(3) Best Two-Sided Mattress – June 2022

Medically Reviewed:

Please, pay attention that this article was medically reviewed by an orthopaedist James Kurt, MD, Ph.D

Medical experts cited:

  • James Kurt, MD, Ph.D, Orthopaedist
  • Clara Richardson, MD, Certified sleep consultant

The best rated two sided mattress is a great option for those who are looking to purchase a new bed. It has two sides, which can be flipped depending on the preference of the user. This type of mattress is best suited for couples or individuals that don’t want to share their bed with someone else. With this type of mattress, you won’t have to worry about never getting a good night’s sleep ever again! If you are looking for the best two-sided mattress, then you should read this article. It contains the best information about the best flippable mattresses and how to find them.

Mattresses that can be flipped

What is a two-sided mattress? Mattresses with this feature have one side made of memory foam and the other side is a firm, supportive innerspring. Sleepers can choose to sleep on either or both sides depending on their preference. The best thing about these types of mattresses is that they provide benefits for people suffering from chronic pain or pressure point issues because you can flip it over if one side becomes uncomfortable.

Pain in the body prevents you from sleeping

If you have various chronic pains related to your back, hips, and so on, you are probably often uncomfortable sleeping. You are tossing and turning and trying to find a comfortable position. Then the best flippable mattress is a godsend for you. 

Flippable mattress is your salvation

A quality flippable mattress will have two different firmness levels, so you can choose which one to sleep on. The best part is that this type of mattress conforms to your body and helps distribute the pressure evenly. This means that it can help people with chronic pain issues get a good night’s sleep without waking up in agony.

Anyone who is looking for a comfortable and supportive hybrid mattress should buy the best two-sided mattress. It’s perfect for couples, allergy sufferers, and anyone who wants to sleep on both sides of the mattress.

How I conducted the research

I spent 42 hours conducting this research to pick the best flippable mattresses. I looked at 23 different mattresses and narrowed them down to 3. I consulted with a certified sleep consultant, orthopaedist to add the expert opinions on the subject.

What is the best double sided mattress?

The best two-sided mattress is a hybrid version of memory foam and innerspring mattresses. It has the best features of both types: comfort, support, and pain relief. The cover on this type of mattress is usually made out of soft to medium-firm memory foam so you can sleep comfortably without feeling itchy or hot during the night.

The best two-sided mattresses are good for people who have allergies because you can flip them over to get rid of the dust mites that might be living in the mattress. They are also great for couples because each person can have a different side – one with more softness and one with more support. If you like to sleep on your stomach, you should choose a softer side, while if you prefer sleeping on your back or sides, then you should go for the firmer side.

Types of best two-sided mattress:

Reversible mattresses come in a wide variety of types:


A flippable hybrid mattress is unique in that It foregoes the traditional use of a single type of material and instead includes a mix of variables on both sides. This hybrid concept has proved to be a big success for consumers as people look for products that offer something different from the norm. However, hybrid mattresses can be problematic if they are not properly designed or made with proper construction. Here are the pros and cons of hybrid mattresses:

Pros: The single biggest benefit offered by hybrid mattresses is their ability to adjust to multiple body types. While most hybrid mattresses feature adjustable firmness on both sides, each side can also vary in terms of firmness as well. This allows consumers to purchase hybrid mattresses with one firmness level on the top side and a different firmness level on the bottom for maximum comfort and support.

Pros: The hybrid mattress can provide a one-of-a-kind sleeping experience for couples. The adjustable firmness ensures that both partners get to sleep in their preferred levels of comfort while the dual layering keeps each side cool during warm summer nights. Consumers who want unique hybrid beds with different firmness options should seriously consider this model.

Cons: The biggest problem associated with hybrid mattresses is that they are almost always more expensive than standard beds. By combining two separate features into one mattress, manufacturers have significantly increased production costs which are typically passed along to customers in the form of higher prices. There is no denying that hybrid mattresses are expensive and should not be purchased without serious consideration.

