Best Mattress For Hypermobility [5 Wise Picks + Tips] – June 2022

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with hypermobility, you know what a nightmare it can be. It can prevent you from being able to function like a normal person, and it can make you feel like you’re losing your mind.

Furthermore, the pain that hypermobility causes is nearly impossible to deal with. It’s the worst type of pain that people have to deal with because it doesn’t just hurt one specific part of the body all of the time. Instead, it hurts different parts whenever it feels like it.

Added to this, people who experience hypermobility tend to experience dislocations that are extremely painful and which require expensive medical attention. Just about any form of treatment has proven ineffective when dealing with this condition.

This is where mattresses come into play.

What Is Hypermobility?

This condition makes it easier for your body to move, especially your joints and ligaments. The more flexible you are, the higher your risk of developing hypermobility. Aside from being associated with joint inflammation and other conditions, hypermobility can also cause problems for your muscle tissue because it strains them too quickly. While this is a problem for most people affected by hypermobility, some benefit, even though many view it negatively.

Some of the world’s most famous dancers are very flexible and have been known to have hypermobility tendencies. In addition to helping ease pain with their art form in ways other people couldn’t do with common exercises or actions, these dancers can also use their bodies in ways that would’ve been deemed impossible a few years ago, which we cannot forget about.

However, even though they do use their flexibility to perform all sorts of moves today, thanks to innovations in technology as well as improved training methods over time, they still need support when they sleep so they don’t wake up with the same pain they felt the day before.

How is this possible? It is done by using a special mattress specially made for them to get their much-needed rest in a way that suits their needs perfectly.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Hypermobility?

Finding a mattress that will meet your demands can be a bit of an undertaking. However, it’s critical to do your homework before making any purchases. The last thing you want is your mattress to be uncomfortable when you need it the most. To ensure that you have chosen the best option without any regrets, be sure to follow our detailed advice below:

  • Size

When it comes to mattresses, size can make all the difference! While some people prefer a twin-size or full-size mattress due to their smaller size and increased portability, others prefer a queen or king-size option because they are far more comfortable. If you are looking for something larger and more comfortable, always go with one of these options.

  • Brand Name

The brand name is also important because it will often dictate how long the product will last and how much support it will provide. While some brands are known as being better than others at providing these two things, we suggest looking into individual models instead of brands because they tend to offer greater benefits when put into proper context. That being said, brand names are still important.

  • Comfort

When it comes to comfort, mattress types will often determine whether or not a specific mattress will be comfortable for you! Memory foam mattresses are quite common and are very comfortable because they conform to the shape of your body when you lay down on them.

Polyurethane mattresses are also quite common, but they tend to be more firm than memory foam options. As for latex mattresses​ and hybrid mattresses, these typically tend to lean towards the firm, but some models may provide both comfort and firmness in the same package.

  • Support

The type of support offered by a mattress is also important! You don’t want a mattress that will give out on you at any moment or one that can’t properly support your weight because it may lead to injury. Be sure to consider all of these things when deciding which mattress is right for you!

  • Price

You’re going to want an affordable mattress. However, this doesn’t mean that you should choose the cheapest option available – instead, make sure that you find a balance between quality and affordability so that you aren’t completely sacrificing your money.

  • Warranty

While most mattress warranties are the same length and tend to offer the same benefits, they should still be considered because they can give you peace of mind that your mattress will last for many years to come. The only way to ensure this is by keeping track of your warranty in its entirety! In closing, we would like to offer you more information about the different types of mattresses below to understand better what they have to offer in terms of comfort, support, and durability.

Best Mattress For Hypermobility – Reviews

The best hypermobility mattress includes:

Purple Mattress

With this mattress, you don’t have to choose between support and comfort because it integrates both in a second-to-none way. It is made from high-quality foam and uses pressure relief technology to ensure that your pressure points are properly relieved without making you uncomfortable. Plus, its foldability factor allows it to be customized to meet just about any need imaginable!

With its ability to provide comfort alongside its desired degree of pressure relief for those with hypermobility syndrome or another similar condition, this will be one of the best mattresses for those who suffer.

Be sure to consider all of the benefits of this mattress before you make a final decision about what you’ll purchase for your home.

As a bonus, the mattress has a patented cooling technology. This makes it one of the most comfortable options out there!


  • Patented cooling technology
  • Great at both relieving pressure and providing comfort
  • Foldable for increased mobility
  • Fun and exciting mattress that will provide you with a memorable experience from start to finish
  • A technologically advanced mattress that can conform to your body for ultimate comfort
  • A very environmentally friendly option


  • It may not be a viable option for those with allergies to latex, with this being a latex-based mattress.
  • Pricey
  • The quality of material may vary depending on what color you choose

Sweetnight Queen Mattress in a Box

Though it may feature some of the vaguest branding possible, this mattress is worth seeing now and then. It features great coil suspension and other supporting materials meant to ensure hypermobile individuals that their aching bodies won’t have to suffer from painful pressure points.

