Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit [6 Savvy Picks] – June 2022

Lifting your bed might sound dangerous; however, this is entirely false. This simple individual for making your bed yourself will save you a little money over the expensive carriers professionals bring your bed; you might also understand how to do it yourself.

I used to observe some older adults who understood how a hydraulic bed lift kit works. This forklift motor kit is not hard to make and use. A few bolts, some lengthy parts, and screws, and you’ll be ready to go doing it quickly.

When you need to move something up and out of your basement or need to do some work on the second floor of your home, a hydraulic bed lift is a great solution. These machines are used to lift heavy objects and move them where they need to be.

This makes them ideal for homeowners who need to move heavy furniture and appliances around their property. If you own a five-bedroom house and frequently move beds from one bedroom to another, a hydraulic bed lift is a significant investment!

Here’s everything you need to know about hydraulic bed lift kits.

How Does a Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit Work?

A hydraulic bed lift is an excellent option if you already have a perfect place to store your bed. Whether you need to temporarily keep your mattress on the third floor or plan to move it all together, this lift may be the solution you’re looking for.

While simple in concept, the entire work process varies from product to product. Some can only move a mattress or box spring; others may be able to lift anything up to 208 pounds.

If you have a space to store your bed, this lift kit may be the solution you’re looking for. It uses a pressurized system to move your bed up and down. This is done through compressed liquid cylinder rods, or cylinders, which are attached to a bed. When pressure is applied, the cylinder pushes against the bed and lifts it.

Once your bed and lift are positioned where you want them, it folds up in the same place it goes down.

Other hydraulic bed lift kits have different mechanisms that allow them to work. Some use multiple hydraulic cylinders to power their systems, while others use a motorized overhead motion system.

Since these machines all have different components, they come in various sizes and price points.

You can buy one large enough for your bedroom’s needs or go small if all you need to store is your box spring or mattress.

Here’s How It’s Done

Follow the following steps keenly to get everything done in a few.

Step 1: Assemble the Baseplate According to Instructions

The first step to doing your hydraulic bed lift work is to assemble the baseplate. This is the piece that’s positioned underneath your bed and that you adjust so that it can lift your bed.

Step 2: Connect the Push Pads to the Baseplate

The next step is to connect the push pads to the baseplate. This is where the cylinder rods will attach to and where you’ll be able to adjust your bed’s height.

Step 3: Insert Cylinder Rods into the Baseplate

Next, insert the cylinder rods to create a push mechanism to lift your bed. This part is easy since you slide them in place as instructed by the product.

Step 4: Connect Cylinder Rods to Baseplate

Once all cylinders are connected, you can begin adding weight so that they can push against your bed when they’re connected to it. You’ll want something heavy enough to create significant pressure but not so heavy that your mattress won’t move!

Step 5: Adjust Bed Height According to Instructions

Finally, you’ll need to adjust your bed’s height according to the instructions of whatever lift kit you have purchased to reach its maximum height and stay there!

This is where most people get confused when they first start using a hydraulic bed lift; however, this process is simple.

Features of a Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit

There are a few features that every hydraulic bed lift kit should have, both to make the purchase easy and to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

Air Pump

The air pump allows the lift to move objects under the bed. The pump will have a certain maximum weight that it can lift, so ensure that you buy a bed lift with a weight capacity that meets your needs. The pump will also have a specific maximum force that it can exert on objects. While pumps can range in different types, most pumps allow you to set a maximum safe pressure for moving heavy objects.

Hose Length

As with any machinery, it is essential to choose a bed lift with a long enough hose to reach your desired height. The pump will have a maximum distance to move objects, so select a ride that has a slight advantage over the competition.

Cylinder Rods

The cylinder rods will connect the air pump to the baseplate and be responsible for lifting objects. Choose a bed lift with cylinders that are sturdy enough to hold up under heavy loads.


The bumpers in most hydraulic bed lifts are made of plastic or rubber material. This protects the cylinder from damage if you accidentally drop something on it. These bumpers can also help you ensure that your bed is at the right height when you’re done using it.

Pump Mounting

Since most pumps have a maximum working pressure, they usually have a maximum distance to move objects before they need to be replaced.

Choosing a bed lift kit that allows you to mount your pump as close as possible to your bed so that it doesn’t need much room when it’s working; otherwise, you may have trouble reaching all of your desired heights!

Weight Capacity

When choosing the right hydraulic lift for your needs, ensure that it has enough weight capacity to use without any issues!

If there is one thing that every customer needs to remember about all hydraulic lift kits, especially those of high-quality brands, you should always make sure that you read the instructions carefully before you start using the bed lift.

Best Hydraulic Bed Lift Kits

Here are some of the best hydraulic bed lift kits you’ll find in the market.

