Best Mattress For Ottoman Bed [5 Ergonomic Options] – June 2022


Please, pay attention that this article was reviewed by a certified sleep consultant Roger Buttler

Medical experts cited:

Medical experts cited:
– Roger Buttler, a certified sleep consultant
– Daniel Garret, orthopaedist

Note: is a website that provides information about how to improve your sleep and select the best mattress for your needs and budget. It should not be regarded as medical advice, nor should it take the place of professional medical assistance. Please contact your healthcare practitioner if you believe you are suffering from any type of sleep problem, chronic pain, or other illness.

Sometimes, you need more space in your room. If you have a small living room, it might be difficult to fit everything in. Ottoman beds are an ideal solution for this situation because they can make great storage space and provide extra seating when needed. Basically, the ottoman bed is a divan bed that has a lifting mechanism and extra storage space.

They also have the added benefit of providing a cozy place to relax. One downside is that ottoman beds usually don’t come with mattresses, which means you’ll need to purchase one separately. This article will provide information on what type of mattress would be best for an ottoman bed and highlight some of our top picks.

Do you need a special mattress for an ottoman bed?

You might ask which type of mattress is right for you: innerspring, foam, or maybe hybrid mattress? When you buy a regular box spring bed you definitely need an innerspring mattress. But ottoman bed frame is compatible with almost every type of mattress. It’s another benefit of this type of bed.

If you don’t like the mattress that comes with an ottoman bed, you can replace it. For example, if you have a metal frame with wooden slats to support your box spring and mattress, there are special mattresses for this type of bed. But they’re not necessary because any innerspring or foam mattress will be suitable for the ottoman bed too.

The only thing that will definitely not fit ottoman beds – it’s too heavy mattresses. You will need to always turn up your bed so it’s a good idea to choose a lightweight mattress.

There are a lot of mattress companies that make special types only for ottoman beds so you can choose a comfortable lightweight mattress that will be still thick and soft enough to provide a great night’s sleep.

Benefits of special mattress for ottoman bed

When you buy a special mattress for an ottoman bed, you can be sure that it will be easy to open and close the bed. So, the first benefit is it’s lightweight.

Another benefit is the huge assortment of products in this category because all types of mattresses are suitable for such beds. You can buy any type of mattress such as foam, innerspring, open coil, etc.

They are also a great choice because they can be easily customized to fit your bed just right.

And the last but not the least benefit is that ottoman beds with mattresses are more affordable than most other types of bed. Especially, when you buy a bed and mattress from one company, it could be very profitable. Most of the companies make discounts on such purchases, so stay tuned for their promotions.


The first downside of ottoman beds is that it’s hard to find a good mattress for them. Some companies promise excellent quality and durability but this is not always true. That’s why I conducted this research and tested many different mattresses to find the bests.

A second possible downside of such a mattress is its high price. They are more expensive than regular mattresses because they’re made out of the best materials and the companies invest in research, design, and production processes. However, I have added mattresses from different price categories to my top so you can find the most suitable for you.

How I conducted the research?

I spent 29 hours conducting this research to pick the best mattress for the ottoman bed. I read a lot of reviews and articles and chosen 50 mattresses. Then I tested them and narrowed them down to 5 mattresses that entered my top.

I consulted with an orthopaedist, certified sleep consultant, and chiropractor to choose those mattresses that will provide restorative sleep and will be safe for health.

I used the following criteria to find out which mattresses are best:

  • Durability/lifespan – it’s very important because an ottoman bed with a mattress is not as popular as regular ones. That’s why you have to invest in better, more durable products so your investment is not wasted.
  • Quality of materials. I learned the details of the production and checked the quality of each mattress.
  • Comfortable and lightweight. Own feelings of using the mattress are also very important.
  • Expert recommendations.

The layers of the mattress

All mattresses have 2 primary layers: base and comfort. Sometimes, a mattress can have transition layers. The more layers in the mattress, the thicker and more expensive it is.

Base Layer

This layer provides support to the mattress. It usually has springs or coils. Some companies mix them together, some separate them into different layers. The most popular base layer is pocketed spring or coil, which creates more space between each one so they can move separately and provide you with an individualized experience. This layer provides the durability of the mattress so this is important to choose a quality base layer.

