Manual Air Mattress Pump [3 Reliable Options] – June 2022

Air mattresses are designed to be lightweight and portable. They are perfect for use as a temporary bed or camping. Moreover, they are considered one of the convenient items in the house that serve you in various situations. However, air mattresses can be difficult to inflate and deflate. Well, the solution is quite simple! All you need is a good-quality air mattress pump that instantly inflates the mattress.

There is a variety of air mattress pumps available in the market, each having a unique inflation method. Usually, air mattress pumps come in two main types: manual and electric. The manual pump is powered by your hands. Whereas, an electric pump does the same job via motorized action. Manual air mattress pumps have many advantages over electric pumps. The most important is that you do not need to think about finding a location that has electricity. Therefore, manual pumps are mostly preferred and are ideal for people who don’t have access to electricity or batteries while camping.

Top 3 Best-Reviewed Manual Air Mattress Pumps Of 2022

You should invest in a good quality manual pump if you own an air bed or mattress that needs quick inflation. Unfortunately, some people are not well-aware of the benefits of a manual air mattress pump. The manual air mattress pump is a great option for people who plan to spend some time outdoors. It is lightweight and compact enough to be carried around in the backpack or the car trunk.

Now you must be thinking about where to buy a manual air mattress pump or which air bed pump will best suit you? In this detailed guide, you will learn about some of the best manual air mattress pumps that are trending. These pumps are easy to use, require less maintenance, and don’t break easily unlike electric ones which need regular replacement.

Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump

Intex is among the most reputable air mattress makers that you can find, so it is obvious that they create solid pumps too. The Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump is the perfect choice for great air beds, rafts, and large inflatables. This double action pump is designed to maximize airflow, making inflation quick and simple. The hand pump comes with three interconnected nozzles and hoses that can be used to inflate or deflate other kinds of inflatables as well.

The process of using this product is very simple. You just have to connect to one of three different nozzles that are fitted to the mattress, then push and pull the lever upwards and downwards several times, exactly like you would do trying to inflate your bicycle tire. This airbed pump is supposed to be used with both hands, and the handle is contoured to give a secure grip. The hose is flexible enough to be connected to valves that are difficult to reach. It’s portable and lightweight, making it simple to carry anywhere.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quiet
  • Compatible with Intex air mattresses
  • Equipped with 3 nozzles
  • Good for deflating


  • Requires a lot of effort to pump a large mattress

Texsport Deluxe High-Volume Bellows Pump

If you are a fan of foot pumps then it is the right product. It is compact, small and convenient to transport, and easy to store away when not in use. It comes with a 54-inch hose that will be sufficient to meet the needs of inflating. The pump is robust and has three different nozzles that allow you to inflate other objects too apart from the air bed.

The Texsport Deluxe high-volume Bellows pump flow rate is 1700 cc/per minute. The rugged heavy-gauge plastic makes it more durable and withstands possible accidental punctures. The Bellows are made of durable nylon fabric and contain a flexible 4′ non-kink hose with an adapter. It can be used for both the purposes that are inflated and deflated.


  • Durable pump
  • Can be compressed and stored away
  • Comes with 3 nozzles


  • Not-so-durable nozzles

Safe Place bedding Double Quick Hand Pump

This air mattress hand pump consists of a unique multi-stomata design with a thickened tube. It is created with a solid barrel that makes the inflation process simpler and quicker. The air holes are placed at the top of the barrel to aid in faster airflow. The Safe Place bedding double quick hand pump is durable and constructed of sturdy and lightweight plastic barrels that have a delicate appearance and longer service life.

The PVC plastic is smooth and free of burrs, pleasant to touch, and would not get discolored or corrode even in damp conditions. This multi-Use quick hand pump comes with non-slip pedals and large diameter heat and corrosion-proof hoses that are easily bendable. The hand pump has three interconnecting nozzles which can fill every size inflatable. The Continuous flow of air can be pumped both on the up and downstroke. Hence, the Dual-action technology saves energy and also inflates more quickly.


  • Dual-action pump
  • Three valve adaptors
  • Less noise
  • 30 days warranty


  • Not too much pressure


Air bed pumps come in various sizes and capacities. Air pumps can be categorized depending on the inflation speed, durability, size, and noise level. It is important to know the factors that you need to consider before buying an air bed pump so that you can make a wise decision. Here are a few factors that you should consider before buying an air bed pump:

Nozzle Type

The nozzle type is an important factor because it affects the weight, speed, and comfort levels of the air pump. The finest nozzle types for air mattress pumps are fixed or variable flow nozzles. Fixed nozzles create a constant air pressure while variable nozzles adjust the amount of air pressure based on how much you press down on them. Variable nozzles are generally better than fixed ones because they provide more control over how much you want your bed inflated at any given time.


