12 Best Mattresses For A Platform Bed In 2021

When you buy a new mattress, you might also need to replace the box spring. Most people think of the box spring as the only option for mattresses, but there are other options out there.

One of them is a platform bed. A platform bed is a mattress platform with the mattress resting directly on it. It’s also known as a slatted bed or an open frame. If you have a low-profile mattress, this is your best option because there’s no need to add height to accommodate the mattress.

For most people, having no box spring means that they’ll get a more comfortable sleep, especially where back pain is concerned. I tried really hard to help you pick the best mattress for platform bed in 2021. Stay tuned!

About my research

I spent 97 hours conducting this research and pick the best mattresses for a platform bed. I looked at 100 different platform bed mattresses and narrowed them down to 12. I first looked at a number of individual mattress models before shortlisting the best options available today.

I looked into various factors such as the construction, price, durability, customer reviews, return policies, warranty information, and more. With all these in mind, I selected 12 that I think are among the best suited for you if you’re looking for a new mattress for your platform bed. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon Bernard Yakorsky about the most overlooked things to keep in mind when choosing a mattress for a platform bed.

Bernard Yakorsky said:

“From an orthopedics point of view, a mattress should be firm, yet comfortable to avoid pain and discomfort. It should offer great support for your back and not make you toss and turn in your sleep. “

Also, I consulted with Elsey Nijovich, CCPMA. She game be general recommendations and helped with reviewing several models.

Also, I surveyed our community and asked them a series of questions about what kind of mattresses is optimal for a platform bed. Here’s the list of questions they were asked:

1. What is the most important feature that you look for when buying a mattress?

2. What are the main things people should pay attention to while shopping for mattresses?

3. Are there any specific features that can ruin your sleep if they’re not properly addressed or handled?

4. Do you think it’s worth investing in quality bedding and mattress at the beginning of establishing your life together as opposed to buying something cheap but good right from the start?

5. Would you recommend getting an adjustable bed frame (a bedframe where each side can be adjusted separately)? If so, why would you do so? If no, why wouldn’t you do so?

Also, I contacted the customers who are looking for a mattress for a platform bed and asked them to check this guide. Here is feedback from Ben Kirsty:

“I have to agree with the findings of this article. I was actually looking for a new mattress for my platform bed and found it very difficult to choose one because there are so many different models from different brands, sizes, prices, etc., out on the market today. If you’re in the same situation that I was then look no further because you’ve come across exactly what you need.”

All this information has helped me to create a valuable, fact-checked guide for choosing the right mattress for a platform bed.

Top mattresses for platform beds in 2021:

Original Nectar mattress

A Nectar mattress is a perfect combination of durability for pressure relief and support that makes your sleep really comfortable.

Nectar mattress is one of the best mattresses available for platform beds because it is made from materials that breathe, and this mattress sleeps really cool. It also does not contain any chemicals that can harm your health.

Here is what an expert orthopedic surgeon Bernard Yakorsky says about Nectar mattresses:

“I’ve been recommending them to my patients for years because of their pressure-relieving support and unparalleled durability.”

Here is how I tested the Nectar mattress in our testing lab:

I replaced my sleeping mattress with another one every 30 days throughout the year. Every day I scored the quality of sleep which resulted in a total score for each mattress. Nectar mattress had the highest score among all options for a platform bed.

Here go the quantitative measurements of this product:

1. Durability   (10)

2. Back Pain Reduction   (9, 6 out of 10): it relieves back pain and helps you to sleep on your side without triggering pressure points. It also has a cooling and breathable material which is perfect for summer nights when you don’t want to be suffocated by the heat.

3. Weight (9 out of 10) I found this mattress to be really lightweight which makes it easy for anyone to move from one room to another.

4. Providing the spine support:   (10 out of 10)

5. Temperature Regulation   (9, 6 out of 10): the Nectar mattress is made with a cooling material which really makes me feel comfortable whenever I sleep on it during the summer season. This mattress is not too hot and not too cold.

