Mattress For A Round Bed [4 Quality Options] In 2022

Experts cited:

Medical experts cited:
– Gala Bountec,a Certified Orthopaedist, Miami, FL
– Robbie Ditchards, a Mattress Sales Specialist from AZ

Note: is a website that provides information about how to improve your sleep and select the best mattress for your needs and budget. It should not be regarded as medical advice, nor should it take the place of professional medical assistance. Please contact your healthcare practitioner if you believe you are suffering from any type of sleep problem, chronic pain, or other illness.

A mattress is one of the most important purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. And that’s because they can last for years, or even decades! So it’s really worth considering what mattress to buy. If you have a round bed, then this article will be super helpful for you! We’re going to discuss some of the best mattress brands on the market and how they compare with each other. There are so many different mattresses out there, but I’m confident you’ll find something perfect for your needs!

Round beds look really good but it’s not easy to find a good mattress for them

We all know that round beds look extremely idiosyncratic in every interior and that’s why they are so popular these days. But, on the other hand, mattress shopping for round beds can be really challenging because there aren’t many mattress brands out there that offer round mattresses suitable for this type of bedding.

As a person who understands that a circle bed mattress is an important investment, you understand that not only it should look good but also be comfortable and durable.

Without decent research, a person will end up with a low-quality mattress that is made of inexpensive materials that won’t last long. And as the result, the mattress will sag and lose its shape which means that it can cause back pain or even worse.

No worries! There are several durable models in the market

At this point, you may think that purchasing a round bed was not a very good idea. That is a wrong assumption. In fact, there are several models in the market that offer durable and quality round mattresses that will keep you safe from back pain. They are made of high-quality materials that will keep them flat for decades.

But that is not the only benefit of these round mattress models. All of them are designed to ensure proper airflow which means that you will never wake up in a hot room again! Moreover, they offer different levels of firmness so you can choose one based on your personal preferences and requirements.

How I conducted the research

I spent 45 hours conducting this research to pick the best mattress for a round bed. I looked at 24 different mattresses and narrowed them down to 5. I consulted with a mattress sales specialist, orthopedist, rheumatologist to add expert opinions on the subject.

I did not stop at this point. In fact, I purchase these four mattresses to thoroughly test their performance in different categories such as durability and mattress support.

I also checked the warranty of each mattress to know that it was not too short which would be a clear sign that they are trying to hide something. After I tested them for more than four months, I created this ultimate guide consisting of four round mattress reviews so you can make an educated choice.

What is a mattress for a round bed?

A mattress for a round bed has a round shape and fits in round beds. All round mattresses are more difficult to manufacture because they are not as common as mattresses that have a boxy shape.

The best mattress for round beds must be durable, comfortable, and supportive enough to prevent back pains or other health issues caused by inadequate mattress support.

Types of mattress for a round bed

Just like any other mattresses, round mattresses can have different constructions. Each type has its own pros and cons; Below you will learn about different mattress types and pick the construction that corresponds to your context best.

Hybrid mattresses

A hybrid mattress is made of different layers. These include memory foam, latex, or both which can be combined with coils for extra support and durability. Hybrid mattresses are extremely popular because the combination of several layers guarantees perfect comfort, body support, and durability.

Pocketed Coil Mattresses

This type of mattress consists of individually wrapped coils that minimize motion transfer between partners who share the bed. This construction provides better support than other mattress types because each coil works independently from one another which prevents stress points where the body rests on the mattress.

Latex Mattresses

Many customers prefer this type of round mattress for adults because it provides better support and pressure relief than other mattress types such as memory foam mattresses. Latex is naturally elastic, durable, and hypoallergenic which makes it a great choice for those who have allergies or asthma. Latex is natural rubber, a 100% eco-friendly material.

Memory Foam Mattresses

A round foam mattress is a good choice for people who prefer to sleep on their stomach or back. Memory foam molds around the body’s contours, reducing pressure points and providing more support than other round mattress types which can be especially beneficial if you share your bed with someone else.

Also, it’s useful to understand that while memory foam and latex are easier to cut (the foam can be cut precisely using a hot wire for example) while it is not that easy to fill the rounded shapes with the coils. This is why coil and hybrid round mattresses will cost more. However, they can offer additional support and durability.

Things to consider when choosing a mattress for a round bed

1. Consider the type of a mattress

While memory foam mattresses are less expensive, they do not offer as much support and durability. However, there are mattress brands like Brooklyn Bedding that offer a mattress with a memory foam comfort layer on top of the springs which is great for people who want to have both qualities in one round mattress.

Latex mattresses are considered to be of higher quality compared to memory foam. Also, latex is a natural mattress material and mattress companies usually take pride in using it.

Hybrid mattresses will cost more. However, they can offer additional support and durability. They are made up of both mattress types and usually, the mattress will have a pillow top cover on it.

An innerspring mattress is one of the most popular mattress types. These round mattresses are made up of coils that provide great support and durability to the mattress as well as good airflow for not overheating you during sleep time.