Comfort layer

This is the top layer of every mattress. It provides comfort and support to your body when you lay on it. This can be memory foam or latex, also hybrids of these materials are used as well. In general mattresses for ottoman beds do not have thick comfort layers because they need more back support than softness and cushioning under your body.

Types of the mattress for an ottoman bed

Pocket spring mattress

The pocket springs mattress is designed to provide the end-user a healthy night’s sleep. The mattress is made of hundreds or maybe even thousands of pockets that are sewn together. Each pocket contains a single innerspring coil. The coils provide support to your body while you sleep on the bed and distribute weight evenly which prevents pressure points from forming on your shoulders, hips, knees, etc. A pocket spring mattress is paired with a range of fillings that can work well for your ottoman bed.

This type has a big downside. A spring mattress can be noisy as you move because of creaking. It can even prevent you from falling asleep, especially if you sharing a bed with your partner.

All-foam mattress

An all-foam ottoman bed is filled with memory foam, reflex foam, latex, or a combination of several. Memory foam has become popular due to its ability to provide support while conforming well to the different contours of your body. It also provides an even level of comfort across your whole body when sleeping on.

That’s what a certified sleep consultant Roger Buttler said about it:

“Memory foam it’s probably the best material for a mattress. It’s suitable for all people, it’s lightweight and not very expensive. It’s also very comfortable and soft.”


Another type of mattress is a water mattress. The ottoman bed is filled with a water bladder that’s placed inside the wooden ottoman bed frame, while an air pump fills up the bladder to adjust the firmness level of these mattresses. These are constructed in different sizes and shapes depending on your needs.

It’s a very uncommon type of mattress so it’s often hard to find. And many people say that it isn’t practical for everyday use because it can overload the lift mechanism of the ottoman bed.

Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress, as the name suggests, has a mix of two different mattresses. It’s got a top layer of memory foam and the bottom layers are made from latex, coils, or innerspring technology. This kind of ottoman mattress is very advanced because it contains two types inside one single product.

This type of mattress is very easy to move because it’s flexible. And the only downside of this type is the high price and lack of durability.

Open coil

Open coil mattress is very similar to traditional innerspring mattresses. It’s got a comfortable layer of memory foam and the bottom layers are made from coils. They tend to be lightweight, soft, and durable but they aren’t as strong as the other types mentioned before. All these characteristics make it a good and affordable match for your

Natural fillings

This ottoman bed type is can be quite expensive because of the materials used. It can include latex foam or natural fillings such as wool, cotton, and feathers. When it comes to the mattress type itself, they are very durable but lack of firmness makes them uncomfortable for some people.

Sizes for ottoman beds

Most manufacturers have 4 sizes of ottoman bed frames:

Queen60″ x 80″
Full54″ x 75″
Twin XL38″ x 80″
Twin38″ x 75″
sizes of an ottoman bed

Obviously, the size of the mattress should match the size of the bed.

If you sleep with your partner, choose King or Super King size ottoman beds. And if you sleep alone you should choose a twin or full mattress. However, you can choose King if you like the greatest comfort and have enough space for it.

Things to consider when choosing the mattress

A mattress for an ottoman bed must be lightweight and comfortable.

You should test a mattress for ottoman beds in the store – you need to make sure it’s suitable before buying, so there are no surprises after bringing your new bed home! You should also consider other factors like how easy it is to maintain, replace or repair the mattress. Be sure to try raising the mattress to see if it is comfortable for everyday life.

Don’t buy a too cheap mattress for your bedroom because it will not last long and in the end, you will have to change it. Also, it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for health.

Here is what orthopaedist Daniel Garret says about this:

“I have seen many patients who have suffered from poor and cheap mattresses. They did not even suspect that for years their spine was bent and pain points formed. That’s because their mattresses were made of bad-quality materials or there were too thin comfort layers.”


Another aspect of choosing the right mattress is thickness. The best ottoman bed mattress thickness is around 9-13 inches (standard thickness). If it is too thin, you will feel the slats and if it’s too thick, then your feet won’t fit under the frame of the ottoman bed.

If your weight is more than 230 pounds you should buy a thicker mattress. 13-16 inches is the best for you.