Hatchlift Products RV Bed lift Kit

This Bed lift kit from Hatchlift Products is a top-quality system for those who have a motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, pop-up camper, or similar vehicle.

It offers two levels of raising and lowering powered by a rechargeable battery that works off its built-in solar or generator power. This kit also has a high-quality push-button safety lever and sirens that activate whenever the pressure builds up.

This bed lift kit is ideal for raising and lowering up to 80 lbs, but you can use it on the whole of your bed. Unlike some other lift kits, the highest part of this Hydraulic lift features a locking mechanism that boasts a “captain’s chair” like design. You can use the mounting jack or trolley jack to raise your bed only when you need to get in and out.

If you’re looking for a bed lift that has a maximum working weight of 80 lbs, then you should know that this kit includes two travel bags for transporting everything required during its installation process.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Quick charge system
  • Designed for heavy users
  • Highly durable


  • Pricey

Platform Bed lift Kit (Queen-Heavy)

This lift kit from Platform is perfect for those who have bunk beds or queen beds and need a safe and easy way to get in and out of your bed. This kit is best for those with queen-sized beds or bunk beds at least 127″ high (4’10”).

This product is available in two different sizes: queen and heavy, which both have a total weight capacity of 350 pounds.

The Platform Bed lift kit is designed to fit any bed easily using specially engineered mounting jacks and hydraulic cylinders that suit both flat and sloped platforms. While installing this kit is relatively simple, it’s also essential to consider the results.


  • Dimensions are compact but still effective
  • Sleek design
  • Push-button safety lever
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use but require prior in installation


  • Only has two levels
  • Requires installation

Hatchlift Products RV Bed lift Kit – Queen LITE

Queen lite bed lift kit from Hatchlift Products includes a heavy-duty push-button safety lever sleek and ergonomic design for a comfortable and safe bed to sleep in.

It also has a robust and durable hinge mechanism built from stainless steel that latches securely to ensure your safety and prevents wobble under outside pressures.

This lifting device is best for sleeping in an RV as it lowers along an incline of 15 degrees, and for maximum comfort levels, sleepers can easily change heights at 35 and 45-degree angles.

All in all, this product has it all. It features a smooth, gentle lowering mechanism with a 36-inch wide retractable catwalk. Also, with a max weight capacity of 500 lbs, you’ll be guaranteed that there’s no reason why your bed should weigh you down.


  • Easy to use
  • Climbing capacity of 500 pounds
  • Dimensions are compact but effective
  • Ideal for RV suitable beds
  • Money back guarantee


  • Require high maintenance practices


WEST ORIGIN bed lift kit is one of the best all-in-one kits out there that has a 360-degree rotational movement lever lock with a push-button safety mechanism, a rechargeable battery, and super strong hinges resistant to outside pressures.

The locking system provides an unparalleled level of safety. It has a never-tiring folding and unfolding process that can fold down your bed in seconds. Furthermore, it lowers at 45-degree angles to ensure that sleeping is never interrupted.


  • Strong, sturdy aluminum frame
  • Best loop hinge system
  • Safe, push-button mechanism to prevent operation roulette
  • Comfortable ergonomic design


  • Requires a setup and installation

Home 2 Pack 3FT Pneumatic Storage Bed Lift Mechanism Heavy Duty Gas Spring Bed Storage Lift Kit

This kit from Homend includes heavy-duty pneumatic springs and super solid yet comfortable nylon hinges that provide a smooth and seamless movement while lowering or raising the bed. Other features include a 360-degree locking mechanism with spring extension and twin brass construction tubes.

Includes two super solid hinges and a unique twin brass construction tubes

Comfortable ergonomic design for cradle-style lift sensors. It is a powerful yet safe mechanism that utilizes soft gas cushions that minimizes tugging force to the joints. This is beneficial because transport has more damaging impacts than a safety hinge pin lock.

The system also includes twin bleed holes to protect against leaks and withstand challenging transport environments.


  • Easy and easy installation for reliable operation
  • Soft cushions minimize tugging force to the joints
  • 360-degree locking mechanism that securely latches your bed or bunk beds firmly to ensure the safety
  • Heavy Duty springs which are safe while raising the bed or lowering it
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Non-marring tubing


  • The installation kit is sold separately

C16-17566 20 inch 150Lb/667N Gas Shock Struts Lift

This lift kit comes with 20″ steel gas springs with a 180lb weight capacity, resistant to outside pressure. These 120Lon gas shocks are reinforced with cushion foam for strength and use high-quality steel springs for impeccable quality. The sturdiness of the base is situated at the bottom part, while the top portion is designed from fiberglass, which catches all rollers stored inside.

It is a speed lifting model that incorporates the most advanced technology, created by a team of professional engineers to provide the maximum functionality and uncompromising support to off-road enthusiasts and survivalists alike.

