A Cozy Wool Underlay [6 Warmest Picks + Tips] – June 2022

Do you ever think about that perfect pair of warm, cozy socks? Or the ideal blanket to wrap yourself in when you’re watching Netflix? Underlay, or mattress pad, is that perfect pair of socks and blanket.

Underlay is a layer placed under the mattress of a bed to keep the mattress warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

It’s also a great way to keep allergens and dust mites out of your mattress and off your underlay. If you’re in the market for an underlay, there’s no need to worry.

The Ultimate Guide to Wool Underlay is here to help you find the best wool underlay on the market and answer any questions you might have.

Types Of Wool Underlay

There are several types of wool underlay, each with its benefits, that you can choose from. Wool underlay comes in various thicknesses to best fit your mattress and the climate you live in.

The types include:

Cotton Wool

Cotton Wool underlay is made from 100% cotton, spun together with wool. This underlay is wrapped around a synthetic core for extra protection for sensitive skin and improved insulation to keep you warm in the winter.

Cotton Wool is thinner than other wool underlays and should only be used on mattresses with excellent air circulation, as it can cause moisture build-up around your body.

Cotton Wool is best for:

  • People who want to prevent moisture build-up on their mattress
  • People with sensitive skin
  • People live in arid climates, sandy soil, or areas with low humidity.

Natural wool

Natural wool underlay is tightly woven and made of natural fibers, generally in a very tight form to fit perfectly under your mattress. It contains lanolin, the naturally occurring salt from sheep’s wool, and other natural oils to help make your bed smell fresh and clean.

This wool underlay is thin and soft to touch while also offering several benefits.

Since wool naturally helps regulate temperature, it keeps you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Natural wool also protects against allergens like dust mites, mold, and mildew from building up in your mattress. This helps keep you healthy but doesn’t snag or rip easily if a clingy sheet gets caught on it during sleep.

Natural wool is best for:

  • People who prefer the natural way of doing things
  • People with allergies will find this a better choice than synthetic or coated wool underlays
  • Green or sustainably-minded people who want to live as naturally as possible indoors

Synthetic Wool

Synthetic underlays are usually made from acrylic and can come very compact for easy storage by folding. Though they use synthetic fibers instead of natural ones, they still feel like real wool underlay like a soft blanket.

They are easy to clean: put them in the washer and dryer without lint or worry of shrinking too much when cleaning since they tend not to lose shape over time.

One drawback is that they are not able to absorb body moisture as natural wool can – which means that if you are living in very humid areas, you may find that it would require more absorbent padding or cotton underneath to prevent moisture build-up around your body. Of course, some people prefer the smell of synthetic underlays or find that they get as many uses as natural ones because they can machine wash and dry them.

You can even order a custom underlay that is made specifically for the dimensions of your mattress, which will give it extra durability.

Synthetic wool is best for:

  • People who live in very humid regions without central air conditioning
  • Anyone who finds the smell of natural fibers too gross to sleep on
  • Underlay wool can be used in several ways:
  • Some people prefer the comfort of wool underlay on their sheets due to its soft, natural texture.
  • Others use them as carpets for rugs, even carpet pads in the home, organic and natural.
  • Some people even make pretty blankets with human hair leftover from great haircuts and fashion styles.

Synthetic wool can be used in many different ways too:

  • Its compact form makes it easy to handle and can be stored easily. It can be placed as a soft blanket on top of sheets.

Benefits of Wool Underlay

Of course, wool underlay is famous because it serves as one of the best mattress toppers today, providing a softer and more comfortable sleep.

Naturally, our body needs extra padding for added comfort, especially if we are constantly working or sitting in office chairs – this is where wool comes in.

Wool underlay helps regulate body temperature better than most materials due to its ability to absorb and release moisture. This enables you to maintain a suitable sleeping temperature regardless of the weather outside your home.