What sets Nectar mattress from the competitors:

This mattress is very comfortable. When you lie on it, you feel the softness but then when you start to move around, the firmness keeps your body stable thanks to the bounce it offers.


  • It is affordable.
  • The company has a liberal return policy and it will refund you the money or replace the mattress if you’re not happy with it.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • It does not come with a topper/pillow top which most people use on their bed anyway, so that’s an extra expense.

How Nectar Original has evolved from previous models:

Comparing to the previous models, Nectar Original has improved mainly in terms of giving it a dust cover to keep the mattress clean.

Because the mattress is made of all foam, and some people tend to sweat more than others while sleeping, it’s better to have that light layer to avoid direct contact with the mattress.

The thickness has been increased as well against previous models by half an inch.

How Nectar Original was designed:

Delivered rolled in a box, Nectar Original is easy to unpack.

It’s designed with a memory foam layer that allows the mattress to bounce right back after you get out of bed.

The balance of firmness and comfort is achieved as it has a balanced upper layer.

The coils in the base give just enough support while the upper parts keep it cool.

What users like about Nectar Original:

  • It is very comfortable (112 votes)
  • It is great after neck surgery (3 votes)
  • Great of side and back sleepers (20 votes)
  • A great choice for pain relief (199 votes)

Loom and Leaf Mattress by Saatva

Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress has a wide range of sizes and two levels of firmness. This makes the mattress fit any type of sleeper. The company claims that it will feel as if sleeping on a cloud, but with support. It has four layers made of organic cotton and foam of different densities. Please pay attention that this memory foam is eco-friendly.

Who is Loom and Leaf mattress made for?

If you are looking for an affordable mattress that will feel like sleeping on a cloud, but with support – this is the one. It has two levels of firmness and is great for back and side sleepers while it can also be used by stomach sleepers as well.

What users like about Loom and Leaf:

  • Best of back sleepers (35 votes)
  • Great for all kinds of sleepers (68 votes)
  • Cooling effect (5 votes)

Main characteristics of Loom & Leaf Mattress:

  • Several types of foundations support.
  • Since the manufacturer uses memory foam technology, it looks like a mattress has springs inside.  They provide extra stability to the bed. That’s why this product is so comfortable for all types of sleepers.
  • The materials are the Certi-PUR US Certified and Certi-Pur European Certified, which means they are eco-friendly and human safe.
  • The company offers 10 years limited warranty on manufacturing defects and a 1-year free replacement warranty against sagging or sinking issues. They also promise 30 days money-back guarantee if you feel that there is something wrong with your purchase.  Making a decision on whether it’s worth buying can be hard because there is no trial period offered (at least, not mentioned).

All these characteristics make Loom and Leaf by Saatva the best mattress for a platform bed with slats.


  • Pressure relief
  • Cool comfort
  • Back support


  • No pillowtop

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Memory Foam Mattress is a great budget-friendly option for anyone looking for comfort and support. The mattress is made with latex, memory foam, and covered in a quilted cover to ensure that it stays clean longer than any other mattress on the list. It’s great for those who are looking to upgrade from a cheap spring or foam mattress but still want something affordable.

Main characteristics of Layla memory foam mattress:

  • It has copper-infused memory foam that helps align the spine while sleeping for a great night’s sleep.
  • It uses memory foam to relieve pressure and increase the overall comfort level of the mattress.
  • It has features such as motion isolation, edge support, body contouring, etc., making it ideal
  • It has a firm and soft side to accommodate two sleepers of different preferences.
  • The soft side is a 3-inch memory foam that’s great for those who enjoy sleeping on their side as it reduces pressure points, while the firm side is made up of 4 inches of memory foam that works well for those who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach.

Who will enjoy a memory foam mattress by Layla?

Those who prefer a soft and conformable sleeping surface but don’t want to pay too much.


  • Memory foam feels soft but it’s also breathable.
  • It has a cover that doesn’t slide off easily.

