Best Mattress For Migraines [6 Healthy Picks] – June 2022

Medically Reviewed:

Please, pay attention that this article was medically reviewed by a board-certified sleep medicine physician Kate Smith, MD, Ph.D

Medical experts cited:

  • Kate Smith, MD, Ph.D, A board-certified sleep medicine physician
  • David Miller, MD, Neurologist

The best mattress for migraines should provide comfort and support while also alleviating pain caused by any underlying problems such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, among others. It is the best mattress for migraines that can help you get rid of headaches and pains. There are various types in the market, but not all have good quality. In this article, we will explore the best mattresses for migraine sufferers so that you can find one that suits your needs best! You will also find out about pillows for headache sufferers.

What are migraines? 

Migraines are usually caused by constriction or expansion of blood vessels in the brain. Migraines are a disease that affects people of all ages. It is usually characterized by severe headaches. The migraine headache can also lead to nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, and sound sensitivity.

Migraines affect women more often than men. Studies show that about 6 out of 10 people who suffer migraines are women; however, migraines can occur in children (and even babies) as well.

Since migraines are not life threatening but extremely painful they often go untreated or are treated with medication.

Migraines are a common form of headaches experienced by people worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, migraines affect about 14% of the world’s population, and 5-8% experience migraines regularly.

How do headaches affect sleep quality?

Headaches are often so severe that they interfere with daily life, cause discomfort or pain, and disrupt the normal routine of people who suffer migraines. If migraines also interfere with an individual’s sleep, the migraines may significantly affect his quality of life. An estimated 75 percent of migraine sufferers experience insomnia at some time during their migraines. A new study has found that just over half of all migraine sufferers endure insomnia during an attack. They have poor sleep. More research is needed to better understand migraines in general and to determine why migraines contribute to problems sleeping for many sufferers.

The best mattress for migraines can be a solution 

If you can’t sleep because of headaches, a special mattress can help you get some rest. These mattresses are made to reduce pressure points and make sure your spine is properly aligned. They can help you sleep without pain or discomfort, which reduces the number of headaches that you experience.

Many people who have frequent migraines try different remedies to find relief. However, even if they’re able to get their hands on some medication, it’s not always effective at stopping the pain once it starts. Migraines can be so intense that some sufferers never want to leave their houses because they don’t know when one will strike again during the day.

There is a way for migraine sufferers to finally get rid of chronic pain while lying comfortably in bed every night: the best mattress for migraines.

New mattress will be comfortable and supportive enough to let you fall asleep without thinking about your head. Since migraines often worsen from staying in awkward sleeping positions all night, the best mattress for migraines needs to maintain proper alignment by keeping the spine straight and the neck supported. It should also relieve pressure points that can cause pain and discomfort. There are models for people who sleep on their sides, backs, stomachs, and combinations of those three positions. Since each type of sleeper has specific needs, the best mattress for side sleepers will be different than the best mattress for back or stomach sleepers. In this article, we will look at mattresses for migraines and the best pillows for tension headaches.

How I conducted the research

I spent 40 hours conducting this research to pick the best models on the market. I looked at 20 different mattresses and pillows and narrowed them down to 6. I chose the 3 best pillows for migraines and 3 mattresses that prevent headaches. I consulted with a board-certified sleep medicine physician to add expert opinions on the subject.

What is a mattress for migraines?

The best mattress for migraines is a product that offers the best support and least resistance. It is not too hard, nor is it too soft. It helps to reduce pressure on the parts of your body that may be experiencing pain due to a migraine attack. A mattress for headaches will help you to get rid of the pain. People who are suffering from chronic migraines know how bad it can be to live with them daily. Best mattresses can also provide proper spine alignment and improve poor sleep posture.

What is the best pillow for headache sufferers?

