Best Mattress For Trundle Bed [10 Smart Picks] – June 2022

Medically Reviewed:

Please, pay attention that this article was medically reviewed by orthopaedist, Scott Jusaphi, MD.

Medical experts cited:

  • Scott Jusaphi, MD, Orthopaedist
  • Cara Walker, Certified sleep consultant

If you are looking for the best mattress for a trundle bed, then this article is right for what you need. Here I will tell you all about the best mattresses that are currently on the market. This list of best mattresses includes different types of models and prices so there’s something for everyone. All these best mattresses have been tested by me personally so I can guarantee you their quality!

Do you need a special mattress for a trundle bed?

What type of mattress is best for a trundle bed? As a rule, trundle beds come without a mattress. The trundle bed is compatible with any type of mattress, be it latex, hybrid, memory foam, spring and so on. This is one of the main advantages of a trundle bed. 

Some trundle bed models come with a mattress, but it may not be of the best quality or fit your needs. Then you can easily replace it and buy the right one for you or your guests. 

How I conducted the research

I spent 60 hours conducting this research to pick the best models. I looked at 45 different models and narrowed them down to 8. I consulted with an orthopaedist and certified sleep consultant to add an expert opinion on the subject.

What is a trundle mattress?

It is one that will provide support for the body while also being gentle to the spine. This requires certain firmness and sufficient space between sleepers, which can be achieved by putting an additional memory foam or latex layer on top of the existing one.

Types Of Mattresses For Trundle Beds

When looking for the best models, there are many things to consider. There are different types of mattresses on the market and each serves a specific purpose.

In order to choose the right option for you, you need to learn about the types of material. I invite you to consider them.

Polyurethane Foam

Mattress from polyurethane foam is one of the best solutions for trundle beds. It is very light and provides the best support to the body parts which should not sink too much into it (should be medium-firm).

These mattresses are most often chosen to be bought for children’s rooms. They are ideal for quality sleep for your children. In terms of price, these mattresses are cheaper than spring mattresses that are often used for children’s beds. They also follow the contours of your body so you’ll feel most comfortable and drift into a deep sleep. Another advantage of a polyurethane foam mattress is that it is easy to clean. You will not have to spend a lot of time and effort on this process. You can place such a mattress on the bed without additional support.  

Great priceExposure to sunlight can adversely affect the structure of the filler material
High comfort
Easy to clean
Good body support

I asked an expert opinion. I consulted certified sleep consultant Cara Walker. Here is what she said:

“Due to the fact that polyurethane foam mattresses have good elasticity, the product supports your body perfectly during sleep. This, in turn, ensures a comfortable and sound sleep. After sleeping, you will feel well rested and your mood will be great.”

Latex Foam

Latex foam mattresses have high firmness. Some models have a layer of latex foam with an increased density and additional materials such as wool or cotton. These mattresses are characterized by air circulation through them is very good, so they allow you to sleep cool all night long. It’s a great option for people who sweat in their sleep.

These mattresses are made from natural materials. They are suitable for people with allergies as they are hypoallergenic. They do not have any odour and are very durable.

Natural materialHigh price
It keeps you cool
High degree of durability
Wear resistance

I consulted with an orthopaedist, Scott Jusaphi, MD. Here’s what he said:

“I am often approached by patients who suffer from high sweating during sleep. I always advise them to pay attention to the mattress they sleep on. They usually sleep on mattresses made of artificial material. I advise them to look at natural mattresses because they provide good air permeability. They also have excellent orthopaedic properties.”

Gel Memory Foam

A gel memory foam mattress is an excellent choice. The best thing about it is that you will not get too hot while sleeping. The gel memory foam mattress has impressive cooling properties, which differ from the conventional one to a great extent. You will not wake up in the morning all sweaty and tired. The gel memory foam mattress has a dual-layer design. It means that you can use both layers – one for sleeping and another as additional support during the day.

Another advantage of these mattresses is that you won’t toss and turn in your sleep. gel memory foam distributes the weight of your body evenly. This way you won’t feel any discomfort and you won’t wake up with back, neck or hip pain. The mattress will not put pressure on parts of your body. 

HypoallergenicNot recommended for children
Air circulation
It improves blood circulation
Great durability

Let’s find out what certified sleep consultant Cara Walker says about this type of mattress:

“I think it is the best choice for people who suffer from back pain or pain in other parts of the body. The fact is that gel memory foam mattresses follow the contour of the human body. This is why you will feel a pleasant sensation while sleeping. I have seen many cases where people have been relieved of their back pain by sleeping on this mattress.”


Innerspring mattresses can be chosen by those who do not want to spend a lot of money on their new bed. In this case, the best choice would be mattresses made from steel coils that provide good support and durability.

Innerspring mattresses provide good support for the back. However, it is best to choose traditional innerspring mattress that has smaller coils so they don’t poke through the mattress and hurt you while sleeping.

You can use the mattress for therapeutic purposesAfter about 6 years of use, the mattress begins to collect dust
Uniform load distribution
The service life of at least 10 years
It does not emit a sound when you change your sleeping position

What does orthopaedist, Scott Jusaphi, MD. say?

“The main advantage of these mattraesses is their orthopaedic effect. It is, therefore, a good choice for those with back and neck tension and pain.” 


A hybrid mattress combines the best features of both the memory foam and innerspring mattress. It can be really great for people who are looking for a bit of both worlds. Because the best hybrid mattress has a memory foam comfort layer, it makes for an extremely comfortable sleeping surface while also being able to maintain support all night long. Three main components of a mattress are the comfort layer, the support layer and the foundation layer. Memory foam can serve as one of these three foam layers.

Hybrid mattresses are very popular because they have all the advantages of an innerspring mattress and memory foam ones. But you should know that they are very expensive, just because of their popularity. You can buy a good quality spring mattress for less than $500 while a hybrid mattress goes from $1000.

Hybrid mattresses are suitable for people who want to achieve comfort and support at the same time. 

The air circulates freely, keeping you cool during sleepExpensive
Foam layers reduce pressure

I asked the certified sleep consultant Cara Walker what she thought about hybrid mattresses. And here’s what she said: 

“A good quality hybrid mattress is the best choice, as it provides the best of both worlds: motion isolation and support.” I always recommend people with back problems use hybrid mattresses. In all the time I’ve been helping people solve their sleep problems, I’ve come to the conclusion that hybrid mattresses are best for people who suffer from back pain or have problems while sleeping but still want to have some flexibility when changing their sleeping positions during sleep.”

Benefits of a mattress for trundle bed

The trundle bed is not the most comfortable bed of all. Therefore, it is worth thinking about buying a quality mattress so that your guests can get a good night’s sleep and feel awake. The mattress offers many advantages:

Spinal alignment

The mattress will support every part of your body. Your spine will be properly supported and in the right position. If your spine is in the wrong position for a long time while you sleep, it can lead to various chronic pains. You will experience discomfort. 

Prevent pain

Most people experience back, neck, and shoulder pain while sleeping. This is due to an improperly fitted mattress. A good mattress will reduce pressure on all points of your body and thus, over time, you can get rid of the pain that has been bothering you. 

Stop snoring

The best trundle bed mattresses will help you get rid of snoring. Your head and neck will be supported and thereby your throat will not be compressed and snoring will not occur. 