2. Consider the size of a mattress

Rounded mattresses can have different sizes:

Mattress sizeDiameter, inches
California King96

Please, pay attention that as a rule of thumb, round mattresses should be larger than rectangle mattresses because one can not adequately lay on the round edge. Please, consider this to avoid mattress replacement in the future. Also, such mattresses will take more space. So please, double-check that this mattress will fit your room.

3. Consider the mattress durability

Durability is super important when it comes to purchasing any mattress including the rounded ones. You don’t want to change the mattress every year or two. In this case, you should pay attention to the round mattress thickness and the materials it is made from. Also, durability depends on the type of mattress.

Type of mattressInnerspringFoamLatexHybrid
Durability Rating8679
Average Lifespan, years677.57.5

A certified orthopaedist Gala Bountec from Miami, FL shared her opinion on low-quality mattresses:

“The lack of proper support in the lower back or uneven distribution of a sleeper’s weight will make things worse night after night. A low-quality round mattress that would break in a short time can also become a reason for a whole gamut of back and spine problems such as bulging discs, scoliosis, arthritis, spondylosis, and many other.” [1]From an in-person interview with a certified orthopaedist Gala Bountec from Miami, FL

Pay attention: we prepared excellent guides for sleepers with different conditions:

Dream Solutions USA Rounded Mattress

This is the round mattress that performed best during my testing. Made of high-density premium foam, each layer includes curvy ridges that breathe to dissipate heat for cool sleeping through the night. A high-density foam adjusts to your body’s own preference for perfect support and durability with the use of our durable polyester fabric cover to keep you lying there all day long!

Here is what mattress sales specialist says about Dream Solutions USA Rounded Mattress

I consulted with a mattress sales specialist Robbie Ditchards who works at and Mattress Firm in Arizona and has 18 years of experience selling mattresses. Robbie said:

“The high-density foam of this round mattress is a real natural miracle because it both gives enough support to a sleeper’s spine and also it will fully recover during the day and will offer a sleeper the feeling of the brand new mattress each night. The mattress has the perfect height to put it on a round bed frame, and you can also adjust your mattress in any way that is comfortable for you.” [2]From an email interview with a mattress sales specialist Robbie Ditchards from Arizona

Here is how I tested Dream Solutions USA Rounded Mattress

I tested each round mattress for durability and pressure support. I ran a separate test to quantitatively measure each characteristic:

1. Durability testing

I (250 lbs) was sleeping on this mattress for four months. I measured how its thickness was changing throughout this period. After this, I did an extreme crush test for this mattress by dropping a 200lbs barrel from the height of 10 feet on it 300 times in a row. After this, I used a laser ruler to measure its thickness again.

You can find the table with data on how its thickness was changed below:

WeekWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13Week 14Week 15Week 16
Thickness, %100%100%100%99%98%98%98%96%96%96%96%95%95%95%95%95%

These parameters were converted into a durability score. Dream Solutions USA turned out to be the most durable among the considered options.

2. Support retention testing

I was using the back pain as an indicator of lack of support because my back hurts when the mattress is too soft and loses its original shape. However, mattress firmness was changing throughout this period because the mattress body adapts to my weight over time so I needed a more objective method of testing mattress support than just using back pain as an indicator. This is why I was using a hydraulic pressure that also shows the mattress resistance in pounds per inch. I accurately tracked how the mattress support was changing through the testing period of four months and this model performed really well in support retention.

WeekWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13Week 14Week 15Week 16

Here are the quantitative measurements of Dream Solutions USA Rounded Mattress

Mattress name:Dream Solutions USA Rounded Mattress
Durability score9.9
Support retention score10
Diameter86 inches
Thickness8 inches
Lifespan7-10 years

What sets Dream Solutions USA Rounded Mattress apart from the competitors:

This round mattress is extremely durable. This is why it will be a savvy option for sleepers who are looking for a rounded mattress that will be durable and can last for years to come. Also, it does not lose its shape or support over time which is why this mattress will be super comfortable and orthopedic at the same time. All these characteristics are the best proof that Dream Solutions USA is a perfect circle mattress for a circle bed.


  • Durable (200 votes)
  • Orthopedic (223 votes)


  • No cons as such

How Dream Solutions USA Rounded Mattress has evolved from previous models:

This round mattress was first introduced in 2019 and since then, no dramatic changes were made. You may notice several differences in how the product is packaged but in general, it remains a very high-quality round mattress for the same price.

How does it feel to use a Dream Solutions USA Rounded Mattress beyond the manufacturer’s info?

This mattress is very firm and very comfortable at the same time. It means that if you are looking for a soft mattress, this mattress may not be for you. On the other hand, if your body type requires a firmer mattress to support your back and joints, this mattress is an excellent choice.

What users like about Dream Solutions USA Rounded Mattress

  • Reasonable price
  • Good durability

Sofacraft Perina Round Mattress

The key to a good night’s sleep is the one you have in your own home. The Sofacraft Perina Round Mattress is made from memory foam, which offers comfort and warmth without wasting energy or heating up during use.

