Which Direction Should Your Bed Face?

Today we will look at four examples of different bedrooms and show you how you can position your bed according to feng shui. Even if you don’t have an optimal position. By the way, this optimal position is called the commander’s position. And when you lie in bed, you can see the main door, you can see what’s coming at you. Sometimes it’s impossible, sometimes you have to adjust. But we really want to create the feeling that you can see what’s behind your doors and adjust to that with feng shui. Because what you see you can control, and you really want to be able to control and see the obstacles and the opportunities that come in front of you.

So now we’re going to start, we’re going to look at four examples.

1. A bedroom in a condominium.

So, let’s dive in. The first plan is a condo bedroom. It’s a two-bedroom condo. And as you can see, this option is actually not that bad. In terms of options, the longest and best wall is also in the main space, and that’s where my little bed stands. So, we’re going to focus on this bedroom and then the bathroom.

The bathroom is offset. So yes, we’ll place it in the castle, but we can’t place it here. And we don’t want to place it here. So what I’m going to tell you about in the last concept. So, we’re going to place it on the longest transparent wall. It’s also going to be a team position. So, you can see when you’re lying in the bed, the door, like I said, but you’re not in a straight line with the door. There’s a line from the bathroom to the bed, but it’s pretty far away. And there’s a walk-in closet, which serves as a kind of a buffer. But I still recommend keeping the bathroom door closed. And also, if possible, there’s often an option or a drawer where you can put a light fixture. If that’s not an option, you can hang a functional crystal.

So, what it does is that the energy flowing through it, when the doors are closed, will prevent the dissipation of the energy going through. It also dissipates energy. So the energy coming in, taking energy from you lying in bed, going to the bathroom and going down the 123 drains, will dissipate and move again. So, to summarize, the doctor’s command “Door Closed” only makes an additional correction here. But otherwise, it is really not a bad plan.

2. Little cleaver.

As for plan number two, there’s a complete package here, too. And this is what we call, I would call it the little cleaver. And the reason for that is, here’s your handle. And here’s the point of the knife. So imagine holding it. It’s small, because often a door can start from here, and that can give you a big lever and a big handle. But it’s small here. But still, we want to solve that problem. So, where we’re going to put, well, we can’t put it on the link, I mean, that’s not an option, we’re not going to put it on this wall. Because that was the point of the knife, because there’s a window there. And instead of closing the window. So where’s the next best option?

Well, we can’t put it here. I mean, if we put it here, that would be silly, because we have a walk-in closet door, and then your door here, and I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t put it here. So it’s really the only option, the best option. But it’s in line with the other one. But it doesn’t have a buffer because the bathroom is right across from the bedroom. So the energy flows right in.

So the same recommendation again, the door is closed, and there’s a functional crystal halfway between the edge of the bed and the door to the bathroom. Now you may be wondering, what is a functional crystal? How do you hang a functioning crystal? Well, I have a whole video on the subject, as well as a blog article. And you can get instructions in this post. So just watch the video on how to hunt for how to hang a functional crystal.

3. The third rule of bed placement in the room

Let’s move on to plan number three.

This may be familiar to residents of condos and apartments where you have one bedroom and space is limited. And that’s just the reality of living in the city. So you might have this wall that separates the kitchen and the bedroom, and it’s not ideal because the baby’s chin is actually Yang, but it’s also, it’s the space of the fire element. And the bedroom, we want it to be peaceful in a Yang way.

So there’s a lot of energy going through that wall, not to mention all the appliances that are there. So this is where you don’t want to put your bed. In this case, we can’t do that because there’s a sliding door. But let’s say some of you have this scenario where you might open the door to the room, and then, but it just so happens, you’re going to split it up. If that’s possible, please move it away from that wall. Now, in this case we can’t, we can, we can put it here. But again, we’re not in an ideal commander’s position, and it’s still a little close to this wall. So I prefer to put it here.

Again, a great command position View far enough away, it creates quite a bit of space away from that wall. And it protects you a little bit more and gives you that advantage of the command position in showing up when you see what’s coming at you. Now, I would still water that wall. And what I mean by adding the element of water, and because it’s fire, we kind of irrigate and create a more yin element in the space. So you can do that by painting the wall a dark, gray or blue, or even adding our water work, I would stay away from the mirror, again, because I don’t like mirrors in the bathroom and the bedroom. So that gives you where to place the bed, and it actually works pretty well in that space. But you do want to tone it down to create a little bit more of a buffer between the kitchen fire and the bedroom energy.

Too much farming can lead to disturbing stress. And what we really want to avoid is if your head is here and the stove is, let’s say, right there, and your head is sharing the wall with the stove. And that can lead to, I would say, difficult healing from, you know, problems, I even high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, I mean, all that heat, blood problems, how you feel it coming for you, how all that heat is there, I would really, if you can, and if not, and if you have a bedroom like that, send it to me and we can talk about it further.

4. Lots of doors and a big window.

This plan here is what I call “lots of doors and a big window.” So there’s not a lot of options – that’s what it means. It’s a common thing. I mean, I see it all the time when I come into clients’ homes. While you can’t put it here, too many windows, big window there. It’s a quote of a quiet wall, which I assume is a solid wall. Since there is another open space on this side, they often put a bed here. But what’s being created here is all this energy that’s coming in from outside down this hallway.

There are bathrooms here, there are other bedrooms-your head is in a straight line with this qi path, and you’re pretty close to it. It’s not really a gatekeeper, a door position. It would be if the door was here and you were sharing the wall, the door and the head were sharing this wall.

But the same concept applies to the idea of the gatekeeper position, where all the buzzing shit that comes in, that comes in energies and everything that gets into your head first, essentially gets to you first. You take it all in, and it causes anxiety again, less restful sleep, and just more anxiety.

You take it all in and, as you know, again cause anxiety, restlessness, less restful sleep, and just more anxiety.

So let’s avoid that if possible. And we’ll do that if somebody doesn’t know where they can position it that way. Send it to me and we’ll talk about it in the next article. So, here’s where I would position it. But as you can see, and this is what we’ve seen in the other two cases, there’s a straight line of energy leakage from the bed to the bathroom. So what did we do before to fix that? Keep that door closed between the edge and the door. Punctuate the crystal and keep that door closed as much as possible, like absolutely, if you can’t do it all the time, then at least Do it while you sleep.

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