You will no longer toss and turn in your sleep

Many people toss and turn in their sleep. The best trundle bed mattress for adult of good quality and the right stiffness will absorb the waves of your movements and so you will not disturb anyone.

Stress reduction

If you sleep on a high quality trundle bed mattress, your sleep will be complete. And as you know, good sleep reduces stress levels. 

Reduced allergy symptoms

Dust mites are a frequent cause of allergies. There are many suitable hypoallergenic mattresses for trundle beds. 

Downsides of a mattress for trundle bed

The trundle mattress has several disadvantages. First is the difficulty of finding a good mattress. Many manufacturers make mattresses from low-quality materials, which leads to a decrease in the service life of the mattress. However, if you carefully study the composition of the models, you will find a good mattress. I have tested a large number of mattresses and selected the best ones so that you do not waste your time on a long search. 

The second disadvantage for some users may be the price. A high quality mattress can be quite expensive. However, you can always find a good product in different price segments. In my review, I have covered both the expensive models and the more budget-friendly ones.

Buying Guide for the Best Mattresses for Trundle Beds

There is a wide range of mattresses on the market for a trundle bed, but not all of them will best suit your needs. Here are some important things to consider before buying a mattress:


What size mattress for trundle bed? The size is an extremely important factor that you have to carefully compare because if it’s too small or too big, it can affect the comfort while sleeping. The model should be at least 20 inches wider and longer than the size of your trundle.


Mattress thickness varies from one model to another, so you have to choose the best option for your needs. The most popular thickness is at least 12 inches. I don’t advise to choose thinner mattress.


The next point you should pay attention to when choosing a trundle mattress is durability. You should carefully select the best materials that will ensure comfort and quality for a long time.

The durability of a mattress depends on the material. Depending on the material, a mattress may last longer or shorter. For example, latex is a more durable material than polyurethane foam. The durability also depends on how you take care of your mattress. If you clean it regularly and do not jump on it, it will last longer. 

Pressure Relief

People who suffer from joint or muscle pain should pay particular attention to this point. The mattress should follow the contours of your body to relieve pressure at your pain points. The mattress should keep your spine straight during sleep. If the material is very rigid, you will not experience proper relaxation. This is why it is important to choose a mattress made of softer materials.

Comfort Level

It’s not only about size and thickness that matter when it comes to the comfort level of the mattress. You should also think about firmness or softness because this factor determines if you feel comfortable or not during your sleep. The best model should be neither too soft nor too hard, but somewhere in the middle. This is when you will achieve a proper comfort level that allows you to relax and fall asleep quickly.


This is a less important factor when choosing a mattress. If you don’t intend to constantly drag your mattress from one place to another, you can ignore it altogether. However, if you are planning to move the mattress around the flat, you should also consider this factor. You should choose a mattress with a low weight.


The guarantee is an important point to consider when buying a mattress. The brands offers a ten-year warranty. It goes without saying that the longer it is, the better.

In addition, most companies offer a trial period for the mattress. This can last from 30 to 120 days. During this period, you will be able to determine whether the mattress is suitable for you and to identify any defects, if any.


Most trundle beds don’t have to be the most expensive one. It is a matter of offering good value for money, as well as meeting your own preferences and needs. The price of the best mattress for a trundle bed varies depending on several factors: size, material, brand and additional features. On the market, you can find budget mattress.

What does the height of a mattress affect?

The level of comfort 

It is especially noticeable on spring mattresses. If the manufacturer has spared on the layers of the filler, then even a person with a small weight will feel the springs while resting. The thickness of the layer with fillers should be several centimeters.

Orthopedic properties 

A low mattress will not be able to provide such a position of the body of an adult, which will preserve the anatomically correct curvature of the spine. Unscrupulous manufacturers can lay in a mattress non-standard low spring block. Regular sleeping on such mattresses can have adverse effects on health. It should be noted that too high a mattress also does not have good orthopedic properties.

The load on the bed 

A thin and soft mattress will instantly sag under the weight of the person, and he will feel the stiffness of the bed base. 


A mattress that is too low will last much less than a standard-height mattress. The life of a mattress also depends on the materials used. 

Twin XL mattress for trundle bed 

Twin XL mattress for trundle beds is ideal for families with children. Children are constantly growing and therefore it may be necessary to change the bed. In order not to buy a new bed, you can buy this type of mattress. In addition, this mattress is much longer than the standard, and this in turn provides more comfort during sleep. 

Twin XL mattress is also a great choice for couples. You will be able to sleep together with your partner on a trundle bed. Twin XL mattress is 39 inches wide and 80 inches in length. These mattresses tend to be more expensive than standard mattresses. But you can find budget options that range in price from $100 to $200. But there are also models on the market that cost $1,000 or more. Twin XL mattresses are made of innerspring, latex, foam as well as gel. They provide cooling properties, suitable for people with allergies. In terms of thickness, you can find models from 6 to 12 or more inches thick. These mattresses offer firm, ultra plush support.

Trundle bed with a twin XL mattress is an ideal choice for tall people. In addition, they will fit perfectly in a room with limited space and can also be used in dormitories. 

The layers of the mattress

All mattresses have 2 layers which are the comfort or top layer and the base or bottom layer. The best mattress for a trundle bed is one whose layers can be adjusted to suit your needs best. Let’s take a closer look at each layer.

Comfort layers

These are the top layers of your mattress. You feel maximum comfort and relaxation thanks to this layer. These layers can be made of different materials. The manufacturer can use natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Natural fibers include wool. As for the synthetic fibers they can be polyester, memory foam. It is very important to know what is included in your mattress. Because the more padding, the more comfortable you will sleep.

The mattress can be uncomfortable and seem flat if there are too few layers. When choosing a mattress, pay attention to the number of layers, their depth and material. It is the comfort layers that support your body and provide relaxation during sleep.

Base Layers

The base layer may consist of spirals or springs. Their number and diameter vary based on their function. The layers of spirals are meant to provide a firm base, while the layers of springs provide good support. On the market, you can find models where spirals and springs are mixed together. But also some manufacturers separate them into two layers.

For those looking to buy a brand new mattress, the layers of a mattress are an important feature to consider as the layers will affect how comfortable you feel on your bed and how long it will last. 

Types of Mattress Comfort Layer

As I said, Comfort Layers can be divided into two categories: natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

Synthetic fibers are usually used in budget models. But don’t expect anything more than basic comfort from this material. Synthetic fibers are less durable and retain heat. So if you sweat in your sleep, I would not recommend choosing mattresses with synthetic fibers. 

Examples of synthetic fibers are memory foam, polyester, gel foams, solotex, white fibre.

Natural fibers have a longer lifespan and provide the most comfort. They have excellent breathability, but their prices are higher compared to synthetic fibers. 

Examples of natural fibers: wool, alpaca, cashmere, cotton, horsetail.

Sleeping Position

When choosing a mattress, it is also important to consider your sleeping position. Sleep position affects sleep quality and sleeping environment: sleeping the wrong way, sleeping on a mismatched mattress can lead to back pain, allergies, respiratory problems or even snoring. Let’s look at the different sleeping positions and decide which mattress to choose according to this factor.