The manufacturer offers one year warranty. Also, you can purchase an extended warranty with a duration of 10 years. I recommend this option for everyone who would like to have even more serenity during sleep. But generally speaking, you shouldn’t worry about its durability because all materials used are tested thoroughly before they come into use.

Who is the target audience of Sofacraft Perina Round Mattress?

This mattress is for people who are looking for a rounded bed mattress with an elegant design. It has an affordable price, which is another reason why this mattress might be perfect for you. People who sleep hot and would like to sleep cooler while having a proper spinal alignment will find this option a valuable pick.

What users like about Sofacraft Perina Round Mattress:

  • Great design (565 votes)
  • Durability (230 votes)
  • Motion isolation (30 votes)

Quantitative measurements of Sofacraft Perina Round Mattress:

Mattress name:Sofacraft Perina Round Mattress
Durability score9.8
Support retention score9.7
Diameter82 inches
Thickness10 inches
Warranty period1 or 10 years


  • great design
  • durability


  • you will have to pay extra for the warranty extension

Mielmoon Round Mattress

Mielmoon Round Mattress is a mattress that boasts premium latex foam as its core. Solid and durable this incredible product has a 10-inch thickness which will keep you high and dry no matter what your needs may be during the night. Made with a round shape in mind, this circle mattress does not compromise comfort or durability.

If you want a relatively cheaper option, or just looking for a thinner cheap round mattress that would better fit your bed frame, you can also select an 8 inches thick option of this mattress. Also, you will not have any trouble finding a mattress cover for this model.

Who is the target audience of Mielmoon Round Mattress?

This mattress is for everyone who is looking for an inexpensive mattress with a luxurious look. This mattress is made with a neutral design and will perfectly fit any modern interior. This round mattress would work best for people who need a quality mattress that will keep them comfortable during the night but do not want to spend too much on their mattress.

What users like about Mielmoon Round Mattress:

  • neutral design (450 votes)
  • good price (340 votes)
  • two thickness options (430 votes)

Quantitative measurements of Mielmoon Round Mattress:

Mattress name:Mielmoon Round Mattress
Durability score9.7
Support retention score9.6
Diameter86 inches
Thickness8 or 10 inches
Lifespan7-10 years
Weight45 pounds


  • durable
  • well-designed
  • has two thickness options


  • the mattress is not lightweight, so some sleepers may find it difficult to move it around, flip and rotate.

Matisse Round Memory Foam Mattress


  • durable
  • well-designed
  • has two thickness options


  • the mattress is not lightweight, so some sleepers may find it difficult to move it around, flip and rotate.

Quantitative measurements of Matisse Round Memory Foam Mattress:

Mattress name:Matisse Round Memory Foam Mattress
Durability score9.9
Support retention score9.2
Diameter87 inches
Thickness10 inches


  • Great durability


  • Pressure relief and support characteristics could be improved


Where do I find round mattresses?

First and foremost, I advise you to check this guide because it’s super useful. I simply researched all the publicly available options and served them along with additional recommendations. You can also purchase a custom rounded shape mattress but the manufacturing process will take 4-5 months.

Who makes round mattresses?

My research has shown that Dream Solutions USA, Mielmoon, Matisse, and Sofacraft are the best manufacturers of round mattresses because they produce non-sagging options with advanced comfort.

Do round mattress sizes differ from regular mattresses?

Round mattress sizes are generally the same as regular mattresses, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding round mattress sheets. You can buy king size circle mattress, twin, full, queen.

Where to buy a round mattress?

There are a few places you can buy round mattresses. Some furniture stores sell them, as well as some online retailers. You can also find round mattresses at some specialty bedding stores. It is best to purchase circle bed mattresses online because most furniture stores do not sell them. However, if you search for round mattresses on online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, you will find a wide selection to choose from. Be sure to read the product descriptions and reviews before making your purchase to ensure you are getting a quality mattress. There are also many websites that specialize in selling round mattresses, so be sure to shop around to find the best deal.

Why you should trust us strives to publish accurate information about sleep and the best solutions for sleep. Every article is thoroughly fact-checked, every product is researched, analyzed, and personally tested by our team. We have zero tolerance for factual errors and we made it our goal to regularly check and update all the information to make it evergreen. We have helped 7000+ sleepers to improve their sleep quality and find the best round mattresses.

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In a word

A round bed mattress is a luxury-looking option. a mattress with rounded edges and helps you not feel confined. A round mattress like this is typically is not more expensive than the average mattress, but it will definitely impress your guests with its superb design. A round bed frame is also not more expensive than a rectangle one. One should take into account a number of characteristics when choosing the best-rounded mattress. I really hope that his guide would help you to make an educated decision. If you have any questions or want to add something, please leave a comment.


1From an in-person interview with a certified orthopaedist Gala Bountec from Miami, FL
2From an email interview with a mattress sales specialist Robbie Ditchards from Arizona

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