mattress to reach its full capacity.

Types of Air Mattresses

  • Self-Inflating Air Mattress

The self-inflating air mattress is the most common type of air mattress. This mattress uses a built-in pump to inflate the mattress and a valve to allow the air to deflate. Self-inflating air mattresses have a valve built into the mattress and do not require additional equipment to deflate or inflate it. Each mattress comes with a plastic stick or plunger.

You use this plunger to push air out of the valve, sucking open the built-in pump inside the mattress and inflating it.

As you push on the plunger with your hand, you squeeze the air out of the valve and into the main part of the mattress. An internal pump fills that space with air, so your self-inflating air mattress stays inflated through the night. It’s as easy as filling a tire up with air.

This simple action is one of the main reasons self-inflating mattresses are so popular among campers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts that need compact gear for their adventures.

The great thing about using a built-in pump to inflate these mattresses is there’s never any doubt about how much pressure an air mattress can hold at a given moment because they’re all equally full, thanks to their built-in pump. (And because each valve – which sometimes leaks during deflation – can be fully closed off by rolling onto it.)

On top of providing a nice night’s sleep in tight spaces like RVs and tents, self-inflating mattresses offer the convenience of an automatic pump built into the body of each mattress.

  • Memory Foam Air Mattress

One of the unique types of air mattresses is the memory foam mattress. These mattresses are made of polyurethane foam and have air cells that you fill with air by hand.

These air cells resist the flow of heat when the mattress is in use, mimicking the feeling of sleeping on a luxurious, high-end memory foam mattress that could easily cost many times more than a memory foam mattress.

They’re not overly bulky, especially as you get larger. The problems occur if you have to inflate an already inflated mattress. I bought one that was supposed to keep its shape after deflation!

It did stay inflated but would have deflated had it not been kept upright, which meant it was never flat for my children or me even though we are small adults and children (4 & 6). Another needed help to inflate it till it would provide support for two adults but then leaked at its closed valve.

  • Double Height Air Mattress

They’re taller than most air mattresses. This can add extra comfort for people who like more room to stretch out and a higher position in bed but might not be suitable for shorter people and those of slight frame – though note the profile may differ significantly from one model to another.

One person may find the double-height mattress best suited to their tastes, while their friend or another family member is much more comfortable on the floor with no mattress at all. You’ll get a feel for what’s best as you try out many single-layered, double-height (comforted) pillow-tops, ultra-king size, cool touch, built-in pump & even luxury foam-padded beds.

The double-height mattress is quite firm, usually storing its air in multiple sections separated from one another by supportive and comfortable foam.

The size of a queen-sized mattress, for instance, allows for a greater amount of airflow, which works to keep the sleeping surface cooler. It makes an excellent model for physically large people or people who like a very firm sleeping surface but may not be sufficient for skinnier people.

  • Convertible Air Mattress

This type of mattress allows for increased heights by converting the model to more than one height, depending on the need.

Some may not be as convenient for storage or sleeping. Still, you can always flip it over for a less complicated configuration that’s easier to fold up and store away again during all-day hours, helping you maintain a bigger space filled with breathable, comfortable air.

These mattresses are usually built upon a principle of multiple-layered, multi-talented designs that can take on a variety of shapes and sizes.

They’re as successful and efficient at solving a host of problems as other types of mattresses or air mattress replacements, so you won’t fail to pass traffic jams and road construction moments using a convertible air mattress.

These air mattresses come in different sizes, fitting different sleepers, e.g., heavy and light sleepers.

The Best Air Mattresses for Heavy Sleepers

Depending on your age and the weight of your body, there can be a wide variety of sleeping preferences among mobile users.

Heavy sleepers sometimes move around, get up often during nighttime, or have sleeping schedules or habits that are very different from average users’ sleeping ethics.

For this very reason, it’s important to note that heavy sleepers often encounter problems such as beds losing heat because they’re too heavy and tend to include more thickness and heft.