Back Sleepers

In fact, there are not many people who prefer to sleep on their backs. But if you do sleep on your back most of the time, I advise you to choose a firm mattress. This mattress will keep your spine in the right position. If your mattress is soft, you will experience discomfort because your spine will sink too much into the mattress. The ideal choice for you is a spring mattress with a firm or medium firmness. 

Side sleepers

Sleeping on your right side and sleeping on your left side are the most common sleeping positions. Many people sleep in this position without even realizing it. This sleeping position lessens back pain and eases snoring. 

If you prefer to sleep on your side, I advise you to pay attention to spring mattresses. Their stiffness should be medium. You can also consider soft mattresses. Spring mattresses also have comfort layers that provide the support you need. If you sleep on a hard mattress, you will begin to have hip pain. Such a mattress will put too much pressure on them. I also advise you to avoid adjustable mattresses. This is because they will only put a lot of pressure on one part of your body. This can cause pain in your neck, shoulders as well as your hips and knees. 

Stomach sleepers

Top back view portrait of sleepy woman lying on stomach wearing pants singlet tired after hard day

The advantages of sleeping on the stomach are sleeping comfort, sleeping safety and sleeping health. Sleeping on the stomach is known to result in many benefits for sleeping posture, sleeping habits or sleeping postures. The main advantage of sleeping on the stomach is sleeping comfort. Sleeping on your stomach means that you can sleep relaxed with your body weight evenly distributed over a larger surface area. If you snore, sleeping on your stomach can help you minimize it.

The disadvantages of sleeping on the stomach are that it is not advisable for people with heart problems because sleeping on the stomach usually causes an increase in blood pressure. It also places a lot of stress on the neck and back, which might lead to injury over time since sleeping on the stomach puts pressure on these parts of the body.

If you are one of those who sleep on your stomach, don’t forget to choose the right mattress. I recommend that you sleep on a spring mattress. Here it is important to choose the right degree of firmness. For those who sleep on their stomach, the best option is a firmer surface.

Combination Sleepers

If you often toss and turn in your sleep and change your sleeping position, it is recommended to choose a mattress that can adapt to different positions. You can consider an adjustable mattress as an option. It is able to adjust to the height of your head and neck in any position you are in. And you will feel comfortable. 

I consulted with certified sleep consultant Cara Walker and this is what she told me:

“If a person frequently changes sleeping posture, then the best solution for him would be a mattress of memory foam because it molds around the sleeping positions of people sleeping on it. The mattress is very soft and supple, which allows sleeping in all sleeping positions, yet it doesn’t sag when bearing the weight of the body. The mattress that has no memory foam is known to provide an uneven level of support to different sleeping positions throughout.”

Health implications

To be healthy, it is necessary to pay important attention to the quality of sleep. The best mattress for a trundle bed should be able to keep the spine in line and help reduce snoring.

The best trundle mattress must be comfortable and keep the user free of pain. During sleep, the best mattress for a trundle bed should not only provide support to the body but also be gentle to the spine. If the mattress does not provide adequate support, it can cause bad posture and pain in the neck, shoulders or back.

The best mattress for a trundle bed must be comfortable even when the sleeper tosses and turns frequently through the night. Also, a good mattress should provide proper support to the spine from head to toe while also being gentle on pressure points such as hips, knees and ankles. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the selection of trundle bed mattresses. The mattress must be of high quality.

Best Trundle Bed Mattress Cover

Do not neglect the choice of cover. Since the mattress will not be used very often, this is especially important. If the trundle bed is in a guest room and is not used often, various smells, as well as dust, may gradually accumulate in the room. It is therefore important to protect the mattress from this with a cover.

How and When to Replace Your Mattress?

If you bought a mattress and found any defects, you can return it under warranty. As a rule, most manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty. Some manufacturers offer a warranty for a longer period. But you should always study the warranty conditions carefully. Some manufacturers may void the warranty for some reason. For example, if you want to return a mattress because of a stain and you haven’t used the mattress cover, the manufacturer may void the warranty. 

When should you replace your mattress? If you’ve been sleeping on a mattress for years and have begun to experience discomfort and pain, it’s time to get a new mattress. 

5 Easy steps to unboxing your mattress

Step 1

Place the box out on a flat surface and slide the rolled-up mattress out of the box.

Step 2

Place the rolled-up mattress at the end of the main bed frame and cut the outer bag.

Step 3

Unrolled the compressed mattress onto the trundle bed frame.

Step 4

Carefully cut the second plastic wrap.

Step 5

Let it take shape for 48h and get ready to sleep like never before.

What Is A Trundle Bed?

A trundle bed or also known as the rollaway bed is a low bed that can be pulled out from under the main one so you have an additional sleeping place. A trundle can be even used as a sofa during the day to sit, watch TV and relax there. However trundle beds don’t work for stomach sleepers.

The trundle bed is in most flats and houses and is very useful. Imagine you have a lot of friends coming to visit and they need a place to sleep – the best solution would be trundle beds!

What is a trundle bed used for? A trundle bed is a bed that is typically placed in a child’s bedroom or playroom. It is typically used as an extra bed for sleepovers or for when guests come to visit. A trundle bed can also be used as a daybed, which is perfect for lounging and taking naps.

How Do Trundle Beds Work?

Trundle beds can be suitable for any type of mattress and they consist of two main parts: the bed itself which is placed under another one, and there’s a rollaway part – it can be pulled out from underneath for an additional sleeping place. The best trundle beds are very easy to use as you just need to pull them out or put them back in with no effort at all! Trundle bed work as an extra bed.

When do people use them?

A trundle bed is used for people who don’t have a guest room and need to provide overnight accommodation for friends, relatives or simply guests. Another advantage of a trundle bed is that it can be used as an additional storage space. A trundle bed has a dual function: you sleep on it during the night and store things in your trundle during the day when not needed.

People often use trundle beds because they don’t have a guest room, or their guests need to be closer to the bathroom at night. Or maybe you just want an extra bed if your kids’ friends sleep over. 

  • The trundle bed is the best solution for studio apartments and small bedrooms
  • You can put the trundle bed in children’s bedrooms  

Are they suitable for long-term use?

As a rule trundle beds are not used for long-term usage. They are not strong enough compared to classic beds so I would not recommend using them as the main bed.

If you have a permanent guest it is best to buy an additional bed or another piece of bedroom furniture, so that your guests can be comfortable when they come over. This way the trundle bed will serve as a spare place for occasional visitors and in case of need at night.

What Are the Types of Trundle Beds?

You can find different variations of trundle beds on the market. They come in different designs:

Trundle Drawer: In this variation, the trundle bed fits in a built-in compartment. That way you can easily pull the bed out or slide it back in. A trundle drawer is a bed that can be folded into a chest-like sleeping space. It is usually underneath the main sleeping area of a bed or can also be used as a sofa. A trundle bed with drawers is very practical for sleeping. For sleeping, one must lie flat and sleeping on a sofa is many times not possible to accommodate this sleeping position. Also sleeping directly on the floor has not been very comfortable and sleeping in sleeping bags and sleeping mats can be difficult for some people. The trundle drawer is able to accommodate more sleeping space than the traditional sofa bed. It is also much easier to install and doesn’t cost as much. The room is not that big but being able to use the trundle drawer for sleeping will make your life so much easier. Trundle with drawers is the most popular choice for trundles, due to ease of use and added benefit of storage. Having a trundle bed with drawers is like having two beds in one, plus added storage. It’s the perfect choice for space saving and flexibility of trundle beds!