If you suffer from headaches, you should also pay attention to your pillow. It should be comfortable and supportive, like the best pillow for headache sufferers. The best pillows for headache sufferers should be firm enough to support your neck but soft enough that it doesn’t cause tension in the muscles of your face, head, or neck. It’s also important that the pillow should not be too thick; otherwise, it may lead to breathing problems since the muscles around the throat have to work harder. Using a thin, low profile cushion will allow for easier breathing throughout the night as well as encourage you into a more natural sleeping position with proper alignment of the spine. It is best to avoid synthetic materials because of the chemicals used in their processing. If you are choosing the best goose down pillows, make sure they are filled with natural ingredients.

The best pillow can help you find relief from migraines and other headaches, sometimes even better than pain medication.

Types of mattress for migraines

On the market you can find different types of mattresses for headaches. They are made with special materials which relax the muscles in order to avoid or diminish pain.

The following list shows different types of mattresses for headaches you should try:

  • The memory foam mattress, it’s designed to fit your body shape perfectly and it relieves pressure points. This reduces the risk of having neck pain, back pain, and headaches while you sleep at night.
  • Latex mattresses can be a good solution because they are breathable and let air circulate through them. However, they are best for people who do not have an allergy to latex because it is a natural product. Many people with migraines tend to have sensitive skin. Therefore, if the person has an allergy to latex, it is best that they go for non-latex mattresses or use special covers on their mattress so that they can still enjoy the comfort of the best mattress without the pain of allergies. It is better to sleep on organic mattress. I advise you to choose latex mattress.
  • Hybrid mattresses can be a good choice because they combine the best features of both innerspring and memory foam mattresses. Most hybrids contain a pocketed coil support core topped with layers of memory foam, although some newer hybrids use latex cores instead of coils. It is a supportive mattress that will provide pressure relief. It is also good for stomach sleepers.
  • You can choose an innerspring mattress if you are suffering from migraines. The best mattress for migraine sufferers should have several qualities that would provide comfort to the user. The best innerspring mattress provides a supportive design. The supportive design of the best innerspring mattress can help ease pressure points and minimize spine misalignment, which is good for headache relief. For instance, coil mattresses are known to be more supportive compared with foam or waterbeds because they have springs that provide support without letting too much weight on the joints. Thus, it’s best for people who experience neck pain. Coil count also plays a role when choosing an innerspring mattress because a higher count means extra strong coils that provide firmness and are best for individuals who are heavy. The best innerspring mattress shouldn’t trap too much heat because it can disrupt your sleep and trigger headaches. Mattresses with the best materials that repel heat will be the best option to prevent sweating at night. Also, the best innerspring mattress should have raw materials that dissipate heat easily, such as open-cell memory foam, gel memory foam, etc.

In the table, you can see a visual comparison of spring and memory foam mattresses:

Spring mattressFoam mattress
A spring mattress is a mattress that contains metal coils suspended in the other materials of the mattressA foam mattress is a mattress that uses air trapped within aerated substances to offer support and bounce
Not as durable as foam mattresses as springs tend to sag after a few yearsComparatively more durable
Firm and resilientSoft and cushioned
Offer little contouringOffer more contouring
Provide little to medium pressure reliefTypical memory foam provides excellent pressure relief
Ideal for average to heavyweight body typesIdeal for average to petite body types

Expert guides on topic:

Benefits of a mattress for migraines

You will get a lot of benefits from mattresses for headaches, but it is best to find one that best suits your needs.

There are many people who suffer from headaches in their daily lives. People who struggle with headaches can get their best night’s sleep when they use a comfortable mattress. Many things contribute to the best mattress for migraines, and you need to make sure you know how to choose the best mattress for yourself if you want to avoid spending money on something that will not help your pain every day. The best way to do this is by learning about what causes headaches when sleeping and seeing if there are some factors in place before buying mattresses online when you decide to buy a new bed. 