And despite mattresses being relatively similar in terms of materials and designs, heavy sleepers / high-weight needs usually demand more insulation (padding) in the form of heavier quilted sheets, which are more resistant to physical forces.

This is where air mattresses for heavy sleepers come into play.

Air mattresses for heavy sleepers are designed to fit the specific needs of people who weigh more than 150 lbs, especially if their sleeping habits are similar to those of well-built cattle.

These mattresses can lift a heavy person from one bed to another bed usually equipped with an in-built weight limit, or they can be used as a mattress replacement during camping trips.

Some models come with handles that make carrying them easier and lighter. It’s important to note that these types of air mattresses are not just limited to heavy sleepers as there are models that cater to average-weight users as well.

These mattresses include:

Englander Raised California Inflatable King Size Air Mattress

England-raised California mattress is a best seller in the market, and it’s a great choice for those who want to sleep comfortably in their normal bed but still want to feel the extra weight when they’re sleeping.

The mattress is designed with an extra thick layer of foam that provides you with the sensation of being right on top of the mattress. It’s a 270-degree, full-length air mattress that can hold up to 200 lbs.

This kind of mattress is not only perfect for heavy sleepers but also suitable for light sleepers who want to add more weight to their bed as well.

The special design allows this mattress to inflate even with heavy weights on top, and it comes with features that allow users to easily control its inflation level and make it easier for them.


  • Firm
  • Great for heavy sleepers
  • Can hold up to 800 lbs
  • Easy to inflate
  • Provides proper height


  • Expensive

Intex Comfort Dura-Beam Airbed Internal Electric Pump Air Mattress

Intex comfort mattress is an inflated air mattress with a soft-top cover. This special design allows you to either sleep on the mattress alone or cover it with a soft protective cover to provide additional comfort and let you enjoy the outdoors.

The mattress features an internal electric pump that can be operated using a single button, and it’s easy to inflate the mattress using an internal or external power source.

This kind of airbed is also highly durable, making it ideal for heavy sleepers who want to inflate their mattress without bending down, opening the windows, and turning on lights.

The mattress weighs 150 lbs, and it has a depth that ranges from 12 to 18 inches. It’s a full-length, three-sided mattress that can provide you with support and comfort during sleep.

It can hold up to 600 lbs, and it’s made of a durable three-sided fabric with an elastic webbing that can be adjusted according to your comfort level. The mattress has a small storage pocket that is ideal for storing extra linens and pillows.


  • Fiber tech constructed
  • Easy inflation system
  • Firm yet comfortable
  • Good for couples and families
  • Highly durable
  • Provides proper height for back sleeping


  • Pricey

Active Era Puncture Resistant Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

This air mattress is designed with a special puncture-resistant system that protects the internal core from holes or tears while providing additional support and comfort during sleep.

Air beds provide you with the comfort of sleeping on a regular bed, but at the same time, they allow you to sleep on a flat surface that is not only comfortable but also provides you with the proper level of back support and comfort.

This air mattress is durable, high-density foam that provides you with additional support while it’s covered with water-resistant material.

The special design allows users to inflate the mattress in just 10 minutes using its built-in electric pump. It comes with features that allow users to control its inflation level and make it easier. The mattress weighs between 66–and 112 lbs, and it can hold 300 lbs of weight when inflated properly. It’s also easy to deflate when needed, as wells come in an impact size that makes storing this kind of air bed easier.


  • Great for heavy sleepers
  • Easy to inflate/deflate
  • Provides proper height for back sleeping
  • It fits perfectly inside any home’s furniture arrangement or room layout
  • Durable construction while also providing proper support


  • More expensive than other airbeds

EnerPlex Queen 18 Inch Double Height Inflatable Bed Air Mattress

This double-height air mattress is specifically designed for peak performance. It’s made of advanced design and high technology that provides you with the comfort needed, while it also allows you to enjoy the complete look and feel of a feather-filled nest.