Wool helps you sleep much longer due to its ability to improve blood circulation and deep tissue oxygenation, allowing your body to relax more deeply to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Wool has been used for thousands of years by different civilizations, used even by Roman soldiers as blankets when on duty during cold nights. These days, many people continue using it for warmth and comfort even if they live in warm areas such as Florida or Southern California nowadays, where they may not realize they do well without synthetic fillings underneath their bedsheets.

Wool also does not harbor dirt and grime like other fillers and is a naturally hypoallergenic material that can help allergy sufferers live a more comfortable life.

Important Buying Tip

Finding the best wool may not be easy for everyone, so buying the right product may take time and research. Here are some tips and recommendations that you can use when purchasing wool fillings:

Always check the quality – especially if you buy expensive or high-end brand names. Ensure they can provide receipts and records of transactions made to ensure their authenticity.

Start with a cheaper product first – if you’re new to wool, try other brands that are more affordable than the high-end ones, so you’ll know whether you will like wool underlay or not. If you love it, go back and get a better one next time.

Buying online is a great way to find trusted brands that don’t charge too much for their products.

Just make sure you know where your materials will be shipped from so that you won’t get scammed by fake sellers who only want your money without sending out the actual items for sale.

5 Best Wool Underlays on the Market

Product Name



Overall Rating

Snugfleece SnugSoft Elite Wool Bed Mattress Cover Size

80″ H x 78″ W

Wool and Wool Blend

4.5 out of 5

Essential Medical Supply Sheepette Synthetic Lambskin, 30″ x 60″

1″ H x 24″ W x 30″ D

Synthetic Lambskin

5 out 5

Sleep & Beyond myDual Pad

17.1 x 17.1 x 6

Wool, Cotton

4.5 out of 5

Holy Lamb Organics Quilted Ultimate Wool Mattress

30.51 x 20.51 x 20

Cotton, Wool

4.5 out of 5

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Toppers (King Deep Sleep Topper)

76 x 80

Wool and Wool Blend

5 out of 5

Here are some of the best wool underlays out there in the market. Suppose you’re looking for one, review the following to make an informed decision.

Snugfleece SnugSoft Elite Wool Bed Mattress Cover Size

Snugfleece Snugsoft wool mattress covers are trendy because they can offer the same result as more expensive alternatives that sell at a higher cost.

These are 100% natural products and environmentally friendly, so many people choose them to maintain a healthy lifestyle in their homes.

Another thing that makes these products the best wool underlay is their ability to adapt to any mattress size: whole, queen, or king.

Produced from a whole process whereby wool fibers are spun together in parallel threads to make it very lightweight yet ultra-breathable for the ultimate comfort during sleep, you won’t feel hot or too warm even in hot arid environments.

These mattress covers boast a soft satin trim encasement with delicate edges so you can fold it around your bed easily when taking off sheets and making your bed. Besides its flexibility of use, Snugfleece also has a thermal rating that can go up to 4 as it absorbs moisture which helps regulate body temperature. At the same time, you sleep through the night – especially on nights when sudden drops or increases in colder or warmer temperatures occur nightly.

The 40-degree rating is considered optimal by sleep experts since this helps maintain the right sleeping temperature for most individuals, whether it’s used by itself, with a duvet or blanket on its own.

This high rating of woolen underlay makes it great for places like tropical and arid areas. It maintains a temperature that you can sleep in comfort without too much heat or excessive coldness bothering you during your slumber.


  • Durable- wool fibers are resistant to pilling or abrasion, so they can last longer and still feel as soft as the first day you bought them.
  • Tightly woven- wool fibers are tightly woven, so the finished products have no frays that can cause them to unravel or get easily broken when washed.
  • Gentle against the skin- wool does not irritate sensitive skin types, so anyone can use it without suffering from adverse reactions that make sleeping uncomfortable.
  • Hypoallergenic- wool does not produce lanolin, a natural oil produced by sheep that some people are allergic to. This means there’s no risk of suffering from redness and irritation on your skin!
  • Easy care – wool is machine washable and easy to maintain since it needs simple hand washing in cold water with mild detergent, then drip dry flat whenever possible while avoiding wringing or twisting it tightly since this could cause damage to the material.