Why you should buy: One of the best choices for couples as each person gets their own feel, plus it’s affordable.


  • The smell of a new mattress can be disturbing

Zenhaven By Saatva

This mattress is firm on one side and medium-firm on the other. This is great for couples who have different preferences in their mattress.

With this Zenhaven, you can easily rotate it to alternate firmness every week or so until you figure out which comfort level works best for your body.

You can also add an extra foundation or a moving base to your order.

This mattress provides back and joint pain relief. It is also very durable.

The mattress has a waterproof, soft quilted cover which allows you to easily clean it up when you spill something onto the mattress. 

This option is healthier for you and your planet because it is made of 100% natural latex. It also has a CertiPUR-US certification which assures you that this product is made of safe ingredients. The manufacturer also doesn’t use ozone depleters, lead, and mercury to make this mattress.

It is triple-injected and it has three layers: comfort top layer, high-density base foam, and bottom support foam. This will help provide optimum comfort for your body type.

Main characteristics of Zenhaven:

  • This mattress is very soft and it can sleep warm so you may want to use extra sheets on cold nights. It’s also very durable, so you won’t need to replace it any time soon.
  • It has a longer odor than other options in this list but the product is actually good at fighting off allergens, bacteria, fungi, dust mites, and other irritants using its Green Tea Extracts formula.
  • This mattress is CertiPUR-US certified which means that it has low VOC emissions, no ozone depleters or mercury; it doesn’t have PBDE flame retardants; it’s made without formaldehyde, and there are no heavy metals.
  • The cover of this mattress is removable so you can easily clean it up when you need it

Who is Zenhaven made for?

It is made for people who want to get a durable mattress that is good at maintaining its comfort over time. It’s also for people who want a simple yet elegant-looking mattress with hypo-allergenic properties and an odorless design. 

What makes it stand out?

The Zenhaven platform bed mattress has a unique construction that uses separate layers of foam so you will not only have comfort but support as well. This mattress is easy to maintain because it doesn’t have a removable cover; the top layer is washable.


  • This is a premium option for real comfort lovers.
  • You will appreciate its quality and the fact that Zenhaven uses higher-density memory foam. You also won’t have to worry about this mattress feeling like your old mattress; the top cover and gel-quilted mattress pad make sure of that.
  • This is an odorless memory foam that should help those concerned with the smell since most brands use ozone-safe materials for their products. Moreover, Zenhaven doesn’t require any special handling; simply rotate or flip it depending on how you want to use it.
  • Zenhaven’s platform bed mattress has everything one would need from a 12-inch memory foam mattress at a great value price point as well as with scientific studies backing its


  • Many users can find it to be too expensive

Bear Original

Bear Original mattress is a high-end eco-friendly option that is certified by CertiPUR-US. The mattress is quite thick with a total of 12 inches of foam to provide ample support. It comes with CertiPUR-US certification meaning it has undergone rigorous testing to ensure there are no harmful chemicals in this budget-friendly option. Moreover, it does not have any toxic odor even when unpackaged and requires very little time for expansion to reach its normal size.

Who will enjoy the Bear Original mattress?

It offers a firm but comfortable feel, and it is among the best-value options in the market. Also, with no harmful chemicals as part of its composition, this mattress is great for those who suffer from allergies or are worried about their safety.

Main characteristics of Bear Original:

  • As part of the Bear collection, this mattress does not have a fancy design or cover.
  • It has a simple yet attractive white cover that is made out of very soft cotton muslin fabric and features double stitching all around.
  • It provides great support for those with back pain or sleeps on their side.


  • This mattress is eco-friendly.
  • It comes at a competitive price.


  • Some say it takes time to adjust to the firmness of this mattress, but that is expected when you switch from a softer option to one which is firmer.

Saatva HD

This is a thicker version of Saatva mattresses that will become indispensable for people who are overweight. It provides back, spine, and joint relief. It provides durable relief and cool support.