The internal frame construction of this mattress is one hundred percent steel reinforced to provide durability and long-term reliability. It’s easy to inflate its height and firmness level with its built-in electric pump with an easily adjustable control dial for accurate inflation.

It comes with a queen-sized design that can hold up to 250 lbs when inflated properly.

This mattress is recommended for everyday use, while it still provides the same great level of comfort as other premium air mattresses.


  • Easy to inflate/ deflate
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Excellent for everyday use for heavy sleepers
  • Good for couples and single sleepers who want an extra big bed to accommodate two people in bed.
  • The mattress will allow you to relax comfortably on its comfortable design with proper back support and spine alignment, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.
  • Comfortable sleeping experience in a room or on the floor
  • Perfect in any room as well as on the floor without causing any discomfort or injury


  • Pricey compared to others which have lesser features but are cheaper

HOUSEDAY Queen Airbed with Built-Raised Electric Air Mattress

This queen airbed mattress is made of pure quality materials that’ll provide you with the most comfortable sleeping experience available at its price range.

HOUSEDAY Queen’s premium quality innerspring mattress is made of pure new engineered technology, making the material very elastic, resilient, and soft at certain levels. At the same time, it’s firm while it needs to remain firm. It may be more expensive compared to its rivals, but the difference is worth paying for a product that has durability and versatility.

This air mattress comes supplied with adapters that allow you to inflate this airbed up to 16 o’clock. This airbed can also use any conventional pump and pillow inflator alike. A special chamber design lets this king-size bed not only make you feel comfortable as a kid on a trampoline but also strikes out what other competitors are lacking. You get rich features from a bargain price, an unbeatable value in excellence!

This type is recommended for overnight guests and anyone who wants to use a slatted bed frame.


  • It is constructed from high-quality materials, making it durable and long-lasting.
  • It is supplied with a plug-in adapter that allows you to inflate this mattress el of 16 o’clock.
  • It gives a comfortable sleeping experience in the bed or on the floor; it is suitable for any room size and open floor space.
  • Better back support than other air mattresses
  • Comfortable to use for heavy sleepers without reducing supports too much, thus reducing battery power required during the inflation/deflation period


  • The limited warranty is given by the manufacturer, which may not be enough for some customers who want more assurance about their purchase.

EnerPlex Queen Airbed 15-Inch Double Height Inflatable Air Mattress

EnerPlex air mattress comes in various colors and thickness of the outer material (your choice!) and screen-printed duvets.

BUSINESS Despite its budget price, the EnerPlex air bed is strongly built with high-quality materials and most features that make it excel among the other cool mattresses mentioned above.

This queen airbed has only one port on top to push small amounts of air into your mattress when you need an inside to inflate meant to expand your mattress.

The central pump on this product will keep the cover inflated under normal conditions, but it will deflate when left unused after a while.

You can begin pumping this queen-sized bed using battery-operated power or an auto-feed system from an existing inflator or two cup holders you get or add within 30 minutes to ensure nonflammable tires to guarantee protection for yourself and others in case of leakage.

This air mattress can be aired up to 15 o’clock, where inflation will begin afterward.


  • Hybrid design: inflatable section and raised edge provide added support during sleep time while adding comfort during sleep time/low back pain/formal party room
  • Foam covers are designed to protect skin from occurring cuts and raw spots suffered by the users
  • Provides better body support for heavy sleepers by adding back support features
  • Reduces the temperature under the mattress by removing moisture coupled with the rubberized top surface
  • pressure points provide better surface tension of air and minimize folding up of air during deflating afterward, providing the same air pressure before deflation to enhance inflate distance during the inflation/deflation period


  • Can be expensive

WEY&FLY SUV Thickened and Double-Sided Flocking Air Mattress

This thickened mattress is thicker than others reviewed and has a double-sided build-up of coarser than finer material to provide the best bounce and comfort.

