Is Tempurpedic Worth It? [Personal Opinion]

In today’s article, we have a review of online sales options from TempurPedic. TempurPedic is now one of the biggest bed brands not just online, but everywhere. And we’re going to talk about the ones that can be delivered right to your door and tell you why they cost so much money.

TempurPedic Policies.

Let’s start this article by describing TempurPedic’s policies. These are things like shipping, returns, trial periods, and warranties. Again, TempurPedic sent us their beds for free so we could test them and then tell you about them. But if you decide to purchase the bed yourself, you should get free shipping.


The shipping method will depend on which of these mattresses you get: the temper cloud mattress, which we’ll talk about later, does ship in a bag, as do many other online brands. But all the other TempurPedic beds have what’s called “white-glove delivery,” which means a local delivery team will show up at your door with a full-size mattress and make all the adjustments for you. And they’ll even pick up your old mattress if that’s what you want. Either way, no matter which way the bed is delivered to your door.

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Trial Period

Once it arrives, you’ll get a trial period of 90 nights, which means for about three months you’ll decide if you like the mattress, although TempurPedic asks that you spend at least 30 nights on their mattress to get your body used to it. If you don’t like the mattress during the trial period, you can get a full refund with a refund option. You will have to pay for a refund, though, depending on where you live.

I think a refund on one of these mattresses should cost anywhere from 150 to 200 bucks. But if you decide to keep any of these mattresses, all of them come with a standard 10-year warranty.

The TempurPedic feel

Now, before we start talking about the beds themselves, let’s talk about the feel of these mattresses, because that’s what TempurPedic is best known for – the traditional dense memory foam, when you lie down on a TempurPedic mattress, the bed feels pretty firm at first, especially if you’re in a colder room.

But as you lie on it, the foam will start to warm up and soften underneath you. And you will begin to sink into the foam, it will conform to the shape of your body and memorize it, hence the name “memory foam.” There are many people who like a memory foam mattress, particularly because you can feel confident on it and it keeps you from tossing and turning at night, which can lead to a more restful sleep.

But some other sleepers don’t really like the feel of memory foam because you may feel like you’re stuck in the mattress, which is especially hard if you sleep on a combo mattress.

Picking your temperpedic.

Anyway, if you know you like the feel of a memory foam bed, you should probably like the feel of all these beds. Let’s break down the beds themselves, from the most affordable option to the most expensive, which means we’ll start with the temper cloud mattress.

It’s a three-layer foam bed that comes with one level of firmness, which they call medium. But in our tests, we found it to be closer to medium firmness on our scale, which means it would probably be most ideal for people sleeping on their backs and stomachs. This is the easiest and most affordable mattress, with a retail price of about $2,000. For the Queen This bed should be temperpedic’s answer to other Bed In A Box style mattresses. This bed actually comes in a bag, but there is no real practical difference between a bag and a box when it comes to the bed. This bed appears to be designed for those who really want to buy TempurPedic, but also want the whole experience of buying a mattress online.

The next step up in the temperature mattress line is the temper adapt model, which has a few key differences from the cloud. It also comes with one level of firmness, which in our test was about medium-hard. But it also comes in an all-foam version and a hybrid version, which is pretty great. If you’re a heavier person, we almost always recommend a hybrid mattress because of the extra long-term support and durability provided by the coils, and the cover of this mattress is slightly cool to the touch. One of the traditional problems with memory foam mattresses is that they can be a little warm as you sleep more in the mattress than on it. And it can reflect a lot of your body heat back onto you while you sleep. The cooling nature of this mattress is not very noticeable; they have other, more noticeably cooling options, which we’ll talk more about. But it should be more temperature neutral than something like the Temperate Cloud. Well, for a king size. This bed retails for 2,200 bucks, so the Adapt only costs 200 bucks more than the Cloud. And I think the extra 200 bucks is probably worth what you get in the comparison.