Right mattress also needs to have a cushion support layer with thousands of flexible springs or coils that move independently from one another. This helps distribute weight evenly throughout your body when you lie down, reducing pain in all parts of the body. You will get pressure relief in your body. It is best to choose a mattress with memory foam because this material effectively conveys weight away from sensitive areas while supporting other parts of your body so there are no more than five layers of the best materials. The best mattress for migraines has a pillow-top that will help reduce pain and pressure points in the shoulders, hips, and other areas where you feel a migraine starting. Best mattresses should also have breathable fabric cover.

You can also buy pillows for migraines. It will also do you a lot of good for fighting headaches.

One of the most important features of a headache pillow is its ability to relieve pressure points while you sleep. 

Downsides of a mattress for migraines

The downside of a mattress for migraines can be price. A high-quality good mattress can be expensive because of the price of materials and the best mattress for migraines may not be affordable for everyone. With a low-quality mattress for migraines, you might get headaches or other side effects from the cheap foam.

Quality mattress for migraines on a budget is possible with some research. The best price on the best mattress can be found online or in stores.

Things to consider when choosing a mattress for migraines

Before buying the mattress you should think about some things:

Mattress Firmness

You will need to decide if you want a soft, medium, or firm mattress for migraines. If you have chronic tension headaches then a softer mattress might be best for you. If you wake up with neck pain then a firmer mattress may help.

Mattress Size

The size of the mattress will play a major role in how well you sleep. You should measure your bed to ensure the best mattress fits it properly.

If two people are sharing the best mattress then a full-size mattress might not give enough space to both users. 


Make sure that the model you choose is made from natural, high quality materials. Synthetic materials will not only not help you in the fight against headaches, but also aggravate them. Do not skimp on the material as it can bring many negative consequences.


Besides the material, the best mattress should be thick. A thick mattress for migraines will help you feel comfortable and to get rid of unpleasant feelings associated with pain in the best sleep posture.

As a rule, the best mattresses are thicker than 14 inches or 35 centimeters.

Temperature Regulation

Make sure that your best mattress regulates temperature. This can be achieved by choosing a model with at least three layers of different densities, which will help to maintain body temperature within normal limits.

The best option would be if such best mattresses had technology like cooling gel or air conditioning.

Price and Warranty

Best mattresses for migraines are not cheap. The price for a good quality model may start from $600, but it all depends on the size and other features.

However, don’t forget to check warranty conditions. A long warranty period is always a good sign. 

What causes migraines?

Common triggers for migraines include the following:

A. Mood disorders

B. Stress 

C. Physical exertion 

D. Hormonal changes in women 

E. Unfamiliar foods 

F. Strong scents or odors 

G. Bright lights 

H. Changes in the environment, e.g., weather, altitude 

I. Senses, e.g., sight, sound, touch (eccentricity migraines).

J. Medications that may trigger migraines include: birth control pills, decongestants containing pseudoephedrine, ibuprofen,* naproxen sodium*, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)* such as aspirin, progesterone cream, Pseudoephedrine *may be found in over-the-counter cold remedies and diet aids. As with prescription medications for migraines, these products should only be used if your migraines have been previously diagnosed by a physician. 

K. You can get a headache from bad pillow

The following are also triggers for some migraines: caffeine; alcohol; chocolate; monosodium glutamate (MSG), especially Chinese food; nitrites found in many processed types of meat such as hot dogs and deli meats; aged cheeses; any spoiled or improperly refrigerated, prepared, or stored food; monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer used in many processed foods and in some restaurants. MSG may be labeled “natural flavoring,” “spices,” or “seasonings.”

Migraines can appear because of different reasons, but usually, because of migraines, it is advised to be careful with certain activities. Until you have a migraine specialist consult, general guidelines for migraine treatment can help prevent migraines from happening or reduce their impact on your life.

There are a few simple things you should avoid when suffering from migraines:

1. Don’t skip meals – Skipping meals causes blood sugar levels to drop which in turn causes migraines and hunger pangs. You should eat small but regular portions to maintain a constant level of glucose in the bloodstream. 