  • Wool takes some time to adjust -since natural materials will spring back into their original shape when released, you might experience some itchiness with the product until you get used to sleeping on it regularly.

Essential Medical Supply Sheepette Synthetic Lambskin,

This unique underlay for cot beds offers a great deal of customization and flexibility.

There are two different hulls available- one that comes with a mattress attachment and another that comes without any additional pieces for you to attach to the cot bed.

With the attached hull, you can choose from a wide range of designs, fabrics, colors, and textures to create whatever look you want for your child’s cot bed – it’s up to you whether you want your child’s bed to look like a forest or space theme, or what your child likes.

You can also apply covers, pillowcases, and sheets for your baby attached to the cot bed awning to achieve different decors.

The hull is made of soft natural sheep’s wool with breathable filling, all stitched together to create a comfortable and secure sleeping place for your little one.


  • Easy customization- the hull is fully customizable in terms of what you choose from the wide range of fineness and widths available. It can be designed for soft cuddly sleep or to support your baby’s back during sleep. You can choose a design that looks like white trees on the inside, with thick clouds and wispy snowflakes on the outside before it’s stitched with a mattress on both sides to create holed cushions that look softer than they are. With both options available, it will cost under 400 pesos ($12). You can still touch up or smooth out any irregularities when snuggling your child close in bed without damaging the fabric quality.
  • High-density support- since wool fiber helps provide the stuffing inside this cot bed, it will give great support under bodyweight combined, giving you support against sagging should your baby lean back for comfort once asleep.
  • Additional space – since the hulls come with attached custom components, especially the mattress cover and sheet sets, you can indulge in the more extensive use of assets to add functions to your cot bed. This extra space allows sleepers without food allergies to attain some added comfort on the cot bed when they sleep.
  • Perfect size – there’s no need for you or your child to put up with a too-small or too-big cot bed if you get one of these due to its expandability and customization aspects without making your child unhappy because they may not be able to experience being stuffed on a too-small bed that is unstable on rugged terrain. If it comes with a base separate from the hull, there will be no worries if your baby climbs up fast.
  • The base makes it very easy for kids in cribs, walkers, or wheelchairs to climb over materials that stop their movement with ease, so it brings about convenience (and safety) for children at different developmental stages of life when adapting from place to place. This expansion flexibility also allows children who like scooting on the floor rather than still.
  • Portability – even if you need your baby to be smaller with a similar cot bed, experts recommend not turning away from the suggestion of naturally adjustable beds – it is because kids like moving around more than lying still as it gives them more opportunities to learn different experiences.
  • Natural selection advantages – sleep safety is one reason that would make parents put up with this arrangement in cot beds. Posted lambskin provides a necessary material for achieving safety and comfort for the child when sleeping at night.
  • Attaching this material underneath covers often keeps allergens and harmful materials aside, which allows the child inside the crib to feel safer when they sleep, especially during crying times or nights characterized by alarming noises surrounding them (e.g., gunshots and robbers).


  • The hulls don’t come with a mattress attachment – you will need to purchase that separately.

Sleep & Beyond myDual Pad

Sleep& Beyond MyDual Pad is a unique snoring and anti-snore device with two foam pads designed to reduce snoring and improve ventilation in the mouth/throat area to limit airway blockage during sleep.

This is done by creating a gap between the upper and lower jaw to help increase user comfort while sleeping. This vital gap can also be left open without design modifications when the user must be awake but does not want to open their mouth fully. However, it cannot completely close off your mouth nor act as an alternative for dental appliances or splints.

Overall, it is a good solution for anyone who suffers from allergies and congestion down below to keep themselves comfortable at night when asleep.