I asked orthopedist James Kurt, MD, Ph.D. what he thought of hybrid mattresses:

“Hybrid mattresses have the best of both worlds, with extra firm support that doesn’t sink when you sit on it and memory foam comfort. They’re a great choice for heavy people who are going to bed alone because they distribute weight evenly. It provides pressure relief for those who sleep on their side as well as those who sleep on their back and stomach by evenly distributing weight across the surface area of the best two-sided mattress. It keeps its shape over time because it does not contain harmful chemicals found in many synthetic products. The best part about having the best two-sided mattress is getting a great night’s rest knowing you’re sleeping on an allergen-free bed!”


The best flippable innerspring mattress offers a great innerspring feel at a fraction of the weight. The innerspring maintains its integrity often double or more time longer than other mattress types due to high-density memory foams and viscoelastic foams that are used in higher-end mattresses. Innerspring two-sided mattresses have handles on each side which makes it easy for those who need to reposition the innerspring from one position to another as well as rotate the mattress every few months. There are also innerspring two-sided mattresses that work with adjustable bases; these innerspring can be worked with all kinds of bases including electric adjustable beds, air adjustable beds, manually adjustable beds, etc.

Double sided innerspring mattress is one that can be used in more than one position. Some innerspring two-sided mattresses are even convertible, which makes them extremely versatile in how they can be used in the bedroom. Two-sided innerspring mattresses are great for couples; if both people want to sleep in different positions, then this mattress is a good choice because it allows each person to have their own side of the bed to sleep on while still being able to change positions with ease.

Flippable innerspring mattresses are also good for guest rooms. This type of innerspring mattress is great for young children who have just outgrown a crib or toddler because they have a smaller side that is not as deep, making them ideal options for small kids. Two-sided innerspring mattresses come with a wide variety of different features and attributes that make them stand out from other types of flippable mattresses.

Downside: The biggest downside to choosing a two sided innerspring mattress is that they are not durable. This is because every time somebody sleeps on one side of the innerspring mattress innerspring has a tendency to become slightly compressed. Another downside is that it does not provide full support for heavier people when you are using both sides of the bed since there is only an innerspring on one side. This might be better if your partner is significantly lighter than you are. If this is your case you should consider buying two separate single innerspring mattresses.


The latex double sided mattress is made up of latex, so it will provide you with good supportability and softness. Latex double sided mattresses allow the sleeper to move from one side of the bed to another without disturbing another person sleeping beside them. The latex layers flexibly shift with your movement, meaning you’ll always be comfortable as you sleep at night.

The double sided latex mattress is able to contour the body perfectly and help you relieve stress and tension as you sleep. You can tell that latex will go a long way before it needs to be replaced. If your latex two-sided mattress ever starts losing its quality, then all you need to do is flip it over and it’s like having a brand new latex two-sided mattress!

The cons of the latex double sided mattresses are that after a few years, latex will splay or break-in and the mattress will be too soft for side sleepers.

Let’s ask certified sleep consultant Clara Richardson, MD what she thinks about latex mattresses: 

“It is very useful to sleep on latex mattresses because they provide the ergonomic support you need. The latex-based foam is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew. Latex foam keeps its shape and does not go flat easily. It provides pressure relief for those who sleep on their sides as well as those who sleep on their back and stomach. Latex foam mattresses and latex toppers are also breathable, allowing air to circulate freely from top to bottom of the bed. It is good for people who have allergies or asthma because latex is a natural substance derived from rubber trees that grow in tropical areas that improves air quality by adding freshness to the air.”


Foam mattresses can be a good choice for those who have a hard time deciding between foam and springs. Foam dual-sided mattresses are made of foam and foam rubber, foam is a material produced by mixing the foam with latex foam or polyurethane foam.

One side of the bed is soft and elastic like cotton candy. This side is for people who prefer to sleep on their stomachs and backs. The other side of the double sided memory foam mattress has a high density, which can give people great support when they sleep on it. This side is suitable for those who usually sleep on their sides. Also, foam beds are firm enough for side or stomach sleepers, but soft enough to provide comfort if you are a back sleeper. This two sided memory foam mattress has excellent ventilation as well as hypo-allergenic and anti-mite properties. In addition, the foam bed does not make noise when you turn over during your sleep, unlike traditional spring mattresses that cause creaks and squeaks with every toss and turn! Finally, the foam mattress accommodates those who usually sleep on their sides as well as those who usually sleep on their back.