2. Avoid stress – When stressed, our muscles tighten up which can make them more prone to spasms and. Try meditating (deep breathing), yoga, or just take a nice walk when feeling stressed.

There are many medications available for migraines sufferers, but it is important to realize migraines can be controlled without them if you make healthy lifestyle choices like eating regularly, avoiding stress, and sleeping well. However, migraines need medical attention sometimes, so see your doctor if you feel one coming on or if your migraines last more than 12 hours (you may want to consult with a neurologist). Here are some options some migraine sufferers choose to take:

Migraine medications can be broken down into two categories. The first, abortive migraines, is meant to treat the migraine when one occurs while migraine preventatives are used daily to decrease the frequency and severity of migraines.

The most commonly prescribed migraine medications are vasoconstrictors which narrow blood vessels in order to help relieve or reduce pain. They also block certain nerve impulses in the brain that contribute to migraines (like serotonin). Vasoconstrictors might make you feel drowsy so make sure you’re aware of any side effects they have before starting a course of them.

Other things you should do if suffering from migraines are drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep and relax as much as possible. Wearing sunglasses for migraines is a simple way to shield your eyes from any harmful light that migraines may occur from such as fluorescent lighting, sunlight, etc. Also, many people choose to wear sunglasses even if they aren’t suffering from migraines.

According to an article by the International Headache Society sunglasses are a popular prophylactic measure against migraine, cataract, and corneal complications of diabetes1.

So migraines are becoming more common which is why many people are choosing to wear sunglasses for migraines. It’s important to be aware of what migraines are if you suffer from them or know someone who does. Migraine problems affect around 30% of Americans at some point in their lives, so it’s good to know how migraines come about and also knowing ways you can stop migraines is useful as migraines can really affect your life sometimes even stopping you from going out and enjoying yourself, etc. 

In the table you can see the different types of headaches and their symptoms:

Pain is behind the brow bone and/or cheekbonesPain is in and around one eyePain is like a band squeezing the headPain, nausea, and visual changes are typical of classic forms

Diet to prevent migraines

Fatigued housewife with meat and vegetables at kitchen table

If you suffer from migraines, it is advisable to follow a diet. Eat foods such as fish, turkey, rice, and certain fruits. In this way, migraines will be prevented or at least limited. You must not eat chocolate, cheese, eggs, avocado, or ham. Also do not drink tea or coffee if you want to avoid migraines.

However, research has proven that migraines may also be caused by the consumption of alcoholic drinks such as red wine. Alcohol can trigger migraines in some people during their menstrual cycle. Previous studies have shown that migraines are more likely to occur during your period than at any other time of the month. Some women experience migraines just before their period starts which are believed to be associated with low levels of the female sex hormone estrogen which occurs just before your period starts.

The research points to migraines at the time of menstruation being mainly triggered by low levels of the female sex hormone estrogen or a drop in estrogen levels. Estrogen is responsible for regulating many functions in the body including sleep, migraines, and other painful sensations. Some migraines can be caused by hormonal changes which cause chemicals within the brain to become over-sensitive. These changes occur when you start having periods, during pregnancy, and also just before menopause when estrogen levels fall rapidly. Around 15% of women suffer from migraines that are associated with their menstrual cycle according to studies conducted in 2013.

I got an opinion from neurologist David Miller, MD about the migraine diet. And here’s what he said:

“With migraine, you should follow a diet such as the “Migraine Relief Diet” created by Dr. Frank Andrasik. Studies have proven migraines are hereditary, meaning migraines can be passed down from family members. Migraine sufferers are more likely to have children with migraines as well, so it is important for migraines to be taken seriously at all ages. The migraine diet was first published in the book Living Well With Migraine Disease and Headaches (2002). It has since been followed by the publication of several scientific articles on migraines and nutrition, including one study that noted favorable results for chronic migraine patients following the diet. You don’t need an official diagnosis to follow migraineur-suitable diets like this one. The migraines themselves are a diagnosis.”