After the Adapt model, you have the temper pro adapt model, which is their most popular mattress online. This bed is very similar to the Adapt model, but you have several firmness options to choose from, not just one, it comes in soft model, medium and firm plus a hybrid medium firm version. If you are a strict side sleeper and really want to buy TempurPedic, then pro adapt in the soft model is probably the best option for you. Side sleepers usually prefer softer beds that provide more pressure relief, and this is the most affordable option in the soft model. The product will be significantly more expensive than the regular adapt queen size model, which retails for about $3,000. But this particular TempurPedic model gives you the most choice. After the pro adapt model, you move on to the Lux adapt model, and I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t understand why many people would splurge on the Lux adapt model rather than the pro adapt model. The mattress uses several different materials that should provide more targeted support throughout the night. But I don’t see that it’s worth the extra $700 you’ll spend on one of these beds. And the Alexa, which also only comes in foam options. If you’re a fan of the latest technology, I can understand why you would be willing to splurge on this bed. But I think you’re better off saving some money and buying something like the pro adapt or just spending a little more money to get one of the breeze models, which are noticeably really cool.

The last and most expensive option is the aforementioned temper breeze mattresses. And they can be a little confusing because technically there are two breeze models that differ in how much colder they should make you sleep, there are Pro breeze models that should help you sleep three degrees colder and then they have luxe breeze models that should make you sleep eight degrees colder, we can’t say that each model is exactly three or eight degrees colder than sleeping in an average mattress. But we can say that both models are definitely very nice and cool, especially compared to other memory foam mattresses. If you feel the cover, you will definitely notice how cool it feels to the touch. And the phones are designed to give you more airflow. As I mentioned, these are the most expensive beds from TempurPedic, the pro breeze will cost you about 4,000

And even the timber cloud which is their most affordable is pretty expensive in comparison as well. But TempurPedic has huge brand recognition and they make a really high quality product. And that’s going to do it for our review of the five beds from TempurPedic you can buy online. And that leaves us with the question which one should you get? And that’s a pretty tough question because I don’t really know you or your budget or your sleeping preferences. But what I can tell you is this the model is you should be looking at first are the temporary adapt the pro adapt and the breeze models. The adapters only 200 More than the cloud and we think it’s an objectively nicer bed. The prototype is a bit more expensive than the DAT which you get a ton of options as the most affordable option for side sleepers as well. And the breeze models are quite expensive. But if it fits your budget, they’re really nice and they sleep noticeably cool. And we think they’re worth the extra couple 100 bucks you’d be spending on the Lux adapt but what do you think of these Tempurpedic mattresses?

Do you have any experience with them or any older TempurPedic beds? Write us down below in the comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts. And make sure you check in the description for all the information we have about temperpedic more stuff more written reviews, comparisons, any discount codes you’re able to find discounts on temperpedic are kind of rare, but we might be able to find something. I hope you found today’s video helpful. If you did, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. We really appreciate that. That’s enough for me. Thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

TempurPedic has tremendous brand recognition, and they make really high quality products. That’s where our review of TempurPedic beds that you can buy online ends. The question remains, which one to choose? This is quite a difficult question because I don’t know you, your budget, or your sleeping preferences. But what I can tell you is that you should look at the temporary adapt, pro adapt, and breeze models first. The adapters are only 200 more expensive than the cloud, and we think it’s objectively a nicer bed. The prototype is slightly more expensive than the DAT, which you get a ton of options as the most affordable option for side sleepers. And the Breeze models are pretty expensive. But if it fits into your budget, they’re really good, and it’s noticeably cooler to sleep on them. We think they’re worth the extra 100 bucks you’ll spend on the Lux adapt. What do you think of these Tempurpedic mattresses?

Do you have any experience with these or other older TempurPedic mattresses? Write us about it in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts. And be sure to check out the description for all the TempurPedic mattress information, more material, more written reviews, comparisons, any discount codes you can find, discounts on TempurPedic mattresses are pretty rare, but we might be able to find something. I hope today’s video was helpful to you. If so, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. We really appreciate it. That’s it for me. Thank you very much for watching. See you next time.

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