Bedroom Lighting Color: Which One Is Best And How To Use It?

Today, let’s get right to the point, we have a little bit of a unique video, we’re going to be discussing, lighting tips, and bedroom lighting recommendations. Maybe it’s date night, maybe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, maybe you just want to spend an evening with your partner with a little bit of a change in the bedroom environment.

Setting the mood

Creating mood with lighting is all about juxtaposing dark and light, essentially creating a contrast. So we want to start, so to speak, with a blank canvas. What I mean by a blank canvas is removing all the light. That is, turning off all the light. That’s what I call starting with a blank canvas. So, after you’ve turned off all the light, we’re trying to create a mood again by using contrast. Using light strategically, we’re not going to overdo it, but make it mostly muted. And this is one of my favorite things when creating scenes for photos, music, videos, backgrounds for my channel.

Lighting dictates the mood.

And that’s pretty much all we talk about, to be honest, is understanding light, the tools available to us, and all the nifty products that help us achieve that mood. Today. In particular, we’re going for the romantic context. So, with all that said, let’s move on to our five tips.

So, now that you have a blank canvas, the first tip is to use the lighting available to you. I mean floor lamps and table lamps. Those are the ones we’re going to use as our main source of lighting. And that’s probably where we will add the most light.

5 rules for creating an atmosphere.

Step 1: Start with a table or floor lamp

Usually most people have a floor lamp or a table lamp, I would start with that, even if you only have one, use it. It’s good if it’s a colored RGB lamp, even better, you can experiment with it. But let’s turn off all the lights. And start with some kind of lamp.

Step 2: Incorporate light bulbs

So, the second tip, get yourself some light bulbs. They’re called Fairy Lights because they’re very small bulbs, very small string lights, when you put them together they really create an elegant effect that can have, for lack of a better term, a kind of magical feeling, maybe that’s where the term fairy lights came from, I don’t know, we can also call them string lights, that’s good too. But I found that they really create a nice atmosphere if we are going to have a romantic or just a beautiful evening using these lights. Now you can buy them as string lights or as curtain lights. The ones I chose tonight are more like a curtain, and I think it really gives a good effect.

Step 3: Add artificial candles

It may seem obvious, but there’s a reason they’ve always been in vogue, we’re talking about candles or flameless candles, if you will, and they do look like real candles, they burn much longer, they’re much safer, and they really help add a splash of light here and there. As you remember, we’re trying to create a contrast with the lighting.

I bought some waterproof tea lights today that are also kind of flameless candles, so they can be built into a hot tub, bathtub or jacuzzi, which can add a really beautiful water play, they float in the water like the ones I have. We’ve already talked about the fact that you should get some of these lights. You can use them not only in the water, but you can also add them to your scene or setting instead of a candle.

And it works very well, and it can also do a lot of different colors if you want to experiment with colors.

Step 4: Star projectors

I personally love star projectors because it’s just a little little device, a little product, a little device that adds a whole ton of atmosphere to a scene or setting. And it really helps to take it to the next level. If you want to elevate yourself, put in the extra effort, and your partner will appreciate it. If you want to go even further, get yourself a star projector.

So, my final tip: Now that we’ve created a scene that will go great with this star projector, you know you want to, you want to really create that idealized moment with a star projector.

In a word

I hope that my tips were useful for you and now you know how to create a perfect mood with lighting in the bedroom. Get a projector, put in the extra effort, and make sure your partner knows how much you appreciate them. Thanks for reading!

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