The Best Latex Mattresses You Can Buy In 2021

A good night’s sleep is highly dependent upon the mattress that you use. Every person does proper research before buying a mattress, but so many options cause lots of confusion.

Yes, the market is full of plenty of mattresses. Each of these mattresses offers something different. Some of them are firm, while others are soft. Some are springy, while others are foamy.

Among all this chaos, choosing the right mattress can become a headache. Well, you can find the ideal mattress if you know about various mattress types and the best mattresses available in these particular categories. Considering this, we have decided to discuss latex mattresses today.

In this article, you will find out what latex mattresses are, how they are different from others, which type of sleepers prefer latex mattresses and which are the best available latex mattresses in the US market. To be precise, it is a latex mattress guide that will educate you about this mattress category.

This information would be useful if you are planning to buy a mattress soon. By reading it, you will identify whether latex mattress is the ideal mattress type for you. If it is perfect for you, then what are the options that you have in latex mattresses?

Let’s begin with knowing the basics about a latex mattress:

What is a Latex Mattress?

Latex is a rubber-like material that can be natural as well as synthetic. Natural latex is obtained from plants, and it’s a very good material for a mattress.

On the other hand, synthetic latex is prepared with the help of several chemicals. When used in a mattress, latex provides adequate support and bounce to the sleepers.

The latex mattresses are cool and breathable as they don’t retain heat. This quality of latex mattresses makes them ideal for hot summer nights. Also, latex is a very durable material due to which buyers can use a latex mattress for a longer duration.

A mattress made up of natural latex is the right fit for health-conscious people as it’s totally natural and chemical-free.

Natural latex is also free from molds, dust mites, and mildew; that’s why it suits sleepers with allergies or sensitive skin. However, natural latex is a premium material that is accompanied by a hefty price tag.

On the contrary, mattresses that contain synthetic latex can be average or low priced as well. It all depends on the chemicals and other materials used in it. Not all mattresses are made of only latex. In most of these, one top layer is of latex with memory foam or pocket springs as the base.

The List of Top Latex Mattresses

  1. The Sleep Republic Mattress
  2. The Zenna Mattress
  3. The Noa Mattress
  4. The Eva Mattress

We have created this list of best latex mattresses to assist you in choosing the right one. To curate this list, we have pondered upon every angle of all available latex mattresses in the market.

After that, we have gathered adequate data about the materials, quality, firmness, feel and other aspects of these mattresses. Also, we have gone through the customer’s review to see the clear picture.

But why are we telling all this to you? We are informing this to ensure that the data provided here is totally trustworthy. It is free from all the bias and purely meant for showing the right direction to the buyers.

We have provided a summary of these mattresses here. For full analysis, you can read our in-depth mattresses reviews as well.

1. The Sleep Republic Mattress

The Sleep Republic is a hybrid mattress that is designed with memory foam, latex, and pocket springs. Together, these materials provide the perfect support and comfort to sleepers. The medium-firm feel of this mattress suits average sleepers, specifically the back and side sleepers.

The layers of memory foam and latex are installed to give the plush feel, while the spring base adds the necessary support. People looking for a mattress with contouring effect and proper support would like the Sleep Republic. With a combination of a soft top and firm base, this mattress aims to provide an awesome sleeping experience.

The edge support of this mattress is mind-blowing for which the credits should be given to the pocket springs. Motion transfer is reduced by the independent coils, yet you can feel a little bit of it.

It is an averagely priced mattress that comes with a 100 day trial period and a 12-year warranty scheme. So, if you are a back or side sleeper and looking for a mattress with natural latex plus other materials, then the Sleep Republic is an ideal choice for you.

2. The Zenna Mattress

The Zenna mattress is a purely natural latex mattress that contains no layers, glue, foams, fillers or chalk. Yes, just 100% natural latex; which means this mattress is free from all the dust mites, mildews, and moisture. The Okeo-Tex Class 1 and Euro Latex certifications gained by this mattress company ensure that the mattress is fully free from any chemicals, metals or fillers.

This latex mattress is good for eco-conscious people and sleepers having sensitive skin or allergies. This mattress is covered by a bamboo cloth cover; which is breathable as well as moisture-wicking. You can wash this cover easily in the machine. The mattress also features ventilation holes and an open cell construction which removes access heat and moisture.

The different comfort zones of the Zenna mattress adjust according to the body of the sleeper and provide support where it is actually required. Talking about firmness, you can experience different firmness levels with this mattress. You can flip it over to get a firmer feel, while the upper side provides a medium-firm feel.

The best part is the lifespan of this mattress. As it is a pure latex mattress, it has a longer lifespan than any other mattress. Yes, this durable mattress has a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. It comes with a 10-year warranty scheme.

3. The Noa Mattress

The Noa is another hybrid mattress that features multiple layers among which one is bouncy latex foam. The other layers of this mattress are contouring memory foam and pocket spring coils. The combination of all these provides a slight sinking feel and proper comfort. People who like a medium-firm mattress would definitely love this one.

Noa mattress provides overall support; which is mostly loved by back sleepers. Side sleepers also love the fusion of softness and support that is offered by Noa. The latex gives a bouncy feel to this mattress. The individually wrapped pocket springs add good edge support in this mattress.

The natural latex, along with the Tencel cover, makes this mattress the choice of environmental-friendly buyers. The use of natural latex also makes it a cool and hypoallergenic mattress.

The price is on the higher side of the scale, but the high-quality materials of this mattress totally deserve it. Noa mattress comes with a 15-year-long warranty; which is quite a long period as compared to the other mattresses. You get a trial period of 100 nights to test the mattress.

4. The Eva Mattress

Eva is a hybrid mattress that combines springs with latex, gel-infused memory foam, and high-density foam. All these materials are used to provide extra cushioning and pressure relief to the sleepers. People who enjoy the contour of foam and bounce of latex plus spring will love the feel of this mattress.

The micro springs installed in it maintains the airflow to keep the sleepers cool even in hot summer nights. This five-layer mattress is medium-firm; which is great news for back and side sleepers since they love this firmness level. Talking about the stomach sleepers, some of them enjoy Eva, while others find it too firm to provide support to their sensitive body parts.

The edge support of this mattress is decent as it features coils. The same coils are the reason for a little partner disturbance that is caused by this mattress. However, people who are switching from traditional spring design would feel lesser motion transfer on this hybrid mattress.

The latex used in this mattress is anti-microbial; which keeps the microorganisms away from it. This is an affordable mattress that comes with a 120-night trial and 12 year warranty period.


Now that we have gone through every mattress, we hope that you must have found the perfect one for you. People who are still in a dilemma can try a few mattresses as all of these come with a trial period. However, you are most likely to love any of the above-given mattresses after trying. So, visit the website of your chosen mattress and order it now!

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