The product is safe for use as it does not use any irritating adhesives that would cause skin reactions in most individuals, so even people with sensitive skin types could still use this one without suffering from itching and skin pain that would prevent them from resting well during sleep.

The simple contoured design is lightweight and comes with self-adhering foam tape on opposite sides of the device made with a medical-grade viscoelastic nitrile polymer material that protects against irritations by adequately cushioning the edges of your mouth/throat during slip-ups.


  • Five-year manufacture warranty- Sleep & Beyond offers a generous warranty that delivers an unconditional, transferrable, and replacement or repair policy for defects in parts and artistry (excluding non-serialized batteries and items with limited lifecycles).
  • FDA registered product – Sleep & Beyond adheres to all quality standards set down by the FDA, so peaceably, it is safe for home use.
  • The contoured design of the soft molded mouth guard sheets, which are made from a viscoelastic nitrile polymer material, is excellent for users who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders because the dual pads could help reduce pain and inflammation at night.
  • Abundant – The venting feature can be deemed a two in one; nasal congestion could be flushed out due to fresher air input into your mouth, keeping you comfortable during sleep.
  • Durable-The wool underlay pad is made from HDPE plastic and can be washed for sterilization, and is oven-resistant to up to 450F.
  • The one hundred percent cotton pad is gentle on the skin, absorbs moisture, and is suitable for home use at 50 F.


  • Might be pricey – If you are on a budget, it is not advisable to purchase one as it might prove too costly for the average consumer.

Holy Lamb Organics Quilted Ultimate Wool Mattress

Holy lamb organics wool mattress has a high thread count/density, which makes it exquisitely comfortable. It also has a generous amount of wool for superior breathability and thermoregulation.

The set includes more features than regular pillows deliver with the best comfort and performance.

These are top-of-the-line quilted memory foam bedding, so you would surely love using yours. It is advised to provide comfort and support to those who sleep on their sides which can be pretty bothersome when lying on any other mattress or sleeping product, as well as air mattresses.

This one is add-on comfort to a quilted mattress with softness and durability. This is aligned with what religious lamb nature bears, a best-riding horse used by knights on their quests; Such users highly recommend them as they are exceptionally comfy for laying down to sleep even whenever you move around during wear for the day.

It supports you not only from the side but also on your back, boosting firm support, which helps you get out of discomfort at night since it cradles like no other side-sleeper can ever have!

Unique Staple Fibers There is nothing else on every pad than crushed wood and covered in natural wool for paramount breathability and cooling.

It helps prevent heat build-up and dramatically increases airflow to rest more comfortably. It also gives you the natural look and feel of sleeping on the gymnasium floor OR having a huge lap blanket, making it perfect as bed linen.


  • Comfy – It is very soft but just not quite as much as memory foam.
  • Concave to your body – It offers you a more similar hollow than that of a latex mattress, and it might be best comfortable on the side you sleep on all night, so if this is where you are having issues, then the next two are for you.
  • High-Quality Materials – Crushed Wood and natural wool make this mattress one of a kind. The fibers are located in the center (where the thread is), so there is no rolling or movement. The Hypoallergenic Foam has been proven to be one of the most hypoallergenic foams manufactured and includes no brominated vegetable oil as an ingredient.
  • Luxurious look – It has an elegant yet straightforward appearance making your bedroom look amazing. It seems like another bed that has been upgraded to luxurious bedding while still keeping the old and original finishings!


  • These pads do get dirty quickly- If you need to put them in the washer, choose bleach safe when washing them for maximum efficacy!

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Toppers (King Deep Sleep Topper)

Holy Lamb Organics is arguably one of the best mattress toppers you can acquire for your HolySlumber, and if you are looking for a partner in comfort, then this is it.

It provides you with 10cm of Filled or 10cm of Air Pocket memory foam and around 1″ (2.5cm) of the hypoallergenic wool topper with natural wool fibers which combine to give you firm support and keeps it cool during the night hours.