Trundle Daybed: The trundle is located under the daybed. The daybed is usually enclosed on three sides. Trundle daybed is a bed that does more than just sleep. It’s a daybed that can be used as a bed if necessary but while not in use it functions as a stylish sofa and storage for your home. It is suitable for sleeping, sleeping sideways or sleeping vertically depending on the side you choose to be up when sleeping. It has plenty of sleeping space for at least one person sleeping without any problem, but if two people are sleeping they might touch each other if sleeping vertically with the sleeping head towards the daybed’s foot. Trundle daybed is suitable for your kids or teenagers who are still in school or college. It gives them easier access to the trundle bed underneath while keeping their study room tidier and clean. This trundle bed is also popular with people who work from home, where they can use this trundle daybed as a sofa during the daytime then easily pull it out with trundle bedding to serve as a trundle bed. They can be used as guest beds. You can place it in guest bedrooms.

Trundle Bunk Bed: Trundle bunk bed is a combination of two or three beds that are stacked on top of each other. One bed is directly above the other with space for storing a trundle mattress below. There are different styles of trundle bunk beds, but most models have a ladder or steps to climb to access the trundle underneath. This design allows you to get a trundle under the bed when it is not required. It can be used as regular bed.

Benefits and downsides of trundle beds

The most important advantage of trundle beds is the economy of space. Such a bed is ideal for small apartments. 

The main disadvantage of this bed is its rugged construction. The trundle bed is not suitable for everyday use and is not suitable for overweight people.

The bed does not take up much spaceComplex assembly
Easy to pull out and slide inIt is necessary to buy a mattress for this bed
This ensures two beds in oneNot a sturdy construction

Alternative beds for guests

Trundle beds are suitable for those who want their visitors to be comfortable when they come over for a visit. However, if you want to consider alternatives, I recommend options such as a futon, camping bed, or air mattresses.

The following are some of the most useful guides on this topic:

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Green Tea mattress is a memory foam mattress that is perfect for trundle beds. I tested this mattress for several nights and I was delighted. That’s why I put it in the top position. I felt a nice relaxation in my back, neck and hips and for the first time, I got enough sleep on a trundle bed.

Zinus is the best for a trundle bed! CertiPUR-US® certified foam is safe without harmful chemicals. This mattress is made with natural green tea extract to help keep you fresh all night long, and the pressure relieving comfort foam ensures a good night’s sleep. Plus, this mattress is low maintenance – you won’t have to worry about dealing with any pesky allergens or dust mites. The mattress is easy to care for – simply remove the cover and machine wash it when needed. I can recommend this mattress to all those who want a quality product at an affordable price.

Here is what orthopaedist says about Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

“Without a quality mattress, sleeping on a trundle bed is almost impossible. You will experience discomfort and pain in your back, neck and hips. It provides good support and quality sleep. It has three layers of memory foam that provide excellent support for the entire body. The memory foam is infused with castor seed oil and green tea extract. This removes the foam from its characteristic odor. These characteristics give me the right to call this mattress one of the best for trundle beds.”

Here is how I tested Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

  • Low maintenance
  • All-natural green tea extract
  • 10-year warranty

Here are the quantitative measurements of Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

  1. Thickness: 6″
  2. 3 layers
  3. Core Composition: 1in Green Tea Memory Foam + 1in Z:Comfort Foam + 4in Z: Base Foam
  4. 10-year warranty
  5. 100-night trial
  6. Fabric: Poly Jacquard

What sets Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress apart from the competitors:

Zinus green tea mattress is the most comfortable to use with trundle beds. This is because the base foam does not put pressure on your body. You will not wake up with body aches and pains. You or your guests will always wake up with a good night’s sleep thanks to the fact that the mattress contains a mixture of tea extract and active charcoal. This ensures freshness, which is very important for a good sleep. I have not seen this feature in other mattresses. This zinus green tea mattress is great for people with allergies and asthma because it does not contain different chemicals that can affect your health in a negative way. This model has a good price for its high quality.  


  • Easy to set up
  • Natural green tea oil
  • Affordable price
  • Breathable
  • It controls body temperature


  • It can be too firm for overweight people

How Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress has evolved from previous models:

I contacted Zinus support to find out if the model of this mattress has been improved in any way. They said that they did not change the materials of the memory foam mattress but they upgraded the cover of the mattress.

How does it feel to use Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress beyond the manufacturer’s info?

This model is designed to reduce pressure points. So if you suffer from back pain or other body parts you will be surprised how comfortable this mattress will be for you. Over time, your pains will diminish or disappear altogether by sleeping on a high-quality mattress. Many customers who suffered from insomnia, were able to get rid of this ailment thanks to the mattress Zinus. Many users have also stopped sweating during sleep thanks to the breathability of the product.

What users like about Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress:

  • Very soft and cozy (350 votes)
  • High-quality materials (310 votes)
  • Fresh Smell (250votes)
  • Cooling features (234 votes)
  • Great price (213 votes)
  • Pressure relieving foam

The natural Bliss Latex Mattress

The natural Bliss Latex Mattress is the organic mattress you are looking for. Hypoallergenic, made with your health in mind and safety for you and our environment. The materials are all natural and safe for you to sleep on without the fear of allergies or chemicals. This beauty is made entirely of organic materials, including a cotton cover and 100% Talalay latex comfort layer. Plus, it features Fiberglass-Free Eco Fire Barrier™ to keep you safe and healthy. And if you’re not sure it’s right for you, don’t worry – the company offers a 100-night trial so you can be sure. 

Who is a target audience of the natural Bliss Latex Mattress?

This mattress is designed for those who want to get all the best qualities from the product. It is safe to use the mattress as it is made of 100% natural latex, which contains no synthetics or chemicals. 

This model is also designed for those who are tired of constant pain in the back and other parts of the body. Thanks to the fact that each layer of the mattress is adjusted to a different degree of firmness, you get the necessary level of comfort. The mattress reduces pressure and increases the degree of support.

What users like about the natural Bliss Latex Mattress:

  • Safe and natural materials
  • The mattress is suitable for people with allergies thanks to its hypoallergenic qualities
  • A cotton breathable mattress cover 
  • They can sleep comfortably

Quantitative measurements of the natural Bliss Latex Mattress:

  1. 25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  2. 100-night sleep trial
  3. Free shipping
  4. The model is available in different thicknesses: 6, 8 and 10 inches
  5. It has many sizes for any bed
  6. It has different firmness options


  • Eco-friendly
  • It keeps you sleeping cool and dry
  • Wool-free 
  • Animal-free
  • It is good for people with trouble sleeping


  •  This product is very expensive, but it’s worth the money

Linenspa 8 Hybrid Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that is both comfortable and affordable, look at the Linenspa 8 Hybrid Mattress. This mattress features a medium-firm feel, which makes it perfect for those who need support but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. The conforming memory foam helps to relieve pressure points, while the coils provide bounce and ensure that you never feel stuck in one spot. Plus, this hybrid mattress is designed to work with any base, making it an ideal choice for any bed.

Who is a target audience of Linenspa 8 Hybrid Mattress?