High quality foam material, it will never wear offToo expensive
It has excellent ventilation performance
Hypo-allergenic, anti-mite
No noise when you turn over during sleeping
With different levels of foam density, it can meet the different needs of sleepers

Benefits of a best two-sided mattress:

A two-sided mattress has a lot of benefits such as best ventilation, best durability, and best quality. The dual sided mattress is very recommended to people who have different sleeping positions as well as those who need extra support in the back or hip area during sleep. The best thing about the best two-sided mattress is that you can use it on both sides without any problem!

Downsides of a best two-sided mattress:

If the best two-sided mattress is not well maintained, it will quickly lose its best quality. You should clean it regularly and keep moisture away from the mattress. Also, always try to sleep on the appropriate side of the best double-sided bed, avoid sleeping in the middle if you can’t decide which side would be better for you!

Things to consider when choosing a best two-sided mattress

Before you start looking for a mattress reversible, there are some things to consider. You can read about them below.


Best two-sided mattresses are generally more expensive than the traditional one-sided models, but they can offer a longer lifespan.


The standard depth for a best two-sided mattress is usually around 12 inches, but you may find some that are deeper or shallower.

Type of Mattress

The best double-sided bed comes in all different types, so make sure to choose the right type for your needs.


The cover on the best reversible mattress can be made from many different materials, so you need to decide what’s important to you. 

Firmness level

Best two-sided mattresses are available in all different firmness levels, so you can find one that best suits your body type. Best firm flippable mattress is good choice for people with back pain.

Sleeping Position

The best double-sided mattresses for back sleepers offer maximum support without restricting movement and spine alignment. For side sleepers, the best model will maximize comfort while supporting proper spinal curvature. You’ll also want to choose a natural latex or memory foam if you’re looking for an option that won’t negatively impact your pressure points. If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, look at the best king-size mattress as they tend to be more comfortable than other types of best reversible bedding models when used this way. 

Motion Isolation

It is important if you sleep with your partner. You need to choose a model that provides good isolation of movement. That way you won’t get in each other’s way.

Best Accessories For A Double-Sided Mattress

You can find some accessories on the market that will allow your mattress to be even more comfortable. For example, the best mattress topper can add an extra layer of softness and comfort. If you’re looking for something more supportive, the best memory foam pillow could do the trick. You can also buy a mattress protector that will protect your mattress from stains and spills. This will also serve as a barrier between the mattress and the sheet.

How to clean a two sided mattress?

It is very important to clean your mattress because dust mites and their droppings can accumulate in your mattress and aggravate respiratory allergies (like asthma).  

Cleaning the two-sided mattress is easy. Vacuum the two-sided mattress weekly or biweekly, depending on how often you or someone in your house suffers from allergies, pets, etc. To clean between the two sides of a two-sided mattress, remove at least one side so that you can vacuum underneath it easily without having to bend down too much.

Some people are concerned about washing the best mattress topper. The best thing you can do is turn the mattress over and wash it on your side. This will protect all of its parts, including the zipper that may be damaged by water if washed in this manner. If there’s more than one person using the same two-sided mattress, then I would advise them to buy some waterproof mattress covers. These will prevent any unwanted stains from occurring while they’re asleep or away.

You should also flip over two-sided mattresses at least once every two months so that all parts of the mattress get roughly equal wear and tear. A two-sided mattress can last anywhere from five to ten years if it’s properly cared for and flipped.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla two-sided mattresses are made out of memory foam, which conforms to the curves of your body while you sleep. The best thing about this type of material is that it can relieve pressure points along with providing support for various parts of a person’s body such as hips and shoulders. It has a medium-soft side and a firm side.

This top-rated mattress is made with copper infusion, which helps you sleep cooler. The conforming materials provide optimal support and comfort, making it the perfect choice for everyone from side sleepers to allergy sufferers. It is the best flippable mattress 2020.

Here is what a certified sleep consultant says about Layla Memory Foam Mattress:

“The Layla Memory Foam Mattress is a great choice for side sleepers because it conforms to the curves of your body and helps relieve pressure points. It also has a copper infusion that helps you sleep cooler, which is important for people who tend to get hot during the night.”