This air mattress is made from self-adhesive non-toxic flocking material. It’s strong, durable, and washable (machine wash at max 30 degrees) to ensure long-lasting performance for the mattress.

This product comes with a carry bag for easy transportation wherever you go.

The presence of this bag makes it easier for you to care for its appearance in between uses without leaving stains on your car flooring or vehicle interior surface.

The weight capacity of this product is set at 300 pounds, which means that if you weigh more than 300 pounds, then consider yourself at a higher risk of injury or possibly being killed during an accident due to being bounced around during the night if you are not careful enough.


  • Flocking technology offers a higher bounce
  • Side seams offer better comfort
  • Water-resistant for both durability and long life
  • Simple to install


  • Heavy at 1.3 pounds

King Koil Inflatable Queen Size Elevated Raised Air Mattress

This air mattress is the best overall product in durability, insulation, and comfort.

This air mattress comes with a built-in pump for quick and easy inflation. If you are low on time, this will save you some time.

The top of the product features a 6-panel design and a built-in storage/carrying bag for easy transportation.

This product comes with a 4-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

It delivers a premium full-body support and comfort to complement your body and provide you with relief from back pain. The material is breathable and lightweight as it is made from high-density foam, thus offering maximum comfort and durability.


  • Improves Blood Circulation for deeper restful sleep (which can improve your memory)
  • Better bounce and comfort during sleep time
  • Reduces temperature under the mattress by removing moisture coupled with rubberized top surface pressure points to provide better surface tension of air and minimizes folding up of air during deflate afterward, providing same air pressure before deflation to enhance inflate distance during inflation/deflation period


  • The pump requires batteries to be carried separately

The Best Air Mattresses for Light Sleepers

For light sleepers, the choice of an air mattress is less important because they’re more likely to wake anyway if they feel hot on the backside/spine, or the surface they’re sleeping on gets too hot due to direct sunlight or being placed near other people who tend to toss and turn during night time.

When a light sleeper wakes up from sleep, it’s often because of discomfort or soreness associated with moving their positions too much throughout their sleep time when sleeping in beds designed for average users.

For this very reason, moderate-weight users don’t have much use for air mattresses as much as any other kind of mattress apart from when they’re going camping or sharing the same sleeping space with another person who tends to move around a lot.

Air mattresses for light sleepers would be useful during those occasions when there are people in their sleeping unit who tend to toss and turn a lot and need the comfort of a mattress that’s more supportive.

These mattresses are often used in hospitals due to their ability to support patients when they’re still completely awake and for physical rehabs when patients need to be able to move around without causing much pain.

The best air mattress for light sleepers include:

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

This type of mattress by SoundAir Technology is designed specifically for its average users. To care enough to equip it with certain characteristics which are necessary for those users, the firmness of this mattress will differ between each frequency that it is a layered one such as the classic/soft, medium, and firm layers as it goes towards the top portion of the mattress.

This is a very common type of mattress in hospitals, clinics, and pain clinics due to its ability to maintain a consistent, comfortable firmness level despite being used by those who move around throughout their sleep. This mattress would be ideal for light sleepers who wake up when it feels too hot on the backside or when people move around a lot in their sleeping area if they’re sharing with others.

The overall structure of this air bed is pretty firm with a soft layer that goes towards the top portion of the bed but doesn’t provide as much comfort as a couch would because it’s not built with springs. It’s easier to care for, and many users have attested to its durability and durability than conventional beds or couches used by average users so long as they maintain regular maintenance on time intervals.


  • Durable & strong
  • Reasonable price considering the features of this air bed
  • Soft enough to support users who don’t move much.


  • Pricey

Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress, Queen Twin Airbed Height 9″

This airflow option is guaranteed to fix quality issues with other air mattresses. It tends to be for those who are sensitive about people moving around in their sleeping area and won’t go for the default comfortable firmness. It has a great construction of layers which is ideal for those who need more stability but don’t want the firmness of a traditional bed.