What sleeping position is best for migraines? 

If you suffer from migraines, you have to sleep in a way in which you do not wake up with one. Here is why sleeping positions for migraines is important when sleeping and what sleeping positions to avoid when sleeping

Sleeping positions for migraines: sleeping on the left side benefits people who suffer from migraines because around 80% of patients can reduce or even stop having migraines if they sleep on their left side. This sleeping position also helps to treat symptoms caused by menopause, pregnancy, and hormone-related headaches. I can advise using a migraine pillow for side sleepers. The American Migraine Foundation recommends sleeping on your back: this sleeping position will reduce the occurrence of migraine pain but only if you do it at least 3 hours after waking up. Sleeping in this position increases pressure in the lower part of the head and neck, so sleeping on your left side would be better because it will reduce the pressure.

Sleeping on the right side is not recommended for people who suffer from migraine because this sleeping position does not allow enough blood to reach the brain stem. The muscles in the head get tighter when sleeping on your right side which blocks oxygen that should go through the carotid artery, making its flow slower than usual. Sleeping on your right side can also cause meningitis or even cluster headaches, causing pain behind one eye and nose, swelling of the eyelid, and nasal congestion. 

People who suffer from migraines are advised to sleep with their heads in elevated positions in order to provide enough blood to the brain stem. This sleeping position is also recommended for people who experience sleeping disorders because it keeps their airways open. If sleeping on your back causes pressure to your neck, you can try sleeping on your left side instead.

Lying flat makes this sleeping position another bad choice for migraine sufferers as well as pregnant women or people with heart diseases. Sleeping in a reclining chair can also worsen migraines due to the lack of enough oxygen that reaches the brain stem. The muscles get tighter when sleeping in an upright position which leads to bloating and pain in the head.

People suffering from sleeping disorders are advised to sleep with their heads raised slightly higher than their backs because this sleeping position reduces muscle spasms. 

Best mattresses and pillows for migraines

Puffy Mattress

Looking for a memory foam mattress that’s perfect for all sleepers? Look no further than the Puffy Mattress. This model has an innovative five-layer sleep system which is designed to provide proper body support and optimal temperature control, making it the perfect choice for everyone from side sleepers to back sleepers. Plus, the hypoallergenic mattress cover protects your mattress from dust mites, while the cooling gel infusion helps keep you comfortable all night long. 

Here is what a board-certified sleep medicine physician says about Puffy Mattress

“Headaches are a common ailment that can have a very bad effect on sleep. That’s why it’s worth taking care of your sleeping area. First of all, you should buy a mattress and the right pillows. As for the Puffy Mattress, I can say that it is one of the best models for people with migraines. The foam in this model is infused with cooling gel. It controls the temperature of your body. It is very important for people with headaches not to overheat as it can make the pain worse. If you sleep on this mattress, you will always feel comfortable and you will not feel hot. I also like this mattress because it is designed for all sleeping positions. Whether you sleep on your side or your back, you will still get proper support and relaxation for your back, neck, and other muscles.”

Here is how I tested Puffy Mattress

  • It works for all sleepers
  • The cover is hypoallergenic
  • It is suitable for any bed frame

Here are the quantitative measurements of Puffy Mattress

  1. Made In USA
  2. 101-Night Sleep Trial
  3. Lifetime Warranty
  4. It has 5 layers: stain-resistant cloud cover; Cooling Cloud™ foam; Climate Comfort™ foam; firm core support foam; grip base cover
  5. The mattress is available in every standard US mattress size
  6. This model can accommodate 350 lbs

What sets Puffy Mattress apart from the competitors:

This mattress model is made of Puffy’s innovative high-density foams. It adapts to the contours of your body and relieves pressure points. This model is also suitable for sleeping with a partner as it provides excellent isolation of movements. 