Linenspa is suitable for people who have back or neck problems. It is a great option for people on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice comfort for the price points. This mattress is suitable for the kid and teen beds, guest rooms so it is ideal for use with trundle beds. Linenspa mattress works best on any base. However, it is best suited for adjustable bases since you can control the height of your sleep surface to be at a level that suits your needs perfectly.

What users like about Linenspa 8 Hybrid Mattress:

  • Best price mattress
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam 
  • High comfort level
  • Durable innerspring base
  • Cozy cover

Quantitative measurements of Linenspa 8 Hybrid Mattress:

  1. 10 year warranty
  2. Free shipping
  3. Free returns
  4. Feel: med-firm
  5. Materials: 53% Polyester Fiber; 39% Polyurethane Foam; 6% Rayon Fiber; 2% Polypropylene Fiber
  6. Construction: 0.5″ Quilted Memory Foam Layer; 1.5″ Comfort Foam Layer; 6″ Durable Steel Spring Base
  7. CertiPUR-US® Certified


  • Best price mattress
  • It works with any base
  • It provides excellent support


  • This mattress is not the best choice for those who sleep on their stomach

Zinus 6-inch Spring Mattress

Sleeping can be hard sometimes. The best we can do is try to make things a little bit easier with Zinus 6-inch Spring Mattress! With its state of the art spring system and castor seed oil, your sleep will always be comfortable and easy on this one-of-a-kind quality mattress. This is not a super soft mattress, but thanks to the high density foam, the springs will not pierce your back and you will feel comfortable while sleeping. In this mattress, the 1-inch top layer is divided into two sub-layers such as a thin half-inch layer of comfort foam and a half-inch layer of high-density foam. Most mattresses pick up odor and bacteria like a sponge. That won’t happen with this mattress. That’s because the manufacturer infuses castor seed oil into the foam to naturally retard odors and prevent mould growth. And that means you can feel good about the refreshing sleep you’re getting without worrying about post-purchase repercussions!

Who is a target audience of Zinus 6-inch Spring Mattress?

This model is suitable for those people who prefer firm support. I also recommend this mattress for people who frequently sweat in their sleep. This model provides excellent heat regulation so you will feel great while sleeping. If you don’t want to buy an expensive mattress but want the best quality, then the Zinus Spring Mattress is what you need.

What users like about Zinus 6-inch Spring Mattress:

  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy spring base
  • Fiber quilted cover
  • Protection against odors and bacteria
  • High-quality foam

Quantitative measurements of Zinus 6-inch Spring Mattress:

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Thickness: 6-inch
  • 5″ Innerspring support system
  • Micro-fiber quilted fabric
  • 0,5″ Comfort Foam
  • 0,5″ High-density Foam
  • Knitted Jacquard Cover


  • Price
  • Enhanced durability
  • Cozy microfiber-quilted jacquard cover
  • Ample support 


  • The mattress fails with the isolation of movement. However, if you plan to sleep alone, this is not a problem

eLuxurySupply 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

There are few things more important than a good night’s sleep, and with this mattress, that’s what you’ll get. First of all, the foam used in it is CertiPUR-US certified – which means you can rest easy knowing it has no ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants. Further on down this thing, there are three layers of foam to help provide even comfort for your whole body while also helping you stay cool during the warm summer nights ahead and for people who sweat during sleep. With a 120 night trial period, you really have no excuse not to try it out. After all, it’s worth a couple of weeks of your time to see if the bed will stand up over time. Do not worry about ruining this luxury memory foam mattress with stains or smells either – thanks to its anti-slip fabric bottom and zip out the cover! Who knows, maybe everything else is subpar in your life after you give eLuxurySupply 10-inch gel memory foam mattress a try for yourself.

Who is a target audience of eLuxurySupply Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

This mattress is an ideal option for those who are tired of experiencing discomfort and pain in the back or hips while sleeping on a trundle bed. Thanks to the presence of three layers of foam, the mattress has no pressure and thus provides maximum comfort. I also advise paying attention to this mattress for people who want to stop sweating while sleeping. Thanks to a cooling cover you will get rid of this problem!

What users like about eLuxurySupply Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Chemical-free
  • It keeps you cool
  • It supports body

Quantitative measurements of eLuxurySupply Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

  1. Lining: Cotton Rib Fabric
  2. Foam: 3” Gel Infused Memory Foam; 2” Convoluted Foam Layer; 5” High-Defintion Support Foam
  3. 120-night sleep trial
  4. 10-year limited warranty
  5. Free shiping
  6. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified


  • 3 layers of foam
  • A cooling cover
  • Anti-slip fabric


  • Price

Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Looking for a comfortable mattress that’s perfect for side sleepers? Then I recommend you the Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress! This mattress features 3.5 inches of plush gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. The top layer of foam is ventilated and infused with cooling gel, while the dense bamboo charcoal layer ensures a longer lifespan for your mattress. Plus, the transition foam and dense bamboo charcoal provide support and stability, making it ideal for those who like a firm sleeping surface. Plus, the bamboo charcoal layer helps regulate temperature and keep things fresh. The best thing about the Lucid memory foam mattress is that it’s very durable and easy to care for. The best thing you can do for this product, however, is to rotate it once every couple of months so the wear will be even on both sides. That way there won’t be any sagging or unevenness.

Who is a target audience of Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

If you are looking for the perfect mattress for a trundle bed where your guests can sleep, I suggest you look into this model from Lucid. It is a best seller for many reasons, among them being its supportive and comfortable surface as well as the fact that it’s ideal for those who tend to sleep hot or cold.

This mattress is also a great solution for those who prefer to sleep on their side. The best thing about this model is its ability to offer support in every position, whether you are sleeping on your side or stomach. It also has just the right level of firmness for most people’s preferences and it doesn’t cause any back pain. 

What users like about Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Best mattress for trundle bed
  • Supportive and comfortable surface
  • It supports in every sleeping position
  • A cooling effect 

Quantitative measurements of Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

  1. Firmness Rating: 5/5
  2. Thickness: 10″
  3. Featured Material: Gel Memory Foam
  4. Certification: CertiPUR-US
  5. 10 Year Warranty
  6. Free shipping


  • Soft and pressure-relieving 
  • Ventilated gel memory foam top layer 
  • Extra stability
  • It provides full body support


  • It does not have sleep trial period

Signature Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential for our health and well-being, but it can be hard to come by if you don’t have the perfect mattress. That’s where the Signature Sleep Memory Foam – 8″ comes in. This mattress has a soft, knit fabric cover that will keep you comfortable all night long. Plus, the memory foam construction ensures that you won’t disturb your partner when you move around in bed. And if that’s not enough, the isolating qualities of this mattress will make sure that you get a peaceful sleep no matter what else is going on in your bedroom. Plus, the one 2″ layer of Memory Foam on top is perfect for those who want an extra bit of cushioning.

Who is a target audience of Signature Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress?

If you have a trundle bed and are looking for the right mattress for it, then this model is what you need. Thanks to the isolating qualities of the mattress your guests will not feel discomfort while sleeping. Even if someone tosses during sleep, it will not prevent the rest of the guests from getting a good night’s sleep.

If you’re also looking for a mattress that will relieve you of back, hip, and foot pain, the Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is a great choice. Thanks to its memory foam construction, your body weight will be evenly distributed. 