The sleeping pose is also important in choosing the mattress. If you often sleep on your back or stomach, your choice is 10-12 inches. And if you like sleeping on the side or you combined different poses, you should buy a 12-14 inch mattress.

Also, put attention to your medical addictions. If you have arthritic or other circulatory disorders you should choose at least 11 inches thickness. The same goes for regular hip and chest pain. But if you have spine pain, you better choose a mattress 9-11 inches thick.

If you want to choose an ottoman bed with a certain kind of top (foam or springs), then remember that you need to buy a mattress for it too. Also, be sure you get the right size of the mattress and don’t forget your partner’s needs if you sharing a bed with him.

Thickness classThicknessTarget Audience
Slimless than 9 incheschildren to 12 years, people who weigh less than 100 pounds
Standart9-13 inchesback and stomach sleepers, people with regular back pain
Thick13-17 inchesside and combined sleepers, people who weigh more than 230 pounds, people with arthritic
Super Thickmore than 17people with special medical addictions

Ensuring the mattress is well-made

A good ottoman mattress is usually made of foam, springs, or both. The best are memory foam, latex, or combination foams — these are #1 components of a contouring mattress. If you want to choose the cheapest one, go with the polyurethane froth model. You can also buy a spring mattress but it’s not so comfortable as foam models because springs often poke out and create pressure points. This is why if you want to buy a spring mattress for your storage beds, please, keep in mind, that you will have to invest at least 1,000 in a decent model.

You need to pay attention if your new mattress has a warranty of at least 8 years. You should also check if it’s waterproof, or not. If you have kids at home, this feature will come in handy as your children might spill some juice on the bedding from time to time.

How to stop mattresses sliding off an ottoman bed?

Many ottoman beds have a metal frame, so the mattress slides down easily. Stop this by adding rubber grips on each corner of your bed to grip the floor and prevent sliding. And sure you buy the right size.

How heavy is this mattress?

This depends on the materials that are used in it. If the mattress is made with foam, it’s very lightweight and practical for ottoman beds. If the mattress is made with springs, it’s quite heavy. This might be a problem if you already have an ottoman bed base and want to use this type of mattress.

If you don’t like the memory foam mattress, there are many other types of mattresses that can be used for ottoman beds. You should try to find a product with good reviews because it will help you make the right decision.

Top mattresses for an ottoman bed

So now it is time for the best products in this category. I have tested all mattresses for the ottoman bed, consulted with experts, compared their characteristics, and selected the best 5 products.

Bear Original Mattress

The Bear Original is non-toxic, 100% made in America, and Greenguard Gold certified by UL for low emissions stylish mattress. This mattress keeps you comfy and cool through 4 layers of responsive and supportive foams that can contour to your body’s shape no matter what the sleep position. With an open cell construction that doesn’t trap heat or inhibit airflow, this all-natural mattress will get you snuggled up nice and tight every time you lay down. And it’s the perfect choice for an ottoman bed because it’s made from lightweight memory foam. Its fabric is soft to touch that guarantees a deep sleep for almost any customer.

Here is what orthopaedist Daniel Garret says about Bear Original:

“Nowadays, many mattresses are terrible for your back. They don’t provide enough support, they trap heat, cause sweating, and poor sleep at night. The Bear mattress is different – it’s firm but really comfortable to lay on. Since it is made from Natural Minerals, the mattress adjusts to the shape of your body. It works well for your back and provides you to fall asleep quickly and easily.”

Here is how I tested Bear Original

When I tested the Bear Original I used the following criteria.

The lifespan of the mattress. This is really important because everyone wants to buy a long-lasting product.

Also, the mattress should be firm enough for your own taste and back support. This may vary from person to person but there are some standards that work well for most people.

The material used in making this ottoman bed mattress must have organic properties.

Quantitive measurements of Bear Original

Bear original ottoman bed mattress provides you with a 100 Night free trial period and a warranty for up to 10 years.

Also, it has 4 layers: Breathable Celliant Cover (1), Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam (2), Responsive Transition Foam (3), and High-Density Support Foam layer (4).

80% of people prefer a mattress that rates between 5,5 and 7,5 of firmness. The Bear Original rates at 7,1, which is a perfect level of firmness.