  • Optimal temperature control
  • It is good for all sleeping positions
  • The superior motion isolation


  • Rather expensive model, but the price is justified by the high quality

How Puffy Mattress has evolved from previous models:

I contacted Puffy support and they reported that this model has not been improved in any way as it has all the necessary features. But they also said that they have more expensive models in other materials. These models are Puffy Lux Mattress and Puffy Royal Mattress.

How does it feel to use a Puffy Mattress beyond the manufacturer’s info?

This mattress model was created for your comfortable sleep. Thanks to this mattress, you can get rid of back pain, improve your posture, get rid of neck pain and headaches. The model is made in such a way as to correspond to any physique. Whichever position you sleep in, you will get excellent support for all parts of your body.

What users like about Puffy Mattress

  • The mattress does not absorb heat
  • Innovative 5-Layer Sleep System
  • The cover protects from dust mites
  • Proper body support 

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is the perfect mix of memory foam and innerspring coils, providing you with the sturdy support you need for a good night’s sleep. With 5 layers for unbeatable comfort, this mattress is perfect for any bed frame.

Who is a target audience of The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress?

This model is ideal for people with headaches. Thanks to the comfort layer, you will get a reduction of pressure in the neck area. This will contribute to the resolution of your situation. In addition, the soft cover provides coolness. You will not sweat and your body temperature will be comfortable.

What users like about The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress:

  • Soft cover
  • Proper support
  • Strong edges
  • Great pressure relief 

Quantitative measurements of The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress:

  1. 365-night trial
  2. Lifetime warranty
  3. Free shipping & return
  4. It has 5 layers: soft to the touch cover; pressure relief comfort layer; sink in just right layer; targeted support coil layer; essential base layer


  • Medium feel
  • Soft cozy cover
  • The mattress adapts to your body


  • If you sleep on your side, you may find this mattress too soft

WinkBed mattress

If you are looking for the perfect hybrid mattress that provides deep support and breathability, look no further than WinkBed! The mattress is created specifically for people with headaches, back pain, hip pain, or shoulder pain. Plus, it has four layers to ensure a good night’s sleep. 

Who is a target audience of WinkBed mattress?

This mattress is suitable for anyone who has pain and tension in their body. This model will allow you to fall asleep quickly without pain. In time you will get rid of back, shoulder, hip, and neck pain. Your headaches will not bother you at night and you will finally be able to sleep! 

What users like about WinkBed mattress:

  • The mattress does not allow you to sweat while sleeping
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Durable

Quantitative measurements of WinkBed mattress:

  1. 120-night risk-free trial
  2. Lifetime warranty
  3. Free shipping and returns
  4. It has 4 layers


  • Natural materials
  • The mattress supports the back and neck well
  • This model is a good option for different types of sleepers


  • It doesn’t work with all bases

TEMPUR-Neck Pillow

Looking for a neck pillow that will contour to your unique body type? Look no further than the TEMPUR-Neck Pillow! It comes in three sizes so you can find the perfect fit, and its firm feel provides optimum support. With its soft cover and contoured design, the TEMPUR-Neck Pillow will have you waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.Whether you’re traveling or just relaxing at home, this pillow is sure to give you the comfort you need.

Who is a target audience of TEMPUR-Neck Pillow?

This pillow is a must-have for anyone. If you want to be healthy and not have neck pain and suffer from headaches, then you definitely need this pillow. This model has a contoured design so the pillow follows the curves of your body. Your neck and head will get the support you need no matter what sleeping position you are in.