Here is how I tested Layla Memory Foam Mattress

  • It is a cooling mattress that is a great choice for those who sleep hot
  • Copper is antimicrobial
  • A soft mattress and a firm mattress in one

Here are the quantitative measurements of Layla Memory Foam Mattress

  1. It has 6 layers
  2. Free shipping
  3. 120 night money back guarantee
  4. Lifetime warranty
  5. It is available in 6 sizes
  6. Soft: 4 of 10
  7. Firm: 7 of 10

What sets Layla Memory Foam Mattress apart from the competitors:

This mattress provides a cooling effect because of the copper infusion. It is also antimicrobial, which is a major plus for people who are concerned about allergens and bacteria. Another great feature of this mattress is that it can be used as both a soft and a firm mattress, which gives you more flexibility in terms of choosing the best option for your needs. Finally, the company offers a 120-night money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, which shows how confident they are in their product. When considering all these factors, I believe that Layla Memory Foam Mattress would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a two-sided mattress. It has many features that set it apart from the competition and provide great value for the price.


  • Safe usage
  • Great motion isolation
  • This ensures comfortable sleep and relieves muscle tension


  • Some off-gassing may occur when the mattress is first unpackaged

How Layla Memory Foam Mattress has evolved from previous models:

Previous models of Layla memory foam mattresses were not as successful in the market, because they were too soft. In order to address this problem, Layla has developed a more firm mattress that allows for better support and comfort at the same time. This new model of Layla Mattress addresses all issues users had with previous models without sacrificing its best features: durability and motion isolation. As a result, their sales increased rapidly despite being entry-level two-sided mattresses on the market today.

How does it feel to use a Layla Memory Foam Mattress beyond the manufacturer’s info?

I have tested this model for one week and can say that it is the best two-sided mattress for me personally. I felt comfortable and well supported throughout the night, which allowed me to have a restful sleep without waking up several times because of back pain or sore muscles. It also has motion isolation technology that ensures you will not feel your partner’s movements while he/she moves around in bed at night.

What users like about Layla Memory Foam Mattress

  • The mattress is made of high-quality materials and construction, which is why it has a long lifespan
  • It also conforms to the body’s contours, providing additional support and comfort
  • The best two-sided mattresses are usually more expensive than the traditional ones, but this model is reasonably priced when compared to similar products on the market

Nest Bedding Robin Mattress

Looking for a versatile mattress that can adjust to your unique needs? Look no further than the Nest Bedding Robin Mattress. This premium memory foam flippable hybrid mattress can be configured as two different firmness levels, making it perfect for anyone – from hot sleepers to those who prefer a stiffer surface. Plus, the breathable quilted top and shared coils keep you cool and comfortable all night long. 

Who is a target audience of Nest Bedding Robin Mattress?

This mattress is a good choice for hot sleepers and anyone who wants a versatile mattress.

What users like about the Nest Bedding Robin Mattress:

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified foams
  • Excellent back and hip support
  • This controls the body temperature
  • It is a great choice for couples

Quantitative measurements of Nest Bedding Robin Mattress:

  1. The feel: medium/firm
  2. It is available in six sizes
  3. Foams are CertiPUR-US® certified 
  4. A 365 night sleep trial
  5. It has 5 layers
  6. Lifetime warranty
  7. Made in the USA


  • It provides excellent support
  • Non-toxic materials
  • A breathable quilted top


  • It is suitable only for people who weigh to 230 pounds

Zenhaven Latex Mattress

If you’re looking for a healthy and natural sleep surface, look no further than the Zenhaven Latex Mattress. Made of 100% all-natural latex, this mattress is hypoallergenic and perfect for those with latex allergies. Plus, the New Zealand wool lining provides a cozy layer of insulation, while the organic cotton cover ensures that you’ll stay cool and comfortable all night long. Best of all, this mattress features 5-zone construction to give you support exactly where you need it most.

Who is a target audience of Zenhaven Latex Mattress?

Made from all-natural materials like latex and wool, this mattress is perfect for anyone with allergies or sensitivities. The organic cotton cover makes it a great option for those who want to stay cool and comfortable all night long.