Additionally, it has zero sinkage which means that you will not feel softness or bouncy motion in the mattress when laying on top of it.

Whom Saatva HD is made for?

Saatva HD is an ideal mattress for people who weigh about 270 pounds or about 120 kilos. Its perfectly designed system provides enough support and does not get bad in a month of active usage.


  • Supports heavy people and helps them enjoy a healthy sleep
  • Has six functional layers
  • Talalay latex provides superb firmness


The smell might take up to 30 days to get out if airing isn’t an option. Moreover, one customer complained about receiving a Saatva mattress with bed bugs inside their boxspring; however, this seems to be just a fluke case as there weren’t any other complaints acknowledging such a problem.

The Botanical Bliss

The Botanical Bliss is an organic latex mattress made in the USA. It uses plant-based materials, such as organic cotton and kapok fiber from the silk tree. It features a natural design that offers firm support. You can try it for free for 100 nights which is one of the most generous trial policies among all mattress brands. It has a huge variety of sizes, two levels of firmness, and three height options.

Who will enjoy Botanical Bliss the most?

People who prefer firm support and sleeping on their side and value eco-friendly, natural materials. Also, it’s a great find for those who are looking specifically for thin mattresses for platform beds because there is a custom option that is only 9 inches thick.

Main characteristics of Botanical Bliss mattress:

  • Made in the USA
  • Available in three firmness levels medium and medium-firm
  • Three height options: 9, 10, and 12 inches


  • Offers a huge variety of sizes
  • The natural design makes it more comfortable than most memory foam mattresses on


  • Does not have a firm firmness level

Birch By Helix

This is a premium hybrid mattress that combines wrapped coils and Talalay latex. It is a good mattress for those who need lots of support on their shoulders, hips, and back.

This mattress allows perfect airflow because it comes with a natural cotton cover. One more feature worth mentioning is that its cover is zipped with a zipper protector to ensure increased longevity. Natural materials used for this mattress provide superb pressure relief. It’s worth mentioning that this mattress is GREENGUARD Gold & GOTS Certified.

Who will enjoy Birch by Helix?

Back sleepers will love the softness of this mattress, but some may find it too firm. Side sleepers will also enjoy this mattress because its main feature is pressure relief.


  • Available firmness options
  • Certified with GREENGUARD Gold & GOTS
  • Natural materials provide superior pressure relief


  • Not the cheapest option you can find

Nolah Signature

This 12-inch mattress has two-sided firmness. While one side is softer than the other, it’s still a good choice for back and side sleepers. It’s also very comfortable to sit on.

Because of its materials and construction, this mattress is very durable and will last you for years.

Even though there are two sides to consider when we talk about firmness, Nolah Signature should not be too confusing as both sides feel the same when you lay down. You can choose either one of them depending on your preferences and needs. The soft side measures 4 out of 10 in terms of firmness while the firmer one comes at 7/10 for firmness. This is one of the best mattresses for platform bed frames.

Who Nolah Signature is made for?

The mattress is not too soft so it’s best for people who sleep on their sides or stomach. It’s great both for adults and kids.


  • A very strong positive feature of the product is its CertiPUR-US certification which tells you that no harmful chemicals were used during the manufacturing process.
  • Two-sided for a perfect comfort
  • Awesome for back and side sleepers


  • The manufacturer provides only a limited 10-year warranty period while other manufacturers offer a longer period.
  • The model tends to sag a bit over time.

Helix Midnight Luxe

Helix Midnight Luxe is a great option that has a breathable cover and does a great job at keeping the side sleepers’ night sweet. This mattress is 14 inches tall and has six layers. Also, it features a Gel Visco layer for advanced pressure relief. Moreover, this mattress is Certipur-US certified for consumer safety. The Fusion Flex Foam with Gel technology will help you sleep better and feel pumped every day!

Main characteristics of Helix Midnight Luxe

  • 15 years warranty
  • 8” individually pocketed coil with the additional zoned lumbar coil support
  • The mattress is Certipur-US certified. The cover is made of cotton and TENCEL plant fibers.

