Best Mattress For Divan Base [3 Smart Picks] – June 2022

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– Kenneth Brandford, a certified sleep consultant

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A divan bed is a type of furniture that has been around for many generations. It’s best known as a low, long couch or sofa with an upholstered back and no arms. The best mattresses for divan beds are those that meet three key requirements: right thickness, lightweight construction, and high quality. In this article, we will review the three best mattresses on the market today.

How I conducted the research

I spent 14 hours conducting this research to pick the best mattress for the divan bed. I looked at 15 different mattresses, tested them, and then narrowed them down to 3. I consulted with certified sleep consultants and orthopaedists to add expert opinions on the subject.

Things to consider when choosing a divan mattress

Type of mattress

What is a divan mattress? There are 4 types of such mattresses: innerspring, foam, latex, and hybrid. We recommended choosing a foam mattress for a divan bed. It’s the most lightweight, comfortable, and supportive type of bed. Hybrid mattresses are also good but it’s more expensive than foam while the quality of both is almost the same.


There are 4 types of thickness:

  • slim (less than 8 inches)
  • standard (9-13 inches)
  • thick (14-17 inches)
  • ultra-thick (more than 18 inches)

The best thickness depends on many factors: weight, sleeping posture, age, medical conditions. Here are the basic recommendations for choosing the right thickness.

The best thickness for children, people with limited ability, and people who weigh less than 130 pounds are 7-9 inches (slim). The more thickness will be too soft for you and it will not provides needed support to the back.

Standard thickness is perfect for most people. If you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach – you should choose 10 inches mattress. And if you are a side or combined sleeper – 12 inches is perfect for you. Also, this thickness is recommended to people with regular back pain.

If your weight is more than 230 pounds or you are suffering from arthritic – you should choose a thick type of bed. 

Ultra-thick mattresses are used very rarely so buy them only if you have special medical conditions.


The firmness should be from 4,5/10 to 7/10. This is the medium and the most common thickness.

The mattress shouldn’t consist of toxic materials like microfiber. Сheck the composition of the mattress and make sure it is eco-friendly.

The best mattresses for a divan bed

After testing 15 different mattresses, we narrowed it down to three best for the divan bed. These mattresses are approved by our experts and have all certifications.

Amerisleep Foam AS3 Mattress

The Amerisleep AS3 mattress is all Made in the USA with a 20-year warranty and ships free fast to your door with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial that you can return if it doesn’t work out. The mattress is made with exclusive hive technology that maximizes airflow and targeted support.

Here is what certified sleep consultant Kenneth Brandford says about Amerisleep mattress:

“The mattress has 4 layers, perfect for any sleeper looking for both comfort and support from the one product. It’s made from four different kinds of memory foam that create a medium feel with a perfect balance of comfort and support.

This balanced approach to sleeping will relieve pain-causing pressure points at night, while also supporting healthy sleeping positions throughout the day thanks to proper spine alignment by reducing downward curvature in your lower back, neck tension, and shoulder aches getting even better as you experience the exclusive hive technology which maximizes airflow and targeted support so you don’t have to worry about tossing and turning all night long.”[1]From interview with a sleep consultant Kenneth Brandford on October 1, 2021

Quantitive measurements of the Amerisleep mattress

This mattress is available in 7 different sizes. Amerisleep provides a 100 night trial period and a 20-year warranty. The thickness of the mattress is 12 inches and the firmness is 5,5/10 (medium level).

The support core is 7″ Polyfoam. The Comfort layer consists of 3″ Memory Foam and 2″  Polyfoam. The top layer is made of cotton and polyester blend.

What sets Amerisleep mattress apart from the competitors

The mattress has free delivery, returns, and a risk-free 100-days trial period. Also, this mattress was rated by Forbes and it’s 1500+ reviews on their site.

The Amerisleep foam mattress is made of non-toxic materials which are not harming the environment. Also, it’s perfect for couples because the mattress is absolutely silent when you lie on them. Amerisleep mattress is made of quality materials that provide proper support while sleeping on divan beds.


  • hive technology provides good airflow and targetted support
  • alleviates pressure points and pain
  • eco friendly
  • won’t sag or develop soft spots


This mattress is too expensive for some people. It’s because of the new hive technology used in the mattress and 4 different types of foam.

