Sleep Republic Mattress Review

The Sleep Republic is a hybrid mattress featuring a blend of foam, coils, and latex which guarantees a quality sleeping experience. The medium firmness level of this mattress attracts average sleepers.

With a new style pocket spring base, this mattress is becoming a popular hit among sleepers who are upgrading from a spring mattress.

People who want a change from all foam and all spring mattresses will surely love the hybrid design of sleep republic mattresses. It’s a perfect choice for sleepers looking for a mattress with more bounce and edge support.

In this review, we have highlighted every detail that a buyer should know before purchasing the mattress. Reading this would give you valuable information about the quality, feel, material, durability, and other aspects of this product.

A Glance at Our Sleep Republic Mattress Review

Our objective is to cover all the points that would help you in getting a real feel of the Sleep Republic mattress. The list of these points is given below. And hey, don’t try to skip any point if you are really serious about buying the mattress. After all, finding the right bedding for comfortable sleep is your responsibility!

  • The quality of the materials used in the mattress
  • The feel and firmness level of the mattress
  • The edge support of the mattress
  • The weight and thickness of the mattress
  • The temperature of the mattress
  • The cost of the mattress
  • The warranty and trial scheme of the mattress
  • The delivery service of the mattress
  • The final verdict

It’s time to dive in to understand all the points in a better way!

1. The Quality of the Materials Used in the Mattress

Assessing the quality of the materials used in a mattress is very important because the quality is the determinant of comfort. Talking about Sleep Republic mattress, the quality of its materials is outstanding. The creators have done a brilliant job in selecting the materials and designing the mattress.

This hybrid mattress consists of three support layers, along with one cover layer. Together, these work to provide essential support and comfort to sleepers.

Let’s know their specific features:

Cashmere Outer Cover Fabric

This softcover layer adds a luxurious touch to the whole mattress. Its quilted pattern makes it look attractive and also enhances the durability of the mattress.

Gel Infused Memory Foam Layer

Mixing memory foam with gel is a wise move as it controls the firmness of memory foam and creates pressure relief. This layer is essential for contouring the body thus; creating even weight distribution. The gel element also keeps this mattress cool when you sleep.

Natural Latex Layer

The second layer is made up of latex; which not only regulates the temperature of the mattress but also adds a responsive bounce into it. The pinholes of this layer make the mattress breathable. This layer also works as a transition between memory foam and spring layers.

High Definition Pocket Spring Layer

The base layer is designed of pocket springs with the aim of providing support and stability to the mattress. Placed in 5 different regions, these springs reduce motion transfer and provide individual support to every area of the body. The number of springs in the Queen Size mattress is 1,850; which is twice more than most of the other mattresses. The sides of this mattress are covered with 3D spacer fabric. The wave stitch pattern of this cloth makes it breathable and creates necessary airflow.

2. The Feel and Firmness Level of the Mattress

The fusion of softer materials like memory foam and firmer materials like springs make this mattress a medium-firm one; which is perfect for people looking for a “not too firm and not too soft mattress?.

Some people felt that the middle area of the mattress is softer as compared to the edges; which is the result of firm edge support. However, we can safely give it between 5 and 6 points out of 10 in firmness.

Every type of sleeper gets a different feel on a mattress; which means that any mattress can’t be best for everyone. The side sleepers of every weight and size would be satisfied with this mattress as it contours and relieve pressure on the hips, torso, and shoulders of such sleepers.

The back sleepers will experience less back pain due to the right amount of hips sink that maintains the lower back support. Stomach sleepers have a conflict with the overall sleeping experience of this mattress.

The average and high-weight stomach sleepers would love the combination of plush top and firm base, but the lightweight stomach sleepers may find it lacking as they need extra softness.

The pocket springs are very different from the traditional sleep technology that transfers the motion on movement. The individual spring pockets respond to the individual movements without moving the surrounding springs; which minimize motion transfer and help in providing a disturbance-free sleep.

3. The Edge Support of the Mattress

The Sleep Republic leaves many other mattress companies behind when it comes to edge support. The pocket springs of this mattress make the edges firmer and hold people in place without sinking in. However, a little compression would surely be there, but that’s natural in any foam-based product.

The high tensile spring coils are used in the edges to make them stable. Its edge support is definitely better than all-foam mattresses; which makes getting out of the bed quite easier. This is a good feature for people recovering from any surgery.

4. The Weight and Thickness of the Mattress

Hundreds of steel springs and thick foam layers make Sleep Republic a quite heavy mattress. The total weight of a fully expanded Queen Size mattress is 49 kilograms. The shipping box comes with handles so; 2 people can conveniently place the mattress.

This hybrid mattress is also thicker than most of memory foam mattresses having a width of 31 cm. However, this level of thickness is normal for a hybrid mattress. You can place this mattress on bed frames, the floor, or any base.

5. The Temperature of the Mattress

This mattress has a good cooling effect. Elements like gel-infused memory foam, latex pinholes, and a spring layer enhance the cooling level of the mattress and also make it breathable.

The spaces in between the spring layer maintain the airflow and the 3D spacer of side panels allows proper ventilation. However, some sleepers have also claimed that this mattress retains some heat; which is the result of foam and cashmere top layer.

6. The Cost of the Mattress

The cost of the Sleep Republic mattresses is quite low as compared to all-foam mattresses. However, it is similar as compared to other hybrid mattresses. The King and Queen sizes can be considered a little bit overpriced, but the other two variants are perfectly priced as per the quality of the mattress.

Let’s have a look at the accurate prices of this mattress:

  • Single: $599
  • Double: $999
  • Queen: $1199
  • King: $1399

7. The Warranty and Trial Scheme of the Mattress

The warranty period of this mattress is 12 year; which is longer as compared to the other companies. During this period, the company would check and fix any failures without any cost.

The trial period offered by the Sleep Republic is of 100 nights in which you can evaluate its quality and feel. You can return the mattress anytime during the trial period without any hassle. The used mattress would then be picked up by the company and will be donated to the Salvation Army.

8. The Delivery Service of the Mattress

Like most of the other mattresses companies, Sleep Republic offers free delivery in every region of Australia.

If you reside in areas like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Gold Coast, then there are high chances of same-day delivery. However, people residing in the other areas of the country will have to wait for 3 to 5 days after placing the order to receive the mattress.

9. The Final Verdict

Sleep Republic mattress is getting mostly positive reviews for its hybrid design, edge support, and cooling properties. It couldn’t satisfy every sleeper due to different preferences, but a majority of the back and side sleepers are reporting to have an amazing sleeping experience on this mattress.

The plush top and strong base provide the perfect balance to the sleepers. If you want to try an innovative hybrid mattress, then you can consider the Sleep Republic.

According to our research, you will love this mattress if:

  • You sleep on your side and back
  • Prefer cool sleeping options
  • Want a hybrid design
  • Looking for good edge support
  • Want a medium-firm mattress

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