Who Helix Midnight Luxe is made for?

This mattress is perfect for side sleepers with a weight of up to 325 pounds.


  • The combination of memory foam and innerspring provides a perfect balance between support and softness.
  • Compared to airbeds, it’s a better choice for heavier people because memory foam doesn’t collapse under pressure as easily.
  • The model also supports any sleeping position which is great for the back and stomach sleepers in particular because they often complain about lack of comfort while resting on their sides.


  • Some users report that the mattress is hot even in winter

Winkbed mattress

This mattress has a pocketed coil support system and a comfortable top layer of foam. The pocketed coils offer excellent support for your spinal alignment, while the memory foam conforms to the rest of the body. Also, it has a SleepCalm motion isolation technology that prevents motion transfer between sleep partners and memory foam. The anti-sag support of the Winkbed mattress is available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. Its triple-layer Heat Disperse Tech is an active cooling system that wicks heat away from the body to ensure a cooler, comfortable night’s sleep.

Main characteristics of Winkbed mattress:

  • 120 nights free check period
  • Available sizes: Queen – Cal. King
  • Available firmness levels: Softer – Plusher
  • Price range: High-end mattresses

Who Winkbed mattress was made for:

  • Sleepers looking for a breathable mattress can find it with these mattresses.
  • Back, hip, or shoulder sleepers
  • Sleepers who want the best of both worlds.


  • Made in the USA.  This is an important point since it means that quality and customer service are prioritized for US customers,
  • Made-to-order mattresses are built for each individual customer.
  • It is one of the most breathable mattresses on this list.  This feature comes from the cotton cover and wicking layer, as well as a latex foam layer that breathes and absorbs body heat throughout the night.
  • Winkbed uses plant-based foams since they’re durable and sustainable.


  • Not a cheap option


This is a very decent option of a hybrid mattress for a platform bed. This mattress is a combination of memory foam and innerspring coils. It has a pressure-relief control layer, and the company states that it is ideal for back pain. And the essential layer is made of springs, so it is supportive yet soft. Also, a manufacturer gives 365 days for testing this mattress.

Main characteristics of DreamCloud mattress:

  • Type: hybrid
  • Available sizes: Twin – Cal. King
  • Number of layers: 5
  • The cover has a Cashmere blend that makes it soft, luxurious and soothing for the body.
  • Pressure Activated High-Density Gel Memory Foam
  • Low-Motion Transfer Supportive Foam
  • Heavy Duty Gauge Edge Shield Edge Support
  • Individually Encased Innerspring Coil System
  • Stay-Put Foam Solid Foundation Base

Who this mattress is made for

DreamCloud is made for people who want a balanced mattress that is a hybrid of different layers.


  • This mattress comes with free shipping in addition to a price 365-night sleep trial which is one of the longest guarantees on this list.
  • No pressure points. The memory foam layer 1 inch thick distributes your weight evenly across the bed so you won’t wake up sore or stiff in any area of your body.


  • Not eco-friendly
  • Not our top pick since its construction isn’t as durable as other mattresses

Pros And Cons Of Platform Beds

Compared to regular beds, platform beds have no box spring. This is both a pro and a con depending on how you look at it. The biggest advantage of this mattress type is that it’s more affordable than most mattress platforms and they are also lighter because there’s no need for reinforcement to hold up the mattress. On the other hand, because there’s no box spring between the mattress and the frame or floor, some people find it harder to sleep on a platform bed mattress because of issues with springs poking through even if they’re covered in mattress pads or mattress protectors.

Pros of Platform beds: 

– Most mattress platforms are easy to assemble which makes them easier to move as compared to regular beds.

– Because they have no box spring, there’s less need to reinforce the frame or floor for mattress support which makes platform beds much lighter.

– The absence of springs at the top layer means that mattress pads and mattress protectors can be used without having a mattress that feels too rigid and firm.