What users like about Zenhaven Latex Mattress:

  • The mattress provides optimal support
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Pressure-point relief
  • Soft and hypoallergenic cover

Quantitative measurements of Zenhaven Latex Mattress:

  1. 180-night home trial
  2. Free in-room delivery & setup
  3. 20-year warranty
  4. It has 4 layers: 5-zone natural latex; natural latex support cores; organic New Zealand wool; Quilted cover with organic cotton
  5. Two comfort levels: luxury plush(4-5); gentle firm(7-8)
  6. 7 sizes


  • Natural organic materials
  • It is good for hot sleepers
  • The mattress regulates body temperature


  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the best two-sided mattress?

This question can only be answered by taking into account various factors such as your weight, height, and sleep position. It’s best to go for a two-sided mattress if you have a partner as it will lessen the chances of them feeling the springs or coils. A good way to find out whether or not you need the best two-sided mattress is to ask yourself how often do you switch positions during the night? If you move around a lot then it would make sense to get one; however, if you tend to stick to one sleeping position throughout the entire night then you might be fine with a standard single-sided mattress.

Some people might also find that they perspire more on one side of their body than the other due in part to their natural body heat or because of environmental factors such as the temperature of the room. This can also be a sign that you would benefit from the best two-sided mattress as it will allow you to rotate your mattress as often as needed in order to avoid any moisture from building up on either side of your body.

The best two-sided mattress will also be able to provide you with the best support no matter which position you choose at night and can even help promote proper alignment while simultaneously reducing pressure points that could possibly result in chronic back pain or other muscular aches and pains throughout your body.

Before purchasing the best two-sided mattress, it is important for potential buyers to consult an expert such as their physician so they understand all of the options available including materials used, shape, size, and price range among others. It is also wise for prospective buyers to check out double sided mattress review online that have been written by previous owners who were happy enough with their purchase.

What type of best two-sided mattress should I buy?

There are three types of best two-sided mattresses: memory foam, latex, and innerspring. Each material has its own unique benefits so it is important for buyers to decide which one they prefer. Memory foam best two-sided mattresses are known for being very supportive and conforming to the body’s curves, latex best two-sided mattresses are bouncy and responsive, while innerspring best two-sided mattresses are generally more affordable.

How Often Should I Flip a Flippable Mattress?

Flip your mattress is a matter of preference. Some sleepers do it every week, while others only flip their mattresses once or twice per year.

And what about rotating it?

It is important to rotate your mattress regularly because it helps your mattress to last for a long time. It will be best if you rotate your mattress every six months or so but not necessarily more often than that.

When Should I Replace My Mattress?

There’s no definitive answer to this question as we all sleep differently and have varying support needs. However, if you notice sagging in your two-sided mattress or springs popping out of their casings at any point during its use then it might be time for a replacement!

Do You Need A Special Bed Frame?

A two-sided mattress can be placed on any bed frame, just make sure that the slats in your bed frame are close enough together so the mattress doesn’t sag. If you don’t have a bed frame and aren’t interested in buying one, consider using a foundation or box spring instead.

Are flippable mattresses better?

Flippable mattresses are best for you if you sleep on either side. With this type of mattress, one-half can be flipped to the other in order to prevent deterioration and minimize wear. This type of mattress is also characterized by long life and versatility.

How much do flippable mattresses cost?

Flippable mattresses tend to cost more than traditional ones. This is because of the extra material used on each side and their versatility that allows sleeping on either side or back. However, they are best for those who will be using them frequently over a long period of time as they last longer due to their durability and sturdiness. Double-sided queen mattress стоят меньше чем $1,500.

What do I need to know about mattress brands?

When shopping around for the best two-sided mattresses you should consider asking friends and family if they have one already before buying so you could see how it feels in person rather than just go off pictures online. Another thing worth considering is finding out what brand name best suits your needs since this might also affect which type of mattress would best suit you based. A double sided mattress brands that are presented in my article are checked. They have earned their good reputation with good products and millions of positive reviews around the world. 

Who sells double sided mattresses?

There are many companies that sell double sided mattresses. Therefore, in order to find a decent model, you need to spend long hours on the Internet studying the characteristics and reviews of other buyers. But do not rush to get upset, I did it all for you. If you want to buy a really high-quality mattress, take a look at this model: Layla Memory Foam Mattress.  This double-sided mattress has a thick layer of memory foam that adjusts to the contours of your body. The mattress is also infused with copper, which has cooling and antimicrobial properties. Another advantage of this model is that it comes with a 120-day risk-free trial period. This means that you can return the mattress if you don’t like it.