The system’s support function is always 100% energy efficient, consisting of a massive 315 lb/in force that comes out of only a ten pounds pushing mechanism of approximately 27 kg when manually pushing down on the push-bar platform.


  • Comfortable and easy to install
  • Resistant to outside pressures and loads lightweight for easy portability and maneuverability
  • Easy level adjustment helps you establish the ideal height for your favorite sleeping resolution.
  • Gas shocks which are safe during raising and lowering the bed due more to its design, not of materials
  • Long even height
  • V-shaped heavy duty spring


  • Heavy than other products in our list

Benefits of a Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit

  • Ease of Use

Most hydraulic bed lifts feature a one-touch start that allows you to use the machine with little effort. Most also allow for a one-touch stop, which will enable you to depress the button and stop the engine when you are finished using it.

  • Safety

Safety is always the main concern for machinery, and it is no different with bed lifts. Most hydraulic bed lifts come with a safety switch that will prevent the machine from being used if the operator is not in the correct position.

  • Durability

Hydraulic bed lifts are built to last many years, and even the most potent and heavy-duty machines will not break down or malfunction after moderate use.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Bed lifts are one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects you can embark upon. Bed lifts can be used for years, and they will rarely need any maintenance.

  • Convenience

Using a bed lift is a lot more convenient than carrying heavy objects and will help you save time and energy.

Is a Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit Worth It?

Bed lifts are ideal for homeowners who own multiple homes and need to move heavy furniture around frequently.

They are also suitable for anyone who wants to save time and effort. If you live in an apartment or condo, you may not need a bed lift. They are best suited for homeowners who own single-family residences.

Bed lifts are best suited for homes with a basement because you will likely find yourself moving the heaviest items there. They are also suitable for households that own cumbersome furniture items, like sofas or pianos.

If you have a large, heavy piece of furniture that you don’t usually move, it is worth considering getting a bed lift kit. They will allow you to easily lift heavy objects, such as sofas, pianos, and other big pieces of furniture.

How to Choose the Fitting Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit

Keep an eye out for rebates: Many home improvement stores offer cash back rewards when purchasing a bed lift kit. This is a great way to get a quality product at an affordable price, and it can also earn you a rebate after the purchase is complete.

  • Choose a brand

While there are many brands of hydraulic bed lifts on the market, most will allow for the same functionality. Choosing a brand with a good reputation and a proven track record will give you the best lift for your money.

  • Look at the weight capacity

The weight capacity is the maximum weight that a bed lift can lift. This is especially important for home elevators because you want your ride to be able to handle the heaviest objects in your home.

  • Look at the safety features

The safety features on a bed lift should be comparable across the board, so choose a brand based on the features included in the charge.

  • Compare the cost of bed lift kits

When you purchase a bed lift kit, it will come with all the parts necessary to install it. Plus, many brand names will also include an instruction manual, step-by-step instructions, and a video that explains how to install the kit. The price of this set of materials may not be included when you purchase a chain extension or an adhesive pad.

It is worth knowing that these items do not have to be fully installed before a bed lift kit can be used, so you will save money in the long run by investing in inexpensive items that you don’t need until later. Finally, discuss your budget during the installation process because your technician might recommend cutting corners on cheap materials and labor to keep down costs.


Do Bed Lifts Need to Be Installed by Professionals?

While professional installation is not necessary with a bed lift kit, it will improve the overall results. Take note that it can be hazardous. Ensure that your safety needs are a high priority when deciding if you need professional installation to help make sure your new bed lift works correctly and does not have any defective parts.

Why Should I Purchase a Hydraulic Lift for My Furniture?

Remember that the suspension function of your new sleeper varies depending on the size of the mattress so that you will see different results from different brands or models.

Some adjustments may accidentally be overlooked, and rebalancing or replacement of rollers will require an additional service visit to have it fixed correctly and agreed upon by both parties.

If you find yourself having to make frequent adjustments or are getting tired from having to continually readjust furniture throughout the day, it may be time for an upgrade in mattress size or design to optimize health gains and comfort levels through a bed lift system.

Do I Have to Purchase a Returnability Warranty With a Hydraulic Lift Kit?

Most brand names for bed boosts include a valid warranty. If you are unsure about the style or materials of your bed lift, contact the manufacturer immediately for details on this information. You won’t want to purchase an uplift kit if the bed wouldn’t be able to be made to fit or if it doesn’t have any materials that meet consumer-standard expectations.


A hydraulic bed lift is a significant investment when you find yourself frequently moving heavy objects, like furniture and appliances, around your home. It is ideal for households with large dwellings and heavy furniture. These machines are used to lift heavy objects and move them where they need to be.

This makes them ideal for homeowners who need to move heavy furniture and appliances around their property. If you own a five-bedroom house and frequently move beds from one bedroom to another, a hydraulic bed lift is a significant investment!

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