What sets Bear Original apart from the competitors

The Bear Original is Greenguard Gold Certified. Also, it has an EcoFlex Fiberglass-Free Fire Barrier and Certi-PUR US certification that certifies it is free of VOCs, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

It’s completely made from Eco-Friendly Materials so you don’t pollute the environment by purchasing this mattress.

Many big organizations such as Sleepopolis, Mattress Advisor, and U.S. news called this mattress the best. Our experts confirmed this opinion so that I put Bear Original on the first place of the top.

Unlike all other foam mattresses, Bear Original does not smell in the first few days after delivery. It’s because of the natural materials used in them.


  • Made of high-quality materials and it is an all-organic mattress.
  • Free shipping and returns.
  • 100-days trial in your home.
  • Environmental-Friendly.
  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites so it doesn’t affect your allergies at all.
  • Lightweight that is perfect for ottoman beds.


For some people, it can be too expensive, because the material used in Bear Original is natural and non-toxic accordingly the mattress costs more than other foam mattresses.

Does Bear Original has evolved from previous models?

I contacted the Bear Original support chat and this mattress hasn’t changed because the model is good enough.

How does it feel to use a Bear Original beyond the manufacturer’s info

The memory foam used in this mattress is removed body heat so it helps you fall asleep easily. It also adapts to your body shape so it’s very comfortable regardless of a sleeping pose.

The open-cell construction provides good airflow so you will not sweat while sleeping. Also, it’s firm and thick enough for people who weigh more than 230 pounds.

What users like about Bear Original

Reviewers are appreciated the comfort and support of Bear Original. They wake up feeling great and refreshed and it does not depend on their sleeping style. The 4 layers provide needed airflow and remove body heat.

The Original Bear mattress is a great fit for people who want to buy eco-friendly and cost-effective mattresses.

Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam Mattress

Environmentally-friendly Nano Stain Terminator finish guards against repellent spills and permanent stains. This mattress has variable depth top layers of quality gel swirl memory foam, which will give you a more responsive sleep experience with added cooling. High-density base foam is customizable so that it lasts for the life of your mattress while still being comfortable enough to meet your needs.

Who is it for

Brooklyn Chill will be good for those who want to get the cool effect of a mattress and low their sweating.

You can get Brooklyn Chill in many types of thicknesses. So 6 and 8 inches thick will be perfect for children to 12 years and people who weigh less than 100 pounds. 10 pounds suits to back and stomach sleepers, 12 to side, and combined sleepers. And 14 pounds will be good for people who weigh more than 230 pounds.

Brooklyn Chill is perfect for ottoman beds because it’s lightweight. But it’s still thick enough to provide back support.

What users like about Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam Mattress

Open-cell technology provides breathability and great airflow. It helps feel cooler while sleeping. Users also appreciate exceptional pressure point relief in the Brooklyn Chill mattress.

Quantitive measurements of Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam Mattress

It comes with a 10-year guarantee and 120 days trial period.

The model is available in different thicknesses: 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches. There are also many sizes for any bed.


  • 120 days trial mode
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Environmental-Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Cool effect


Since it is made from foam, it can smell unpleasant for a few days after delivery. But it passes in 2 days on average.

Emma Original Mattress

The Emma Original is a great mattress for anyone looking for an ultra-comfortable night’s sleep no matter what your body type. They created the perfect foundation that offers the right amount of cushion and support. Thick layers of German-engineered foam that’s surprisingly lightweight but unbelievably strong to offer you comfort. Emma Original is designed to extend to all different shapes and sizes so the sleeper stays perfectly supported throughout the night.

Who is it for?

It’s great if you like to switch positions at night as no matter how much you move around, Emma Original will offer total comfort and support at night. It’s very suitable for those who share a bed with their partner.

The thickness of any size is 10 inches so it’s perfect for back and stomach sleepers.

What users like about Emma Original Mattress

People who like a medium level of firmness appreciated this mattress. It’s very comfortable to switch sleep positions on it. Reviewers also like it supports air circulation and regulates sleep climate. 

Quantitive measurements of Emma Original Mattress

It has a 10-year guarantee. The thickness of any size is 10 inches. The washable top layer is made from 99% polyester and 1% elastane. The slide layer is 100% polyester and the other layers are 87% polyester and 13% polypropylene.