Are dual firmness mattresses better?

There are a lot of people who believe dual firmness mattresses are the best type. These mattresses usually have two sides, one that’s softer and designed for side sleepers while the other is more supportive and firmer to better accommodate back sleepers.

But what if you switch around?

If someone who sleeps on their side switches to sleeping on their back during the night, they might find the opposite side of the mattress too hard or uncomfortable which could lead to problems such as neck pain in the morning. If this happens regularly then it would be best to get a single firm mattress instead.

What size mattress should I buy?

This is a question that does not have a definitive answer because it depends on the size of your bedroom and how much space you want to leave for other furniture. In general, the best two-sided mattresses are available in all standard sizes such as Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Expert guides on topic:

What is the difference between a best two-sided mattress and a one-sided mattress?

The best two-sided mattress has springs on both sides of the bed, which makes it softer when you sleep on one side and firmer when you sleep on the other side. A one-sided mattress only has springs on one side so it will be consistently soft or firm depending on which side you are sleeping on. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your sleeping preference. For some, the best two-sided mattresses are best for back pain because you can flip the mattress to adjust the firmness of your best two-sided bed.

Are flippable mattresses still available?

Yes, the best two-sided mattresses are still available. Of course, their choice is limited compared to the standard models. But there are many brands on the market that produce decent mattresses you can flip.

Are returns free?

This really depends on the retailer you purchase your best two-sided mattress from. Usually, if you get a defective mattress, the store will allow you to return it for a new one. However, if you simply don’t like the firmness or feel of the mattress, most retailers will not accept the return. So make sure to test out different models before settling on one!

What is the difference between a flippable mattress and turning a traditional mattress?

The biggest difference between the best two-sided mattress and a traditional one is that you can actually flip a two-sided mattress. This helps to evenly distribute the wear and tear, which in turn extends the life of your mattress. With a traditional mattress, you can only rotate it 180 degrees; this doesn’t really do much in terms of distributing the wear.

How long will my best two-sided mattress last?

This all depends on how often you flip your best two-sided mattress and also how well you take care of it. If you rotate it every month or so and keep up with regular cleaning, it could last anywhere from six to eight years. However, if you forget to rotate it or don’t clean it as often, you could find yourself replacing it sooner.

How are flippable mattresses constructed?

Most flippable mattresses are constructed with two layers of foam. The top layer is usually a little bit softer than the bottom, which makes it more comfortable for people who sleep on their stomachs. Additionally, this design helps to extend the life of your mattress by preventing excessive wear on any one spot.

Who makes flippable mattresses, two sided mattress manufacturer?

A double sided mattress is a mattress that can be used on both sides. This type of mattress is usually cheaper than a one-sided mattress, and it can last twice as long. Most two-sided mattresses are made by major manufacturers, such as Layla, Nest Bedding, and Saatva. These brands offer a wide variety of double sided mattresses. I did my research and just found the best double sided mattress: Layla Memory Foam Mattress. These double sided mattresses have a flippable design, so you can use it on both sides. The Layla mattress is made with memory foam, which contours to your body and provides pressure relief. It’s also infused with copper, which helps regulate body temperature. So if you choose this model, you are sure to get comfort and a great night’s sleep.

Why you should trust us

This article was approved by a certified sleep consultant and orthopaedist. I spent 42 hours testing mattresses. I have chosen 3 of the best models. I only recommend the best of the best to my readers. I have tested out all kinds of mattresses and have found that flippable mattresses are some of the best on the market. If you’re looking for a new mattress, I highly recommend giving one a try. You won’t be disappointed!


The best two-sided mattresses have been around for a while. They are best for couples who want to sleep in the same bed but have different preferences on the firmness and thickness of the mattress. The best two-sided mattress is the perfect choice if you would like to get a restful night’s sleep without having a partner disturb your slumber. In this article, I have tried to tell you all the necessary information you need to know about 2 sided mattresses. I hope that you were able to find the right double-sided mattress for you.

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