What users like about Signature Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress:

  • The mattress relieves tension in the neck, feet and back area
  • Soft fabric cover
  • This eliminates the transmission of movements

Quantitative measurements of Signature Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress:

  1. 10-year limited warranty
  2. Construction Type: Memory Foam
  3. Item Firmness: Medium
  4. It has 4 layers: Soft breathable cover (1), Peace of mind fire retardant barrier (2), Responsive memory foam(3), High density foam(4).


  • Foam is low in VOC emissions
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • It is made of high-quality materials


  • This mattress may have an unpleasant smell the first couple of days because it is made of foam

Lucid 5 Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Looking for a comfortable and safe place for your child to sleep? Look no further than the Lucid 5 Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress. This mattress is designed specifically for kids, with four inches of dense bamboo charcoal-infused support foam and one inch of plush gel-infused memory foam. It’s also low-profile, making it perfect for use in a trundle bed. The low-profile design makes it easy to get in and out of bed, and at just five inches thick, it won’t take up too much space. Plus, it has hypoallergenic properties to help keep your child’s bedroom healthy and allergen-free. And because it’s hypoallergenic, it’s ideal for children with allergies or asthma. 

Who is a target audience of Lucid 5 Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

If you want your baby to move from a crib to a trundle bed, you need to take care of a quality mattress. Lucid Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress was specially designed for children. This mattress consists of 1 inch of plush gel-infused memory foam that provides the most comfortable sleep for your baby. Your baby will not be cold or hot as the mattress provides a comfortable temperature. This mattress is also an ideal choice for babies as it has hypoallergenic properties.

What users like about Lucid 5 Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Fresh scent thanks to the bamboo charcoal infusion
  • Low-profile design
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Airflow and breathability

Quantitative measurements of Lucid 5 Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

  1. It has 2 layers
  2. 10 year warranty
  3. Free shipping
  4. Firmness Rating: 1/5
  5. Thickness: 5″
  6. Certification: CertiPUR-US


  • Low price
  • This provides excellent support for the child’s body
  • It keeps your child cool


  • The mattress will not be comfortable for use by adults

Milliard 5  inch Memory Foam Mattress Twin 

This Milliard twin mattress is a must-have for anyone who wants a plush, comfortable sleeping surface. The soft, breathable memory foam conforms to your body for superior support and comfort, while the removable cover makes it easy to keep clean. Plus, at just 5 inches thick, this mattress is perfect for smaller spaces. And thanks to its small height, it can even be used on a trundle bed. Milliard Memory Foam Twin Mattress is an excellent choice because it’s very sturdy and has high edge support which means that you won’t feel any dips in between. 

Who is a target audience of Milliard 5  inch Memory Foam Mattress Twin?

This inexpensive twin trundle mattress is suitable for those who like to sleep only on the back or for those who prefer to change their sleeping position during the night.

What users like about Milliard 5  inch Memory Foam Mattress Twin:

  • Memory foam provides excellent support
  • Removable cover that can be washed in a washing machine
  • Good price

Quantitative measurements of Milliard 5  inch Memory Foam Mattress Twin:

  1. Type: Memory Foam
  2. Softness: 4
  3. Sizes: Twin
  4. Layers: Multiple layers of high-density foam
  5. Warranty: not available


  • Soft material
  • Adequate spine support
  • The removable cover


  •  I would not recommend this model side sleepers and stomach sleepers

Milliard Tri Folding Mattress

Milliard Tri Folding Mattress is a perfect addition to any room. It’s made with 4½ inches of medium-firm polyurethane foam and a 1½ inch layer of spongy soft memory foam, providing comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. The removable bamboo cover keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. Plus, the removable bamboo cover is soft and breathable. And when you’re not using it, the mattress easily folds up for storage. You’ll love relaxing on this tri-folding mattress!

Who is a target audience of Milliard Tri Folding Mattress?

This mattress is a great option for use with trundle beds. So if you often have guests staying overnight, they can get a great night’s sleep on this mattress. This is a tri-folding mattress so you can easily fold it up when not in use. 

What users like about Milliard Tri Folding Mattress:

  • Portability
  • Storage efficiency
  • The bamboo cover is machine washable
  • Thick luxe certified foam

Quantitative measurements of Milliard Tri Folding Mattress:

  1. Thickness: 6″ 
  2. 1-year limited warranty
  3. It has 2 layers


  • Breathable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hypoallergenic


  • It can be too firm for some people

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with your old mattress?

Your old mattress you can always use as a floor mattress or on the patio. You can also give it to charity and someone will be happy to get it! You can also get rid of it. You can find many mattress disposal companies on the Internet.

Need accessories for your trundle bed mattress?

You need to buy extra sheets, mattress protectors and a cover.

What is the lifespan of a mattress for trundle beds?

The lifespan of mattresses for trundle beds is the same as that of regular mattresses. You can expect to use it for about ten years or longer, depending on its quality and maintenance.

Is the warranty important when buying a trundle bed mattress?

Yes, it is important to check the warranty before buying a mattress for trundle beds. It should be at least 10 years long and best if it covers all types of damages.

Do You Need A Special Mattress For A Trundle Bed?

Can you use any mattress on trundle bed? You don’t need a special purpose mattress for a trundle bed. Any kind of mattress will do for this purpose, you can use a latex foam or innerspring mattress etc. But it is best to use the same brand and model with your trundle bed so that they fit well together on top of each other when you convert them into bunk beds. But it doesn’t have to be. You can always find a mattress on the market that fits the dimensions of your trundle bed.

What is a Hypoallergenic trundle mattress?

Hypoallergenic mattresses are best suited for people who have allergies. They are made from materials that do not trigger common allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose or itchy eyes and skin rashes.

I advise you to get a hypoallergenic mattress even if you are not allergic. These mattresses will generally stay fresher throughout use compared to mattresses without this feature.

Does a twin mattress fit a trundle?

Yes, it fits a trundle bed. Twin mattresses for trundle beds are easy to find on the market.

What Is the Best Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are designed to keep your spine straight while you sleep, and the mattress offers good cushioning. This mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions so it is suitable for all people. As for the best hybrid mattress, it all depends on your preferences. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material and additional features.

How Much Does a Hybrid Mattress Cost?

If you opt for a hybrid mattress, expect to pay between $450 and $2,700. Hybrid mattresses are some of the most expensive on the market.

Can you put a regular mattress on a trundle bed?

You cannot use a trundle bed mattress that you use with your traditional bed. The whole point is that your mattress has to be about 8-10 inches thick. It has to provide the necessary support and comfort since the trundle bed is quite uncomfortable to sleep on. 

Can you use a memory foam mattress on a trundle bed?

Yes, of course. This type of mattress is great for trundle beds. The memory foam provides a supportive and comfortable sleep surface that is perfect for a guest or child.

Memory foam mattresses are best known for their contouring support, which works perfectly with the trundle bed’s design to prevent roll-off. Memory foam molds to your body shape, then gently cradle you in a deeper sleep. 

How do I soften a mattress that is too firm for me?

If your mattress is too hard for you, it impairs the quality of your sleep. If you don’t sleep well, you wake up tired and out of tune. Poor sleep not only affects our mood but also our productivity during sleep. It also adds to the problem when you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. If you want to get the best sleep, then buy the best mattress for a trundle bed.