How does it feel to use Amerisleep mattress beyond the manufacturer’s info?

The mattress fits tightly to the body, relieving pain points, especially on the back. So Amerisleep mattress is a perfect choice if you have regular back pain. The mattress is good for all sleeping positions making them universal for all people.

What users like about Amerisleep mattress

The mattress is really lightweight so it’s perfect for a divan, ottoman, and slat bed. It also suits children, pregnant women, and people with back pain, because of the medium firmness.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress gives you contoured support at a good price with its  365-night free sleep trial and Forever Warranty. It will make you zonk out cold with breathable cooling action. Slumbers are comfy with minimal motion transfer, and it has 5 layers of foam to keep everything cool all night long. A nectar foam mattress provides maximum support to your back. For 9 out of 10 back pain sufferers, this mattress has gone some or a lot towards relieving their discomfort.

Who is the target audience of the Nectar foam mattress

The Nectar mattress is perfect for people with a limited budget. Its price is lower than the average for foam mattresses, but the quality is not the worse. This mattress will make you feel comfortable while sleeping without spending too much money.

What users like about the Nectar foam mattress

The mattress is delivered in a convenient and compact package. It is not as heavy as other foam mattresses, so it can be moved around with ease. The best part about this mattress though is its price – the best divan bed mattress for your money. It has a good amount of support and cushioning that relieves pressure from your back and provides restorative sleeping.

Quantitive measurements of the Nectar foam mattress

The mattress is available in 6 sizes. It has a medium level of firmness (6/10) and is 12 inches thick. The mattress comes with a 365-nights trial period and a forever warranty.

The base layer is made of 7″ HD Polyfoam. The comfort layer components are 3″ Gel Memory Foam and 2″ Transitional Polyfoam. The cover is Polyester, Polyethylene, and Nylon Blend.


  • inexpensive
  • maximum back support
  • 365-night free trial


The Nectar mattress is not the perfect choice for children to 12 years and people who weigh less than 130 pounds. It can be too firm for them, so you should check the mattresses with lower firmness (less than 5).

GravityLux Mattress by Winkbeds

GravityLux from Winkbeds is a memory foam mattress balances plush comfort at your shoulders and hips with more firm support for the back and midsection to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes. With AirCell memory foam wearers will never experience heat-trapping again. Plus, deep contouring memory foam conforms to curves without excessive sinking so you can rest assured your spine will stay straight and aligned all night long. GravityLux mattress is lifetime guaranteed and even if your needs change years later it can be re-mattressed with just one call.

Who is the target audience of GravityLux by Winkbeds

This mattress suits people who sweat a lot at night. The mattress has an AirCell Memory Foam which doesn’t retain heat.

What users like about GravityLux by Winkbeds

The big advantage that most foam mattresses do not have is that you can choose the firmness of it. There are 3 types available – medium-soft, medium, and firm. And it makes this mattress universal to people of any weight.

Quantitive measurements of GravityLux by Winkbeds

The mattress has 6 sizes and 3 types of firmness available: medium-soft (4/10), medium (5/10), and firm (7/10). The thickness of it is 12 inches.

The support core is made from 4″ HD Polyfoam. The Comfort layer consists of 3″ Memory Foam and 3″ Zoned Polyfoam. The cover is 100% Tencel Lyocell and Tufted with 2″ Gel-infused Polyfoam.


  • good airflow
  • 3 options of firmness
  • back-healing Comfort


The mattress is may not be suitable for back and stomach sleepers. It provides slightly less support than other foam mattresses do and it has 12 inches thickness while the best thickness for back and stomach sleepers is 10 inches.

But this disadvantage is not that big so it still can be good for you. You can try this mattress during the 120-nights trial period.

Why you should trust us

The article was approved by certified sleep consultants and orthopaedists and the mattresses in the top 3 passed all quality tests. We also checked the compositions of each mattress and make sure they are non-toxic and safe for children.


If you have a divan bed, you should choose your mattress carefully. You better choose a foam type of mattress. It should be thick and firm enough and made of high-quality natural materials. In this article are the best 3 mattresses for divan beds that passed all quality tests.


1From interview with a sleep consultant Kenneth Brandford on October 1, 2021

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