72″ x 78″ Mattress [Top 3 Options] – June 2022

Choosing mattresses from both European and American countries for a King size bed (US) can be a blunder. The Kingsize mattress from a European brand would never be compatible with your American King size bed. The closest size mattress you can find from continental Europe for a US King size bed would be a Queen or Super King mattress. The size of the European Queen or Super Kingsize mattress is approximately 72 by 78 inches. Whereas, the American King size bed measurements are a bit higher which is 76 by 80 inches. Therefore, if you own an American King size bed then buy an American mattress instead of a European mattress.

In this detailed guide, you will learn about UK standard 72×78 inch mattresses and the top-ranking brands of 2022.

What is a 72×78 mattress?

If you have the space and money to afford a 72×78 mattress size, then don’t think much. Particularly, when your kids have a habit of gate-crashing early in the morning. Also, for anyone who is not happy with their feet hanging from the edge of their mattress, this 72×78 mattress size is the ideal choice for you.

The 72×78 mattress in the European market is known as a Super King mattress. If you are wondering “what actual dimensions are a super-king mattress? ” Imagine an incredibly larger king-size bed. The real dimension of the super king mattress is 6′ x 6’6″(6 foot x 6 foot 6 inches-imperial) equivalent to 180cm x200cm (metric) or 72″ X 78″(inches).

The super king-size mattress dimensions are designed for the kind of person who likes having as much space as they can while sleeping. A 72×78 mattress offers you a huge six feet of width and is a full foot wider than a standard king size, which means you will be in your own space while you are sleeping with your partner.

Best 72×78 mattress of 2022

Super Kingsize mattresses provide a wide selection for those who enjoy diversity. They are available in different levels of firmness (soft moderate hard). We have listed down the top-rated 72×78 mattresses of 2022 that hold incredible technology, the latest features, easy delivery options, and a long-term warranty.

TEMPUR Hybrid Elite Memory Foam Mattress

There are three foam layers included in the Tempur Hybrid Elite mattress. You get the 7cm-deep layer that is made up of Tempur Comfort Material as well as a 4cm-deep one that is made up of Dynamic Support Technology, and a 14cm thick Durabase layer. Tempur may be hiding the precise alchemy behind their product however, they’ll be able to describe how it functions. Fundamentally, billions of visco-elastic open cells with a spherical shape react to the body’s temperature and weight when you rest. They move and rearrange their positions to conform to the body’s contours.

The material softens and becomes more malleable in warmer regions but is firmer in cooler regions. The final result is a feeling of lightness and contoured, comfortable support. It also tends to have a more comfortable airflow than the closed-cell design which is typical memory foam in case you feel they are overheated on traditional memory foam mattresses. The only thing you need to be aware of is that it’s soft but also supportive.


  • High-quality NASA-certified memory foam
  • Ultra-sensitive pressure relief
  • Solid resistance
  • Optimal weightless comfort
  • Little motion transfer
  • 100-night sleep trial


  • No handles and heavy
  • Expensive
  • Not for heavier-weight sleepers

Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress

The Emma Original’s structure is quite simple, consisting of just three foam layers. On top, there’s 25mm “Airgocell” foam that aims to ease pressure and promote airflow. There’s also 20mm of foam memory which gives pressure relief and supports. The mattress also has an extremely firm foam base. The final layer is the largest at 195mm, to ensure that your mattress is well-supported, regardless of the position you are in and the weight.

All three layers are enclosed by what the company calls the “climate regulating” cover that splits into a ventilated top cover and a gray side cover. In contrast to its competitors, the top portion on the cover of Emma Original can be removed and is machine-washable so it is possible to keep the mattress cleaner at all times. The mattress also has handles on its sides that make the moving and turning process much more convenient.


  • Supportive
  • orthopedic support
  • Very comfortable
  • 200-night trial
  • suited to side sleepers


  • Not the coolest mattress to sleep on
  • Weak Side handles

Simba Hybrid Mattress

Five layers in the Simba Hybrid each offer qualities which combine to provide comfort and a cooling effect. The top layer is a skin that breathes, then an open-cell graphite-infused Simbatex foam to regulate temperature.

Then comes the Aerocoil Spring Comfort Layer with up to 2,500 cone-shaped springs that are used to isolate motion and distribute weight equally throughout each Simba Hybrid. Under the coil layer is CertiPUR certified toxin-free Simba Pure foam that will keep you comfortable regardless of where you lie upon the mattress. It includes Edge Lift Technology here too which means you won’t feel like you’re slipping off the bed if you lie right towards the edges.


  • Supportive without being hard
  • Works with all bed bases
  • 100-night money-back guarantee
  • Excellent for back and side sleepers
  • Strong edge support


  • Quite warm
  • No handles for rotating

Considerations When purchasing a 72×78 Mattress

The majority of people spend their time on their beds more than they do on any other furniture item in their homes. A sound night’s sleep gives a person a re-energizing effect. It is the reason why selecting a mattress is a crucial buying exercise.

The most demanding, 72×78 mattress size or super king mattress provides you with ample space but other factors need to be considered as well. If you are not certain what other factors you should look for in a mattress then this guide is surely helpful for you.

Concentrate on comfort

The first thing you should be aware of is your level. Even if you purchase an expensive mattress, you are not going to have the most pleasant night’s sleep when you are not happy with it. What you should look for in the mattress comes down to various other aspects, such as the firmness, size, and the kind of material that are used within the mattress.

Buy a mattress according to your needs.

If you’re looking to purchase an all-new mattress, be sure to select the mattress that is best for your needs, and don’t go with mattresses that experts recommend as the most effective in the market.

Test your mattress.

The majority of mattress and bed stores will let you lie down on the mattress, so you can test the mattress.

Check the consumer reviews online.

This gives you an understanding of the most popular mattresses that are available and also allows you to narrow the vast array of options when purchasing a mattress.


It is important to have just the right amount of firmness to be able to support your spine as well as other parts of your body. However, too much firmness can create painful pressure points and stop your spine from remaining in its natural curvature while you rest.

Softness and sagging

Too much softness can lead to sagging in the middle of the spine. This can lead to poor posture and cause back pain.

Multi-zoned beds are a great alternative.

If you think that adjustable beds are too costly, you could opt for mattresses that have different zones of support. Find a mattress that is soft around the shoulders and hips and firmer in the mid-spine zone.


Is the King size bed 72 x 78 (inches) the largest one?

The King size bed’s actual dimensions are 60×78 inches. Whereas, the super king-size bed dimensions are 72×78 inches which means super king-size is the largest.

What kind of 72 x 78 mattress cover is preferable?

If you want to use a 72×78 mattress cover under the super king size mattress then make sure to choose an extra deep one. It should be machine-washable and well-equipped to protect the mattress from bacteria and dust.

Does a 72 x 78 RV mattress exist?

Yes, A typical size of a standard RV king mattress is 72×80 inches and a short RV king mattress is 72×75 inches. Thus, a 72×78 RV mattress comes within the category of RV king mattress.

What should I inspect while buying a 72 x 78 mattress topper?

If your mattress is too hard then look for a soft/medium density topper. However, if your super king size mattress is too soft or saggy then buy a firmer or harder 72×78 mattress topper for better sleep.


Knowing these fundamentals you can now be in a better position to decide which is the best mattress according to your needs. This means you can begin by comparing mattresses at showrooms and stores. By asking questions and delving into the specifics, you can discern a high-quality, good value mattress and avoid a pricey, ineffective mattress within a matter of minutes!

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