However, if you have already bought a mattress you should not be immediately disappointed. Usually, new mattresses always seem stiff at first. You need time to get used to it. This is why most companies give a test period for their products. Companies recommend that you test your mattress for 30 days before returning it. In most cases, you begin to get used to the new mattress and it no longer feels hard, but rather soft. Here I am going to give you some tips to help you get your mattress softer faster:

Warm Up Your Mattress

If you have purchased a memory foam mattress, you should know that this type of mattress is very sensitive to temperature. When you sleep on such a mattress, it takes the curves of your body and also responds to your heat and thus softens. I also advise you to use flannel sheets for a warming effect.

Choose a compatible bed base

This is an important point, as a bad base can change the way you feel about your mattress. As for memory foam mattresses, they are softer when used with a firm base. However, if the mattress is put on a box spring, you will feel like it is too firm. Therefore, it is important to know before buying a mattress what kind of base is suitable for it. Most mattresses today fit on any base. 

How to make a mattress firmer?

In the previous question, I explained how to make your mattress softer. However, there are situations where users do not feel the proper firmness. You can also remedy this situation:

Plywood board

You can take a plywood board and put it under your mattress. This way you can make your mattress Firmer. You can buy a plywood board at a construction store or home improvement store.

Check Bed Base

Before you buy a mattress, not only should you pay attention to whether it is suitable for your bed base, but you should also check the condition of your bed base. An old or unreliable base may not provide adequate support. Your bed will be softer with poor support. 


If your mattress is memory foam, temperature also affects its firmness. Memory foam is very sensitive to temperature. Therefore, in order to make your mattress firm, it is necessary to lower the temperature in the room with a thermostat. 

Right Sheets

If you want to increase the firmness of your mattress, you need to use fitted sheets. If the sheets fit snugly and leave no extra space, the firmness of your mattress will increase. 

How do I know which mattress to choose?

To know which mattress to choose you should know how it is best for a trundle bed. The mattress is best when they come in a comfortable shape, has the best material to keep you dry and is the best size to fit your bed.

What is the right size of a trundle mattress for you?

It should be standard twin size, which measures 39 inches across and 75 inches long. If you are not sure what this entails or if your mattresses are different sizes than the standard twin, remove your sheets and measure your mattress before heading to the store. 

If you need a mattress of a certain size, you can order a mattress of the required size, such as an extra-long one. Some manufacturers are able to produce a mattress in the size you need. 

Also when ordering a mattress do not forget about the thickness. It is very important. On the internet, you can see models that are 3 inches thick. But it is best if your mattress is at least 6 inches thick. This will provide the most comfort. The ideal thickness of a trundle bed mattress is 8-10 inches. 

Before placing an order for a mattress, I suggest you measure the dimensions of the top and bottom beds. And only after that order a mattress that fits your size and that meets your needs.

I also recommend that you use a trundle bed mattress of the same firmness as the main bed. If you want the trundle bed mattress to be level with the top mattress, then choose the bottom mattress a little thicker than the main mattress. This way your trundle bed can be used as a twin bed where you can sleep with your partner. However, if you want to have a separate bed, then choose a mattress with less depth.

How will comfort layers affect the feel of my bed?

When you choose a mattress and research Comfort Layers, you need to know how it works in a particular model. In order to determine what each layer feels like individually, I have created a small table to help you.

The upholstery layerFibre typeFeelings
White FibreSyntheticSoft/Medium
Memory FoamSyntheticMedium/Firm
Latex (100% Natural) NaturalMedium/Firm
Horsehair NaturalMedium

Why won’t bed shops tell you what’s in a mattress?

Finding a mattress can be difficult because most manufacturers do not tell you in detail about the composition of their products. I’m sure many of you didn’t even know that comfort layer existed. This is because few manufacturers talk about it in detail. If a manufacturer talks about their product in detail, the customer will quickly realize that their product does not have what they are looking for. Information such as the number of grams of fiber per square meter you are unlikely to find out. As a rule, the seller or the manufacturer will tell you that they do not have the right to disclose this information. This of course makes it difficult to find a good mattress. However, if you have researched the subject well and know exactly what is right for you, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Carefully study the composition of the mattress when choosing. If you do not find additional information that could help you make a final decision, you can ask questions either to me in the comments or on the manufacturer’s website. As a rule, each site has a chat room where support will always be able to answer your questions.

How do I make my mattress last longer?

Follow the maximum load requirement 

Each mattress is designed for a certain load. The manufacturer specifies the maximum possible pressure which the bed can withstand in the characteristics of the model. Choose a model with these recommendations and with a reserve of at least +10 kg. If you do not comply with this rule, you will squeeze the fillers ahead of time and ruin the mattress.

No jumping

Mattresses are designed for a lying or sitting position. Most manufacturers strongly advise customers not to jump on mattresses because it can cause irreversible deformation of springs and squeeze of the materials.

Do not forget to turn the mattress

In order for the components of the mattress to wear down evenly, it is recommended to change the position of your position once in three months. Where your feet were, your head should now be. If your mattress is double-sided, once every 5-6 months, flip it from one side to the other. If the mattress is not turned over it will serve 2-3 times less than the manufacturer says it will.

It is necessary to vacuum the mattress

Dust can settle on a mattress. This is detrimental to hygiene and sleep quality. Once every 1-2 weeks, vacuum the cover during cleaning. 

Use a protective mattress cover

It is important to use a protective mattress cover, preferably a waterproof one. This is because a normal cotton cover only protects the cover from minor stains and also protects it from rapid wear and tear. The waterproof mattress cover will protect not only the cover but also the fillings from liquid, which may deform the fillings. And if you spill tea, juice or anything else, the liquid can leave a characteristic smell and provoke the growth of bacteria.

How to clean a trundle bed mattress?

You can get rid of all dust, dirt and stains from the surface of your trundle bed mattress with warm soapy water or mild detergent solution mixed in lukewarm water.

What should I do if I spill liquid on my mattress?

If you have spilled liquid on a mattress cover, simply take it off and wash it in the washing machine. If you don’t have a mattress cover, however, it will take more action to fix the situation. That’s why it’s important to use a mattress cover. And so, you need to remove the moisture that has not yet had time to soak into the cover as quickly as possible. Soap lightly with a sponge, remove the water and run it over the wet stain several times. Remove the foam with a cloth. Dry the cover with a cold hair dryer. It is not recommended to use a hot air stream, as it may heat the filling and cause deformation.

Why Do You Need a Mattress Protector?

Using a mattress protector is very important. It keeps your mattress clean and the cleaning process becomes easier. Your mattress doesn’t wear out as quickly so it lasts longer. Thanks to a mattress protector, you will sleep much more comfortably on your mattress.

How to Remove Odors From a Mattress?

The mattress may have specific odors after purchase. This may be due to the materials or to processing during the manufacturing process. In order to get rid of this smell, it is necessary to air the room frequently. Within a day or two, the smell should disappear. 

If you have already been sleeping on the mattress for a long time, various odors may appear. They can come from tobacco smoke, because of dust mites and so on. The best remedies for cleaning mattresses from unpleasant odors are lemon juice, soap, and acetic acid. To get rid of the smell of tobacco smoke, clean your mattress regularly with a wet vacuum cleaner. 