What users like about TEMPUR-Neck Pillow:

  • The contoured design
  • The pillow helps to relax neck and shoulder muscles
  • It provides a firm feel 

Quantitative measurements of TEMPUR-Neck Pillow:

  1. 5-Year Warranty
  2. TEMPUR® Material
  3. Free Shipping
  4. It comes in 3 sizes: small; medium; large
  5. Feel: firm
  6. 100% polyester knit hypoallergenic cover


  • Removable and washable cover
  • The pillow is suitable for all sleeping styles
  • The pillow ensures proper alignment


  • White is easy to get dirty

Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat hulls have been used for centuries as a natural stuffing material, and the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow takes advantage of their many benefits. The pillow is adjustable in shape and thickness to ensure you get the perfect fit, and the 100% organic cotton twill case ensures cool, dry breathability. Plus, the cotton case is soft and comfortable against your skin. Plus, the buckwheat hulls themselves provide excellent support and cushioning. So ditch those overpriced, over-hyped pillows and try something new – your sleep (and wallet) will thank you!

Who is a target audience of Hullo Buckwheat Pillow?

If you suffer not only from headaches but also from allergies then this pillow is a must have for you. In addition, this model will be an excellent choice for those who are constantly sweating in their sleep. This unique pillow is made of organic cotton twill and filled with buckwheat hulls, which provide cool and dry breathability. 

What users like about Hullo Buckwheat Pillow:

  • The pillow is made of the finest materials 
  • This model contains no animal products 
  •  Ergonomic support

Quantitative measurements of Hullo Buckwheat Pillow:

  1. 100% Certified Organic Cotton Twill
  2. Premium Buckwheat Hulls – Grown & milled in the U.S.A.
  3. High-Quality Dunlap™ Auto-Locking Hidden Zipper
  4. Fast, Free Shipping
  5. 60-Night Money-back Guarantee
  6. It comes in different sizes: small; standard; king


  • The pillow provides natural comfort
  • It keeps your spine straight
  • You can adjust the thickness and malleability of the pillow


  • It gets dirty easily

Kanjo Acupressure Cervical Traction Wedge Pillow

Kanjo Acupressure Cervical Traction Wedge Pillow is perfect for those who suffer from chronic neck pain. This innovative pillow is designed to target acupressure points, helping to reduce muscle tension and pain. The dense memory foam core provides superior comfort and support, while the wedge-shape helps correct your posture. Relax and rejuvenate your body with the Kanjo Acupressure Cervical Traction Wedge Pillow.

Who is a target audience of Kanjo Acupressure Cervical Traction Wedge Pillow?

I recommend using this pillow for anyone with headaches, back, shoulder, and neck pain. The Kanjo Acupressure Cervical Traction Wedge Pillow is designed to help relieve neck pain and improve your posture. The dense memory foam core provides support and relaxes the muscles, while the wedge-shaped target acupressure points to reduce pain.

What users like about Kanjo Acupressure Cervical Traction Wedge Pillow:

  • It provides back pain relief
  • With the help of this pillow, users improved their postures
  • The pillow rejuvenates skin

Quantitative measurements of Kanjo Acupressure Cervical Traction Wedge Pillow:

  1. Free shipping
  2. The wedge-shaped pillow with its dense memory foam core 
  3. 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Affordable price
  • Stress relief
  • Pillow relieves migraines and headaches


  • The first night you may not be entirely comfortable sleeping

Frequently Asked Questions

Сan a bad mattress cause headaches?

Yes, a bad mattress can cause headaches. A good mattress, on the other hand, can help relieve headaches. Mattress choice is an individual preference, but a bad mattress can cause neck pain and tension headaches.

Your mattress can be a reason for headaches if it’s too soft or too hard. Also, if you sleep in the wrong position, your neck, back, and spine can be damaged.

According to the best mattress for migraines reviews, the best option is a medium-firm mattress. It supports the natural curves of the spine. 

Your mattress should not be old or broken, as it can cause you pain during sleep.

Also, the best pillow for neck pain is necessary to ease cervical vertebrae. It’s enough to use such a pillow every day and after a couple of weeks of regular use, your spine will improve its condition.

How should I sleep to prevent migraines?