Cons of platform beds:

– Many mattress platforms are somewhat flimsy which means that using mattress pads and mattress protectors can cause sagging.

– Consumers Report that mattress platform beds may not be so ideal for couples because they tend to sag in the middle due to added weight as compared to mattresses placed on a standard box spring bed. 

At the end of the day, only you should decide if the platform bed mattress is right for you. But with mattress platforms bringing in the versatility that mattress pads and mattress protectors can offer, you may find that mattress platform beds are a great option for anyone looking to make their mattress more comfortable.

Things to Consider When Shopping For A Platform Bed

Choosing a platform bed can be fun because you have so many options to choose from. It also means more time spent on research! Before jumping in with both feet, figure out what your needs really are and what works for the budget.

When you buy a platform bed, consider these factors:

  • Consider the size of a platform bed: If you’re buying a mattress platform for a king mattress, make sure that you have the surface space to accommodate it.
  • Consider the style of a platform bed: Beautiful platform beds come in many different designs. Choose a mattress platform design that best matches your own personal style. If you’re building a new home, choose mattress platform bed frames that go along with your existing décor.
  • Consider the support: Make sure that mattress platform beds have everything you need to support the mattress and mattress cover. This includes things like a five-sided frame, extra center supports, and a high-quality mattress foundation.
  • Choose comfort: Buying the best mattress for a platform bed requires choosing mattress firmness or mattress softness carefully.
  • Consider extras: mattress platform beds might come with mattress-friendly accessories, like mattress covers and mattress pads.
  • Consider price: mattress prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
  • Consider guarantee: pay attention to the guarantee period of a platform bed because sometimes it can go bad too early.

How Much Weight Can a Platform Bed Hold?

There is no exact answer but a typical platform bed can hold 400 to 600 pounds of evenly distributed weight. This also depends on the maximum supported weight of a mattress for a platform bed.

A platform bed is comfortable because it allows you to have a good night’s sleep. The best thing about the platform bed is that it can support the weight of a person without any problems. A platform bed has enough headroom for anyone who wants to get on it. You can even snuggle up with your partner without worrying if there will be some space between your head and his or her feet.

For many people, they prefer purchasing a mattress instead of buying an entire set of furniture like a box spring, frame, and mattress which eventually leads them to spend several thousands of dollars to acquire the complete package when they actually only need a new mattress but not everything else.

What Kind Of Mattress Do You Need?

If you’re considering a platform bed, then the first step is to decide what type of mattress you want. Fortunately, many modern mattresses can be used in a platform bed. You can set up a firm base for your bed with few extra pieces – but you have more options when it comes to deciding what kind of mattress to buy if you are going with a platform.

There are three types of best mattresses for platform beds are memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. Please, remember that there is no single best type of mattress for platform bed, each of them has its own pros and cons:

Memory foam mattresses for a platform bed are heavy and tend to last a long time. These mattresses are great for platform beds, especially if you previously had a firm mattress that is not as comfortable to sleep in.

Latex mattresses for a platform bed are good for those who are more interested in a mattress that is firm and also helps to relieve pressure points on the body.

Hybrid mattresses for a platform bed consist of latex and memory foam together. They have the best support and are the best mattress for platform beds to sleep comfortably every night.

Another great benefit is that all the above-mentioned mattresses come in a number of sizes. So, if you are looking for specifically a good queen mattress for a platform bed or a full-size mattress for platform bed — all the listed options will fit.

What can be expected after using a quality mattress for a platform bed

1. No slipping, only sleeping. A quality platform mattress won’t sleep on your platform bed even without a frame.

2. Even support and comfort that is ideal for a platform bed mattress. This is a very important feature that will relieve the pain in your spine and also shoulders while you sleep.

3. Pressure relief on the body, especially if you have back pain issues or other aches and pains that occur often when lying down to rest overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep the mattress from sliding on the platform bed?