How to Clean Blood From a Mattress?

To get rid of blood stains on your mattress, you need to start cleaning as soon as possible. If you do it right away, there’s a good chance you can get the stain out completely. You can remove the blood with dishwashing detergent and water. So, take 1 cup of cold water and mix it with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing detergent. Take a clean cloth and moisten it with the solution. Then blot the stain with the cloth. Use a toothbrush to rub the stain. The main thing is not to do it too hard so as not to rub the stain even deeper. Then, use a dry cloth to blot the stain several times. Repeat the process until the stain is gone. Remove the remains of the solution with a clean cloth soaked in cold water. Dry the stain with a paper towel.

Is A Trundle Bed Comfortable?

As a rule, trundle beds are not very comfortable. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some trundle beds have been specially designed with special features that can improve your comfort level while you sleep on it or sit on it. And if you buy a high-quality mattress, your guests will be able to fully relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Can Adults Sleep On Trundle Beds?

Adults can use a trundle bed with an average weight for several nights. I do not recommend that adults use such a bed on a regular basis. As you know, trundle beds are not as sturdy as traditional beds. This can therefore cause the bed to wear out quickly. Also, adults may become uncomfortable sleeping over time, as you will not get proper support. I would also advise against using this bed for elderly people or people who suffer from back pain. Their backs will suffer from high pressure while getting out of bed due to the low profile. Trundle beds are designed to accommodate guests as well as children. 

Are Trundle Beds Worth It?

In my opinion trundle beds are a great solution for people who are very hospitable. If you often invite friends or relatives over, a trundle bed is your salvation. You will always have an extra place for your guests to sleep. And at the same time, such a bed does not take up much space. 

A trundle bed is also a great solution for families with several children. This bed will fit in the children’s room and will not take up much space. If you are not going to use the trundle bed for sleeping, you can use it to store your things.

What are trundle beds made from?

Trundle beds can be made of different materials such as wood, metal and even with a leather finish. It is best to look for a mattress that best matches the material your trundle bed is made with. You can’t go wrong with a wood finish trundle bed.

Do trundle beds come in different sizes?

Trundle beds come in a variety of designs and sizes. They are designed to save space in your room. Mattresses are available in full and twin sizes.

Can Trundle Beds Be Used As Storage?

Yes, the trundle bed can be used for storage. You can use your trundle bed to store things in your room when it is not being used. 

Do Trundle Beds Work On Carpets?

Unfortunately, trundle beds do not work well with carpeted floors. The wheels of the bed will cause wear and tear on your carpeting if you place it over a carpeted floor.

How Do You Keep A Trundle Bed From Moving?

Many people face the problem of their trundle bed moving all the time. This causes discomfort and makes the bed frame look unstable. If you wish to keep your trundle in place, then use a bungee cord and tie it between the two legs of the main bed frame. This is the best way to fix this problem with no professional help required.

If you haven’t already purchased a trundle bed, I advise you to get a model with locking casters to avoid this problem. With locking casters, you can lock your bed in a fixed position.

Can A Trundle Fit Under Any Bed?

Your bed should be high enough to fit the trundle. This way, the bed will not only fit the trundle frame but also your mattress.  

Do you need to use a mattress pad on a trundle bed? 

It is best to place a mattress pad over your new trundle bed mattress. This will extend the life of your mattress by protecting it from stains, spills and body sweat that come out during sleep. It also provides an extra layer of comfort which you might not get with a trundle bed mattress only.

How Much Weight Can A Pop-out Trundle Bed Hold?

It depends on the capacity of your trundle bed. Most average trundle beds can hold weight up to 400 pounds. Trundle bed with a capacity of 300 pounds is best for two kids and it offers extra durability than the one that has a 100-pound capacity, etc.

Why Would I Want a Trundle Bed?

This type of bed offers many features that other beds do not:

  • The main advantage of trundle beds is the economy of space. Because of the trundle bed’s under-the-bed design, two or more can fit beneath a standard height mattress. You don’t have to worry about finding space for guests in your home if you have a trundle bed as it is highly likely they will find somewhere to sleep as there are plenty of spaces for them to curl. With a trundle bed, you get several beds in one place. So you get extra space even in a very small room. In addition, most of these beds have drawers that provide extra storage space. You will be able to store bedding or other things there.
  • The trundle bed is ideal for a child. Many children like this type of bed because of its unique design. Your child will also be able to sleep over with other children if they stay overnight.
  • The trundle bed offers versatile use. You can find a use for the bed not only at night but also during the day. During the day you can use the trundle bed as a place to rest. You can place the bed in the living room where you can watch movies or do other things with your family.
  • When you have friends staying overnight, you need to find an extra bed. As a rule, many people use air mattresses, cots. However, this is not the most comfortable option for sleeping for your guests. However, trundle beds offer comfort and durability. You can choose any mattress you like and then a trundle bed will be the perfect place to sleep.
  • Trundle beds offer security. This is especially important if you are considering this type of bed for your children. Compared to a bunk bed, a trundle bed is low to the ground. Therefore, the risk of falling off the bed is minimal. If you are considering a bunk bed, however, the risk of falling from a height is very high. It is dangerous for both adults and children. 
  • Affordability for everyone. Trundle beds are much cheaper if you compare it to buying two separate beds. On the market, you can find both budget models and more expensive ones. So everyone will find something that suits him!

How much do trundle beds cost?

Trundle beds are available in different price categories. The cost depends on characteristics such as material, style, thickness and more. You can find models from $75 to $600. On average, you will have to pay $250 for a quality model. If you are considering budget options that will cost less than $100, then be prepared that it will be a trundle-only bed. If you want a multi-tiered trundle bunk, you will have to pay up to $600 for such a model. The most expensive models usually have metal frames. Wooden frames will cost a little less. As for plastic and synthetic frames, they cost much less than the previous ones. 

Do trundle beds come with mattresses?

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a trundle bed is that almost all beds are sold without mattresses. 

Are trundle beds good for everyday use?

Trundle beds are not intended for everyday use. The only time this type of bed can be considered for regular use is when you buy it for a child. 

Why shouldn’t you use trundle beds every day?

As a rule, they are not durable and they wear out rather quickly. If your bed has a drawer and you will be sliding the drawer in and out every day, it will wear out even faster. This is why a trundle bed is best used as an overnight guest bed. And for everyday use, a standard bed is better.

What Kinds of Rooms Are Good for Trundle Beds?

You can use a trundle bed in an apartment. But their best use is in living rooms, children’s rooms, and studio apartments. This bed is an ideal choice for those who have small apartments, as it saves space. Trundle Bunk Bed is best placed in apartments with high ceilings. Other types of trundle beds you can use in different rooms.

Why you should trust us?

The article was approved by a certified sleep consultant and orthopaedist. I also spent 60 hours determining the best mattresses for trundle beds. I found that all of the mattresses in my review are made of high quality materials that are non-toxic and safe. You will find best mattress for trundle.


A trundle mattress is a good solution for everyone who wants to save some space and have two beds in one room. They are also the best for those who need an extra bed when friends or family come over. Children also like them because they can sleep separately and use the bed for playing games later. 

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