Glossary of sleep terms

Do you know what sleep apnea is? Or narcolepsy? If not, this glossary of sleep terms will be helpful. Here we cover the definitions and symptoms of various sleep disorders. This blog post includes a list of resources for those looking to learn more about sleep or find out how they can improve their own … Read more

Which Direction Should Your Bed Face?

which direction should your bed face

Today we will look at four examples of different bedrooms and show you how you can position your bed according to feng shui. Even if you don’t have an optimal position. By the way, this optimal position is called the commander’s position. And when you lie in bed, you can see the main door, you … Read more

Black People Sleeping: Facts And Tips

As a black person, it’s important to consider how racial disparities in sleep may be affecting your health. Racial disparities in sleep have been documented for years and typically consist of African Americans sleeping less than whites. This is a problem because the quality and quantity of sleep affect mood, mental clarity, memory retention, physical … Read more

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