Though this mattress isn’t unique in providing airflow and overall comfort, its users still appreciate it.

That’s because, in general, this model provides an extremely supportive sleeping experience that’s great. After all, it doesn’t force users when they move enough throughout their sleep time, so they won’t have pain on that ground as they wish.

Soundasleep air mattress contains layer materials known to provide support and comfort throughout sleep and doesn’t allow or transmit night noises from other people in the room. This is ideal for those who tend to sleep alone so they won’t feel concerned about those noises disrupting their rest.

This type of air mattress comes in different sizes depending upon how big a person is sleeping on them, and the expense of this model comes at $83


  • Extremely durable construction made to last a while, starting around $83 but not hard to find better selections that cost more throughout our scoring system
  • Medium support, but can still provide adequate internal firmness. Lightweight for traveling purposes that minimize luggage space. Great for long hours of work under conditions involving some extreme comfort
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricey compared to other mattresses on the list

Beautyrest Skyrise Raised Express Air Mattress

This kind of mattress offers little incremental variations from the already present bed. A taller mattress is usually preferred by more people when trying to avoid a height differential between their head and legs, and that’s basically what Beautyrest has done as well.

It also has an adaptable cover to guarantee its great long-term exposure, which makes users not worry about whether the mattress is being affected by use or simply going on its own time as air mattresses do anyway.

General construction performs almost as well as one of the biggest options in this industry. It provides all but equivalent advantages, preferable at far less high prices.

There are various sizes offered for this adjustability portion of its construction. Still, since it cannot be quite sacraicated about either height or support, only those looking for a moderate amount of comfort will decide to go with such kinds of mattresses.


  • Having a higher gauge fabric allows increased ease of use over taller adults while still maintaining adequate support if they are shorter on purpose than average adults who need or desire it.
  • Low price throughout our scoring system, available under $500.
  • Medium wind resistant design with properties like airflow capabilities is also included.


  • A larger cover size gets in the way of many people who don’t use a regular twin-size mattress.

SLEEPLUX Durable Inflatable Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

SLEEPLUX air mattress strikes again with a unique configuration that makes it more of a hybrid and towards the top-end for our scoring system. Overall, it’s not a bad one since the value alone keeps its good rating and even scores it very high in some ways along the way, surpassing all but similar mattresses altogether.

It is cheap, lightweight, and works quite well even with leaks mostly caused by user error. The installation process is simple enough while using high-quality parts that last much longer than necessary, only to prolong purchases by several years or longer.

But certainly, this being an air mattress, to begin with, raises many potential concerns based on our scoring system, which will swing everything in favor of what we feel should be given to the biggest classifications first whenever possible so that they are granted far greater appreciation than really might otherwise deserve if tangible benefits are not considered.


  • This inflatable mattress is far more compact than any comparable item. Therefore, it can be easily transported for use on any party’s trip or even for camping in need of something lightweight.
  • It does well at protecting against leaks because of its durable material and construction.
  • Highly affordable


  • Some users may find this air mattress too plush or soft to find comfort with a long enough timeframe to maintain the result.

CHILLSUN Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

The ChILLSUN air mattress is almost a direct competitor to the SLEEPLUX model reviewed above; only it features much better material and construction values overall. Again, it has some issues related to the durability that is sorted out by the company when it makes available for purchasing its new models along with enhanced materials and construction methods.

We recognize this brand itself in particular for its tendency towards consistency in design and quality over the years. Therefore, we wouldn’t expect anything less from this air mattress than a place on our list of best air mattresses overall.


  • This air mattress features quality materials, construction, and an inherently great design that somehow manages to be sturdy and durable while being very supportive of its overall quality.
  • The overall size is perfect for any normal family event or overnight camping.


  • Can be expensive

Take a look at these links for more information:

What to Consider While Purchasing an Air Mattress

There are several things to consider when looking for the best air mattress that suits your needs and budget.

