Сoir Foam Mattresses [2 Eco Picks] – June 2022

A comfortable and properly chosen bed is the key to a healthy sleep, which in turn allows us to feel full of energy throughout the day. That is why it is worth choosing a mattress with all seriousness.

One of the most popular materials used as a filler is coconut coir. This is a natural material that is derived from coconut fibers. Its main advantage is an excellent orthopedic effect.

The most responsible choice lies with us when buying a mattress for a newborn baby. After all, it is not just a guarantee of good sleep and a good day, but also the correct development of the baby’s spine. Many young parents, trying to please the baby, want to use the softest and most comfortable crib for him, and subsequently, the spine is curved and does not develop correctly. This can cause a lot of problems in the future of your baby.

Do not underestimate the importance of choosing an orthopedic mattress for adults, as well. Today the market has a large number of cheap counterfeits under the name “orthopedic”, which instead of getting rid of your problems – greatly enhance them. To make your baby’s sleep, not only comfortable but also healthy, ensuring the proper development of the spine, pay attention to mattresses made of coconut coir.

Properties of the material

Specially processed coconut fibers are the well-known coconut coir. Moreover, no chemicals are used for processing. This is a natural material, and even the latex, it is processed with is natural. Latex is used to protect a coconut fiber mattress from rotting and give it elasticity.

The next step is the transformation of coconut coir into special plates, from which we get orthopedic mattresses. This material is so popular among manufacturers around the world, because it has excellent performance properties, to be exact:

  • 100% natural material that is completely safe for health. It does not evaporate toxins or any other harmful components;
  • Hypoallergenic – it is perfect for people who suffer from allergies, it does not cause any allergic reactions;
  • The material does not rot, preserving its properties even in conditions of high humidity, without giving off any extraneous odors;
  • Does not absorb odors and does not change its properties when exposed to external influences;

Considering all these advantages of coconut coir, we can easily say that this is an excellent material for the production of orthopedic products. At the same time, it is often combined with other fillers, creating a double-sided model, etc.

The manufacturing process of coconut coir

Everything begins with the collection of raw materials, namely ripe coconuts. One palm tree can give birth to 100 fruits per year, which have a thick, fibrous coating. If you imagine a coconut, that is sold at the market or in stores, it is a peeled nut because the protective shell of fibers is removed immediately after picking the fruit.

The next step is soaking the nuts, it is done in fresh or seawater. This is the longest process, which, depending on the maturity of the fruit, may take from one and a half to ten months. And only after that, the nuts are cleaned of coconut fiber. Note that the process of peeling is mostly done by hand.

The next step is drying because all the moisture must be removed. It is at this stage that another important process begins – sorting. The fibers are thoroughly combed out and folded lengthwise. Only short and thin fibers are suitable for the production of boards used in mattresses. They come to the manufacturer in small bales that look like hay.

Latex processing is the next important step. Only natural latex is used, without any additives. To do that, the fibers are processed with latex, and rolled into blocks and plates, ready for use in the production of mattresses and other orthopedic goods.

Latex coir is considered to be the best solution for mattresses, as it has excellent orthopedic properties. Thanks to latex, the material is stronger, more flexible, and durable. Note, that the higher the latex content is, the lower the mattress stiffness is.

The further result already depends on the manufacturer of orthopedic products. As in any other production, if he will adhere to the technology and use modern equipment, then the buyer will get a solid and reliable product. Violating the technology, you can get too soft and short-lived mattresses.

Important! It is better not to buy mattresses, where light-colored coconut coir is used. It is made from an unripe fruit. Therefore, the performance and orthopedic properties of these products are much lower.

Pros of coconut coir mattress

Probably the most important pros are the antibacterial effect and the fact that it does not rot, and this saves the material from pathogenic bacteria, protects against allergies, and prolongs its life. All this together makes this natural material a great solution for the production of children’s orthopedic mattresses.

Very often people wake up with fatigue, back pain, limb numbness, and more, and the reason for all this can be an uncomfortable mattress. Therefore, when choosing a bed, you should pay attention to this filling. With it, the mattress will be sufficiently rigid, giving the perfect conditions for rest and healthy sleep. In addition, you can combine it with other fillers, thereby selecting the most comfortable and high-quality orthopedic mattress.

Disadvantages of coir foam

The main disadvantage of this material is the high price. Coconut coir is a really expensive material, because of the high demand, and the production process is quite long (sometimes it takes a whole year). This is the reason for the high cost. But, as we mentioned, you can buy a mattress with combined fillers, then the price will be more affordable, and the quality will remain high.

My Highest-Performing Picks

Cocorest Coconut Mattress

This coconut coir mattress is totally Non-Toxic and Chemical Free. It is made with layers of high quality, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic Dunlop latex and GOLS Certified Organic Coconut Fiber. It is highly breathable, improving airflow and promoting better circulation inside beds


  • Affordable price
  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Anti-Microbial & Dust Mite Resistant
  • Pressure Relief
  • 10-15 Year Life Expectancy
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Designed For Everyday Use As A Mattress
  • Softer Than Conventionally Grown Cotton


  • Thinner than usual mattresses

Coconut-Coir Mattress Pad (Twin)

This Pad is a one-inch mat made of coconut fiber (coir) infused with natural latex. Insufficient air circulation under a mattress can lead to moisture buildup. The rug is porous, so it allows air to flow freely between the underside of the mattress and the surface of the platform bed. Highly recommended for use as a breathable carpet pad under a traditional shikibuton futon mattress. A coconut coir pillow is a perfect choice because air circulation makes the sleeping surface cooler.


  • Organic handmade fabric
  • Pesticide-free
  • Causes fewer allergic reactions than regular cotton
  • Softer than conventionally grown cotton
  • Renewable and sustainable


  • High price


What is a coir mattress?

It is a mattress made from a natural material, which is obtained from the fibers of coconut. Its main advantage is an excellent orthopedic effect, which allows you to create the best orthopedic mattresses, both for adults and children from birth.

How do I choose the right coir foam mattress?

Unfortunately, not all modern manufacturers are conscientious about their products, which is why the market has a huge number of low-quality products that are not worthy of appreciation. Everyone wants to make the cheapest possible production, which uses low-grade needle-punched coconut coir. It is made by sewing a thin layer of coconut coir to different bases. The result is a low-quality material that remotely resembles coconut fibers.

Needlepoint coir has many disadvantages and is not worth the money spent, even if the price is low. It has a very short shelf life, easily crumbles and breaks, and its orthopedic properties are not proven at all. So you should not save money this way.

Should I choose a certified product?

Certified products are a quality guarantee. Never be ashamed to ask salespeople for certificates for products you are interested in. If they refuse to show them or say they do not have them, it is better to leave the store.

If we are talking about brands, then you should give preference to reliable and trusted manufacturers.

Where can I buy a coconut fiber mattress?

Coconut fiber mattresses are available at most major retailers, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon. You can also find them at any other specialized store.

Are there any cons of a coir foam mattress?

The only disadvantage is a high price of such a product. It is because coir foam mattresses are hand-made and only natural materials are used in their production.

Bottom Line

Let`s sum up the main advantages and disadvantages of coir foam products.


The excellent orthopedic effect, good support for the whole body, including the spine;

  • hypoallergenic properties;
  • antibacterial properties;
  • long service life;
  • excellent performance properties;
  • suitable for newborns and for any age.

There is only one con – a rather high price. But even here there are many solutions.

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