The mattress has already been bought by 2 million customers from 26 countries.


  • Free delivery and easy return
  • German-engineered foam
  • 2 million customers
  • Washable top layer


The weight of Emma Original is 40-70 pounds (depends on the mattress size). It’s can be too heavy for some people with ottoman beds.

The Keetsa Cloud Mattress

The Keetsa Cloud is a firm coil-free mattress made from BioFoam. At 2.5 inches thick, this luxurious foam provides maximum support and bounces back easily for optimal comfort. Boasting high-density memory foam, your bed will not sag from body weight or from a distance from a couple of rollers that may disturb the rest of the bedroom occupants at night.

Who is it for

The Keetsa Cloud is designed especially for back and stomach sleepers with 2,5 inches of supportive BioFoam.

What users like about Keetsa Cloud

This mattress is very transportable. It comes folded in a box that doesn’t take up much space. Also, it removes back pain and provides support to it.

Quantitive measurements of Keetsa Cloud

It has a 12-year warranty and free shipping to 48 states. The mattress is available in 5 sizes.

Keetsa Cloud has 4 layers: Cotton Canvas Cover, Fire Barrier, BioFoam, and The Core.


  • 12-year warranty
  • Easy return
  • Easy to transport


It’s not very comfortable for side sleepers and large people. Also, it may be too expensive for someone, especially if you need a big-size mattress.

Aslan GEL Memory Foam Mattress (Medium Plush)

The Aslan Medium Plush is 100% Made in the USA with only CertiPUR-US certified foam and tested against harmful chemicals. It comes with 365 Night risk-free trial and Infinite Warranty. This mattress will accommodate all sleep positions – back, side, or stomach so you can find your perfect sleep position! It features 13 inches of premium materials that cradle your body to help relieve pressure and provide the ultimate support for any sleeping needs.

Who is it for

It will be a great mattress for combined sleepers who like to move while sleeping. Also, Aslan Medium Plush has a good thickness for large and tall people.

What users like about Aslan Medium Plush

People who like thick and soft mattresses really appreciate Aslan Medium Plush. Although soft, these materials don’t wear out easily and their lifespan is more than 10 years.

The top layer is made with cooling memory foam which lowers body heat. Also, Aslan has no smelling after delivery.

Quantitive measurements of Aslan Medium Plush

This mattress has a 365 Nights risk-free trial. It has 13 inches thick and weighs a limit of up to 400 pounds.


  • 365 Night free trial
  • No smelling
  • Breathable comfort layer


It’s not the perfect mattress for people with regular back pain and people who always sleep on their back or stomach.


Is a thick mattress better than a thinner one?

Thickness depends on sleeping posture, weight, and other factors. Adults should choose at least a 9-inch thick mattress.

Yes, you can use it but you won’t be able to join the two sides of the mattress together. That means that the sides will be lifted by themselves, not together like in the classic mattresses.

How to choose a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are a good choice for people who want more cushioning or support. You should choose one that is firm enough but not too hard, and it’s better if the top layer includes memory foam. The perfect thickness is 1-2 inches.

How to make an ottoman bed frame more comfortable and supportive?

You can make your ottoman bed more comfortable by purchasing a good-quality mattress. You should also consider an ottoman with big storage space because it’s beneficial for storing pillows, blankets, etc.

Best natural fillings for mattresses?

A foam mattress will be perfect for an ottoman bed. Any foam will be good but the most natural and eco-friendly is memory foam.

Is a latex mattress a good choice for ottomans?

Not only latex is a 100% natural material but it also is easy to lift. In contrast, a sprung mattress weighs about 30% more and it will make your ottoman’s storage more difficult to access.

Why you should trust us?

The article was approved by an orthopaedist, certified sleep consultant, and chiropractor. The top 5 mattresses passed a special test for their durability, quality, and comfort and were tested by experts.

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The ottoman bed needs a mattress that will provide a comfortable sleep and support your spine. These are 5 mattresses that meet all quality criteria of the most comfortable beds for compact apartments. The mattress should be selected individually for each person. I hope this buyer’s guide will help you choose the best one!

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