To prevent migraines you should sleep in a good bed. You should also choose the right mattress and pillows for migraine sufferers. The best mattress for chronic migraines needs to be firm, supportive, comfortable & cool. People with chronic migraine need extra sleep because it is difficult for them to sleep during a pain attack. You also put extra pillows between the knees to elevate the hips for best sleep during migraine. It may be very hard to find the best pillow for migraines but the best sleeping position without any pillows might be best among all.

Is sleeping good for migraines?

It is not recommended to go to bed with a headache because of the increased pressure of lying down on a pillow. It is best to try and fall asleep with no pain because this can cause headaches, neck pains, and other related issues in the morning. You can do it with the help of medication prescribed by your doctor.

Can a pillow cause headaches?

Pillows can cause headaches if they are too soft or too hard, if they misshapen, or have lost their supportiveness. A pillow should support the head and neck in a neutral position without tilting your head to one side or compressing your shoulders.

The best positions for sleep are on either side with a pillow between the knees, flat on the back with a low pillow under the knees, or on your side with a pillow under the head and another between the legs.

I advise choosing pillows from natural materials because I myself have undergone a serious health problem because of synthetic pillows.

However, the best pillow for migraine is hard to choose in stores where pillows are sold by manufacturers. If you want to know the best pillow for migraine you can find it in the online store.

Many people suffer from the fact that they just do not have enough sleep. We are getting used to having much less sleep than our ancestors or other people around us who seem to be well-rested even when they do not get enough sleep every day. But what does the best pillow for migraine have to do with it? Well, actually quite a lot! The quality of your sleep depends largely on the mattress you use and also on your choice of pillows. 

Although the best pillow for migraine is often considered to be a luxury, it is actually an important part of the quality of our sleep so if you want to get the best sleep possible, you should invest in some best pillows for migraine. Check reviews about the best pillow for headaches and you’ll see why. There are many types of best pillows for migraine but they can easily be categorized into two groups: memory foam best pillows and latex best pillows. Memory foam best pillow contours your body while preventing aches and pains while latex best pillow feels more dynamic than memory foam one does. So which one should you choose? It really depends on your personal preferences as well as how much money you’re willing.

What is the best pillow for migraine sufferers?

The best pillow for migraine sufferers should be able to provide the best possible sleep experience. Just like any pillow, it should be able to give you great comfort, support, and softness. Pillows that prevent headaches have unique functions for people who suffer from headaches and migraines. Pillow causing headaches is made of artificial materials and does not provide proper support.

If you need extra neck support while sleeping, if you are someone who is constantly surprised by the stiffness in your neck when you wake up, then I would definitely recommend getting the best pillow for migraine relief.

How can I prevent morning migraines? 

In order to prevent morning migraines, you should try sleeping as close as possible to 12 hours at night.

Migraine sufferers know that migraines tend to increase in the morning and decrease throughout the day, so getting all those migrainous hours out of the way early will pay off. Scientists agree and have found that if migraines start after 3:00 a.m., they are more likely to occur again on the same day than migraines that don’t start until later in the morning or afternoon. The researchers also noted migraine headache frequency decreased from 5.88 attacks/month at baseline to 4.00 attacks/month during active treatment for patients with early morning migraines vs only 2.28 attacks/month for those whose migraines started later.

Why you should trust us

This article was approved by a board-certified sleep medicine physician and neurologist. I spent 40 hours testing mattresses and pillows. I have chosen 6 of the best models. All of these mattresses and pillows have the necessary characteristics to get rid of headaches. 


You can get rid of headaches with the help of a mattress and pillow. Many people who sleep on their right side or back experience migraines, so the best mattress for migraine relief is simply one that keeps your shoulders and hips aligned all night long. If you wake up every morning with an ache or pain around one or both of your shoulders, you might be surprised to find out the best mattress for shoulder pain is also best for migraine relief. I hope this article was helpful for you and that you were able to find the right pillow and mattress for you.

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