It’s important to choose the right size of the platform bed since it will allow an entire mattress to rest properly on it and not shift. The common sizes are King, Queen, Full, Twin, and California King. Also, you can use bed rails and corner posts in order to keep the mattress from moving.

You can even check special slats that are designed for bed placement on a platform bed. A standard set of slats will work well, although it may result in some gaps between them.

What kind of mattress is best for a platform bed?

There are multiple cases of mattresses that work well for platform beds, but the most popular ones include memory foam and innerspring.

Although a memory foam mattress is preferred for this kind of bed, an innerspring one could also be used as long as it’s firm enough to keep its shape upon use and not sag over time. Also, choose these kinds of mattresses if you’re looking for a new piece and want to avoid the hassle of moving a heavy mattress alone. Also, there are hybrid mattresses that combine two types of materials – memory foam and innerspring, which are also an option for you.

As for the thickness of a mattress to buy, go for somewhere between 8-10 inches, although you can be more lenient if you plan on incorporating a foam or latex topper. Basically, a mattress should be wide enough so that it doesn’t sag over time when used with a box spring or other frame support.

How to raise a mattress on a platform bed?

To raise a mattress on a platform bed, you’ll have to get a strong mattress foundation first – preferably one made of solid wood. The end goal is to protect your bed frame from sagging and keep the mattress off the ground, and this solution will definitely deliver in both aspects.

Alternatively, if you want to save some money on a new piece, you can just build up your existing bed frame with slats (2″ or wider) by following DIY instructions that are easily available online. Another option is getting pocket-sprung slats which are much thinner than regular ones and will be more suitable for beds with headboard attachments. Just remember not to outdo yourself because it could lead to an unnaturally bouncy feel when resting.

Can you put a regular mattress on a platform base? 

Many users find that their regular mattress and box spring combo are too thick for this type of bed frame. If you have an old leather-bound classic bed with a very high headboard, then it would be impossible to put any type of foundation underneath it — the thicker the shorter wall is, the worse this problem is as well.

Can I use a sheet of plywood on a platform bed?

Many mattress manufacturers recommend that you use plywood, but it does not seem to be the most reliable choice for some people. The purpose behind this is that if using a box spring with a metal frame, then there is extra weight on top of the bed and it could be an absolute disaster if the plywood cracks under the strain.

Wooden slats can create more gaps for things to fall through as well. Some users still swear by sheet plywood though; they usually have better success when cutting small notches in each piece so they fit around the slats securely without being too tight or giving support.

What type of mattress is best for a children’s platform twin bed?

There are a lot of options available out there, but the best one for your child is really up to you. You’ll want to decide how firm or soft you want the mattress to be and then look at what else it has going for it. Will they play on their bed? Will they jump on it? What size is their bedroom? All of these things should factor into your decision about which option will be best for them. However, most kids will enjoy a hybrid two-sided mattress.

What is the best mattress for a platform king bed?

The best mattress for a king-size platform bed is going to be one that has a thick foam side. Many people choose these mattresses because of their softness, but they are not as good when it comes to supporting your body night after night. More than likely you will get sore if you sleep on them every night. Some companies have created high-density/thick foam hybrid mattresses that are both comfortable and supportive, which makes them the top choice for most people who love to sink into a mattress at night or want something that feels like sinking into the clouds!

How thick of a mattress do I need for a platform bed?

The thickest mattress you should go with for a platform bed is about 11-13 inches.


We have covered the best mattresses for a platform bed in 2021 based on our research, tests, and overall customer ratings. If you are looking for something inexpensive that is also supportive, the  Layla Memory Foam Mattress  (Our Pick)   is your go-to choice! While it may not have been designed with comfort as its top priority, this mattress does provide good support while still being an affordable option. However, if you’re someone who needs more than just okay support but don’t want to sacrifice your comfort then we recommend going with one of these two mattresses:

The  Nectar and Saatva Mattress – from our experience their thick layers of gel memory foam make them the most comfortable and long-lasting mattress available today.

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