At the same time, you can simultaneously enjoy the ultimate degree of comfort regardless of your sleeping position!

This will be the best mattress for you because:

  • It can easily be cleaned by simply hosing it off when needed. No other mattress on this list is capable of doing this!
  • It can withstand abuse or physical damage, meaning it will last for about forever (so long as you remember your warranty)!


  • Its firmness factor provides just enough support without being too firm.
  • Ideal for all kinds of sleepers and will keep your spine safe at night! Specifically designed to prevent discomfort despite the medical condition or injury you may suffer.
  • Its CertiPur-US certification means that it is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly – without sacrificing any quality!
  • A matter frame adds durability 3 7/8″ unique gel touch memory foam.
  • With being a queen mattress, this product is best suited for those that prefer greater roominess when it comes to sleeping – in bed and otherwise.


  • It is expensive

Nectar Queen Mattress 12 Inch

Nectar Queen Mattress is the best choice for anyone who wants their mattress to conform to their body and provide ultimate comfort. As well as being great for people of all kinds, it is also a great deal for the money. It is the best option for someone without allergies or sensitivity to latex or synthetic materials, as this product is made from these materials.

The mattress itself features a top layer of “cooling intelligence” that will help keep you feeling fresh and comfortable at night despite being in a warm environment. This item’s unique quilting ensures that you can maximize your comfort in ways you didn’t think possible!

This will be the best mattress for you because:

  • It has been designed with the average hypermobile user in mind, meaning that it can truly adapt to your needs!
  • This mattress provides pressure relief while supporting your body when getting up or moving around in bed – so long as you don’t use a vibrating alarm clock!


  • Very durable and strong material
  • Excellent firmness factor
  • High-quality materials ensure that it was made with care
  • It can be easily cleaned by just hosing it off when needed
  • It can conform to your body better than most memory foam mattresses
  • It is a great deal for the money!


  • A bit too firm for some people

Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Layla’s Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress provides maximum comfort and exceptional durability. The mattress is incredibly supportive, even when tested to a firmness factor of 10/10, which is the best possible!

This mattress features:

  • A breathable base layer helps ventilate the mattress and keep it fresh.
  • A copper infusion that helps draw heat away from your body so that you can sleep in comfort.
  • An open cell structure means that there will be more space between you and the mattress itself for a cooling effect and better-quality sleep in general!
  • A top layer made from copper-infused memory foam conforms to your body without sacrificing much firmness.
  • Two inches of gel memory foam for optimal support.


  • Very durable and strong material
  • Excellent firmness factor
  • High-quality materials ensure that it was made with care
  • It can be easily cleaned by just hosing it off when needed


  • Pricey

Naturepedic Chorus Organic Mattress

Naturepedic’s Chorus Organic Mattress is designed to provide you with the best possible quality. It uses pure organic materials, which means that this mattress will give you maximum health benefits instead of anything that contains chemicals or toxins.

The mattress works the same way as nature works – it adapts naturally to fit your body’s needs and customizes itself based on your sleeping cycle, body movement, and weight redistribution. This product will also never lose its resilience, shape, or ability to be fluffed up and maintained with use.


  • This mattress is made entirely of organic materials
  • It features a cover that is boosted with encased cashmere – which means that it hugs close to your body without constricting one area with the tightness of another.
  • Very durable and strong material
  • Excellent firmness factor
  • High-quality materials ensure that it was made with care
  • It can be easily cleaned by just hosing it off when needed


  • A bit too firm for some people


What Is the Difference Between Firm and Soft Mattresses?

Hard mattresses are typically made with coils or foam within the mattress, meaning that their structure is firm.

They can be used for both back and side sleepers. Soft mattresses are typically made with lesser compression than firm mattresses with higher compression.

How Long Does A Hypermobility Mattress Last?

The soft mattress tends to reach its full thickness quickly, usually maintaining its characteristics for 3-5 years before losing its firmness.

Are Soft Mattresses Ideal For Side Sleepers?

Soft mattresses tend to be more suitable for side sleepers because they do not leave any gap between the sleeper’s hips and shoulder; rather, they fit all over the body – like a comfy throw blanket on the couch!


No matter how many choices you have to make, sleep is still the most important thing. As you are now aware, the right mattress can do a lot to help you rest better, stay healthier, and feel more refreshed the whole day.

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