Now, let’s look at what we feel are the most important points that should drive the decision-making process.


Air mattresses have to be placed in rooms based on their size because they often take up a considerable amount of area compared to other furnishings used for sleeping. They can both be placed directly on the ground or even above it, but more often than not, they will require some sort of frame for them to be snugly made use of within a location.

Therefore, you must get an air mattress with enough space inside them to allow it to breathe properly, given how much you intend to use it at any given time. Storing these air mattresses should also be done wisely to maintain their shape and don’t leak after being stored for some time.

More expensive models will usually feature constructed materials capable of keeping up with higher durability standards for longer periods after first use and having extended warranties and guaranteed shipping times if needed during the warranty period.


The best option would be to go for a more expensive air mattress with higher durability standards for longer periods of use. The chances of leaking after the first use will be significantly reduced. There are models now on the market that feature reinforced materials and frames, which goes a long way in increasing their durability by maintaining their shape after being used.

When buying an air mattress online or offline, ensure that it has a warranty that gives you the chance to take it back within 30 days if there are any defects or issues with the product, as no consumer wants a product that leaks and then have nothing they can use as compensation to get rid of leaks until they eventually wear out or stop functioning properly altogether.

When buying an air mattress online, you should also never only base your decision on price alone without making sure that you also read customer reviews about their experience purchasing and using their specific air mattresses.


You want to look for an air mattress that features quality construction materials and advanced designs to experience all its benefits over extended periods without having to replace them frequently because of issues caused by poor design and construction techniques.

These mattresses tend to feature reinforced materials capable of holding up to much more weight and pressure than other models out there.

This will help to keep the air inside them alive over extended periods while capably keeping itself in shape even after many uses.

When buying an air mattress online, you should make sure that a reputable brand makes it with a reputation for quality construction techniques before deciding to place an order for one. Durability

The Composure

The best air mattresses feature materials and designs that don’t make too much noise when used. Air mattresses with certain kinds of built-in fans need not worry about this much because they tend to stay quiet enough even when they are constantly circulating the air inside them to keep the bedding cool, providing you with all their benefits without distraction from noises or loud vibrations from the fan mechanism working overtime on its own.

You can find models available now on the market that comes with additional features like a built-in pillow top cover which is meant to be used by itself for added comfort during use, meaning you won’t have to replace it if it starts getting older or worn out over time just because it has become uncomfortable as it was originally designed as part of a pillow.


Do air mattresses need extra protection from rain and snow?

Air mattresses don’t differ in whether they need to be protected from the elements when it comes to moisture, though some are much easier to clean than others.

You want to go for one resistant to stains and resists water better than others because this will ensure that you’ll get the longest possible life out of yours without having to replace it once in a while.

How long does an air mattress last?

No set rule states how long any given mattress can last before needing replacement, as they all tend to vary depending on different factors. Each model usually has its lifespan withstanding heavy use and abuse before it starts showing signs of lasting longer or shorter than originally designated.

Does an air mattress weigh anything?

If everything within the mattress is made up of lighter material compared to other kinds of materials used in other kinds of mattresses, or if you aren’t going for one with a heavy-duty frame, then it won’t weigh that much. The latter kind usually doesn’t make much noise either, so you should be safe there regardless of not knowing exactly how much it weighs.

Should I use water-based or oil-based protection on my air mattress?

Many people prefer oil-based protection because they are turned and dried out once the user has used them, but both kinds work equally well and are equally safe for you to use on your mattress.

It all comes down to your personal preference, though, as some people may prefer using something like this before putting their mattresses away so that any tiny chance of leaks doesn’t turn into a nightmare overnight just because they forget about them.


Heavy-duty air mattresses can be used by anyone, especially those with larger frames or trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

After reading through this article, you should now have a much better understanding of what makes an air mattress good, how it works, and how it can benefit your health.

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