The wool is filled with natural wool fibers which provide crisp softness.


  • Comfortable – Memory Foam allows maximum support and gives a great feel similar to your skin.
  • Comfortable Padding – The foam is soft yet firm, offering your body all the comfort it needs at night time while still maintaining comfy support as well as getting out of discomfort after a while at night time too! It will not leave your body feeling tight like many other options…so there’s no need to wake up in pain!
  • It allows airflow through usually blocked spaces so that your body can allow air throughout it during sleep, making sleeping comfortably at all times without having to sleep on top of an air mattress anyway!


  • Expensive – Although not as expensive as the other option, it is still another bedroom upgrade by itself!

How to Care for Your Wool Underlay

Caring for a wool underlay would make it last longer, which you need to do after purchasing it. This is perfected by taking care of it and following simple tips for the best results.

Place the wool underlay flat on a bed in the bedroom. Spread out the wool and let it sit there undisturbed for at least 24 hours.

It is placed flat instead of folded to dry out as much as possible while maintaining its shape. When you’re done, you can fold it up and put it back in a storage bag that came with your underlay, but don’t throw it away yet. Don’t wash the wool underlay before doing this!

Allow it to stay undisturbed overnight so that any dust or dirt settles on the underlay, and afterward, wash it using mild soap – Do not use bleach!

To effectively clean your wool underlay, you will need a small sheet of wax paper found in most homes, sometimes even restaurants! Start by taking your iron, steamer, or any similar device and placing wax paper onto your iron, and set it to a medium heat setting.

Lay down your wool underlay and place it into the iron, ensuring that you wrap up all pieces inside your iron (around the loop up to just below where the loop would usually go).

Allow this process for 15-20 minutes until all of your wool is thoroughly cleaned. Allow your wool underlay to cool as much as possible before trying to flatten it onto a bed. Otherwise, it will be a melted mess!


Does the wool underlay keep me warm year-round?

It does! It’s made to be used during the cold season and at the lower temperatures by nature of its fibers…so it isn’t to be used on sweltering days with temps around 90 degrees or higher! However, if you use your wool underlay in conjunction with your other sleeping gear, such as your pajamas, you can use it at all times!

Is the wool underlay washable?

A. You can wash your wool underlay with your regular laundry. However, you cannot use bleach on it for fear of damaging the fibers. Using bleach is not recommended by me either! If you want to try washing yours in cold water, I suggest that you do this first to be sure that no color bleeds into your wool underlay while washing it out to make sure that if this happens, there are still some fibers left that would mean that they are still spotless!

Can I use my wax paper iron trick instead of directly placing my underlay into my iron?

A. Yes, this works out just fine! Just make sure that you wrap your underlay around the info and also get it far enough away from the steam vents so that this does not burn or damage your wool underlay! Using wax paper with a steamer is an excellent way of rinsing off some of the oil while keeping the moisture out of our blankets and sheet fibers!

I want to use my underlay, but it is not as talus as I would prefer. Is there anything that I can do?

A. This may be your wool composition, but this is from my experience…there are two options! You can either use your wool underlay with a down comforter, or you can use a few different methods, which include: using cotton quilting, ‘s which you add separate pieces of cotton and then place the underlay over top of these pieces to give it the comforter type feel if wanted! You could also use a down alternative like goose down and a down comforter!


Wool underlays are 100% hypoallergenic with pure “natures” fibers which greatly assist with snoring and keep you feeling as comfortable as possible throughout the night no matter where you lay.

They are also a great addition to anyone’s sleeping arsenal since they won’t cost a bomb to buy, won’t deter dryers, and will heat your bed quicker, which means that it’s better stored in check-out lines and fits heavy mattresses without problems! A warm bed is the best bed at night; ask any farmer; these wool underlays will leave you soles to sleep form and fully prepared for the next day.

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