If you are planning to utilize your air mattress on camping trips or other types of travel then the weight of the air bed pump should be a concern. If you have a heavy mattress, then it will be harder for the pump to move it up and down. However, if you have more than one air bed to inflate for the night, the weight might be something you are happy to deal with! A heavier pump can be somehow carried but it will take up more space when stored. If you need something portable, look for pumps that are lightweight but still sturdy enough to handle any bumps or bruises in your travels.


Lastly, durability is also an important factor to consider because if the pump breaks down or stops working then you’ll have no choice but to buy another one. Air mattresses are made of vinyl and cloth, which makes them more susceptible to tears and punctures. The pump must be durable enough so that it can handle any damage without breaking down.


Consider the length of time a pump would require to fill up an average air bed. The speed of the pump is also important because you need to make sure that it can keep up with your air mattress’s demand. You don’t want your air bed deflating while you’re pumping it up!


Make sure you buy an air pump specifically designed to inflate your other equipment too. Almost every air bed pump can inflate a camping mattress. However, if you are planning to inflate larger items like tents or awnings, ensure that the air pump you choose to use can take on this.

Additional Features

If you are completely satisfied with a manual foot or hand pump, that is great. But if you want to spend the least amount of time setting up your camp, look for other extra features, such as dual action and high-capacity air pumps.

Inflation And Deflation

It is obvious that the air bed pump’s main purpose is to inflate the mattress but what about deflating it? If you would like to speed up the process then there are air pumps that also offer a deflation function. Hence, you don’t have to patiently wait for the inflatables naturally to deflate.


When you buy a manual air mattress pump, you must be able to use it without any hassle. The best way to do this is by looking for a product with user-friendly features. The main reason why people prefer manual air mattress pumps over electric ones is that they don’t have to worry about electric cords and charging stations. They also don’t have to worry about the batteries running out of power and not being able to inflate their mattresses again. Think about playing to your strengths. If you have difficulty operating hand pumps, you should invest in the foot pump instead and vice versa.

How to use a manual air mattress pump?

Air mattresses are commonly used in camping, traveling, and other outdoor activities. Ease of installation is one factor that makes the air mattresses higher in demand. They are often made of light materials that make them portable and easy to carry around. There are a few different ways to inflate an air mattress. One way is by using a manual air mattress pump. Here’s how you do it:

  • The air stopper in the mattress prevents air leakage. First, you have to open up the air stopper from the valve. As the plug is a round-shaped screw-like cap, you have to rotate it counter-clockwise to remove it properly.
  • The next step is to attach the manual air mattress pump nozzle with the air valve appropriately so it does not leak. Therefore, it is mandatory to use an accurate nozzle for correct fit.
  • Now it’s time to initiate the pumping process. You have to push and pull the piston if you are using a manual hand pump. However, if you are using a manual foot pump then you need to pedal on it.
  • While pumping the mattress you need to press it to check if it is adequately inflated. You will feel tension if it is fully inflated. Whereas, if it feels loose then you need to pump more.
  • Lastly, you have to detach your pump’s nozzle and screw the air valve tightly to prevent leakage.


Where to buy a manual air mattress pump?

Though many air mattresses don’t include a pump, there are a lot of retailers in the market that are offering budget-friendly air bed pumps according to your specific requirements. Amazon is one of the best platforms where you could find a variety of manual air mattress pumps with the ease of being delivered to your doorstep.

Are cheap manual air mattress pumps noisy?

Whether it is an expensive one or a cheap manual air mattress pump, some air bed pumps can be very noisy while inflating the air mattress. Since the inflating process is a bit long there is a chance of experiencing loud unwanted noises. It is essential to read reviews or feedback from customers before buying the pump. Keep in mind that all the pumps mentioned above in this guide are nearly silent, as per the customers’ review.


In this guide, you have learned how important it is to have a good quality manual air mattress pump. It is not only important for the health of your mattress but also for the longevity of your investment. Keep in mind that the performance of the pump can be measured by its efficiency and pressure output. The best manual air mattress pump should be able to provide up to 3000 psi and an efficiency rate of 90%. A quality manual air bed pump is the best investment for your health and peace of mind. Thus, a manual air mattress pump is a must-have item for every person who owns an air bed or mattress.

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