Sleepy Panda Mattress Review

Sleepy Panda is a hybrid design mattress that is comparatively new to the online Australian mattress market. The combination of foam, latex, and pocket springs contributes to its medium-firm feel; which is the ideal firmness for many sleepers.

Although Sleepy Panda is a less expensive hybrid box mattress, it needs improvement in several areas to be able to compete with other existing mattress brands.

According to our research, many buyers faced several difficulties in returning the mattress during the trial period. Some people were also annoyed due to the slow responses of the customer service team and hidden terms that made returns quite complex.

However, Sleepy Panda is a good option for some people, but this isn’t the case with everyone.

We have created this review to reveal every aspect of this mattress; whether it is good or bad. After reading the review, you will have a sound understanding of this mattress; which will be helpful in evaluating the worth of this mattress for you.

Our Sleepy Panda Mattress Review in a Glance

To create an authentic review of Sleepy Panda mattress, we have gathered data from various buyers of this mattress.

On the basis of their opinions of experiencing Sleepy Panda mattress, we have given details about the feel, quality of materials, firmness level and other things about this mattress.

By the end of this review, you will be able to get the answers to every question that you may have in your mind about this mattress. We have divided this whole review in the following pointers:

  • The quality of materials used in the mattress
  • The feel and firmness level of the mattress
  • The edge support of the mattress
  • The weight and thickness of the mattress
  • The temperature of the mattress
  • The cost of the mattress
  • The warranty scheme and trial period of the mattress
  • Our final verdict

1. The Quality of Materials Used in the Mattress:

The Sleepy Panda is designed in Australia, but it is built in some foreign land using comparatively low-grade materials. Well, you can’t expect high-grade materials at low prices so; the materials are totally aligned with the prices of this mattress.

Its construction and design are very similar to other hybrid mattresses. Let’s have a layer by layer analysis of the materials of this mattress:

Cover Layer:

The cover of this mattress is created with a silky knitted bamboo cloth. This material is highly breathable and hypoallergenic; which helps you in staying cool during the night. On the sides, sturdier grey material is used to protect the edges from wear and tear.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam Layer:

Below the cover is the first layer of this mattress; which is a gel-infused memory foam layer. This layer is designed to provide proper contouring to the body.

It relieves joint pressure by taking the shape of your body. The gel used in this layer prevents heat retention of memory foam and keeps everything cool.

Natural Latex Layer:

The next layer is made up of totally natural latex that adds adequate bounce to the mattress. This layer is responsible for making the mattress highly responsive due to which it hugs the right places. Latex also assists in increasing the durability of the mattress by maintaining its original shape for a longer period.

Adaptive Foam Layer:

The third layer is a thin adoptive foam layer; which is firmer than other layers of this mattress. This layer supports the spine by transitioning the weight to the spring base.

Pocket Spring Layer:

The last layer of this mattress is the 5 zone pocket spring layer. These springs work as the foundation of the mattress. The strategic arrangements of these coils into 5 different zones target the distinct areas of the body like head, shoulders, back, knees and feet. These individualized springs also prevent motion transfer in the mattress.

2. The Feel and Firmness Level of the Mattress:

Sleepy Panda is a standard hybrid design that offers a medium-firm feel to sleepers. This level of firmness is perfect for people who have back pain issues. The lower back of these people needs proper support without deep sinking; which is provided in this mattress. However, people who enjoy cloudy soft mattresses and small sleepers may find it too firm.

The structure of this mattress is highly loved by light to average size side sleepers. But, this mattress is too firm for stomach sleepers. The memory foam material isn’t right for providing the sinking feeling to the sensitive body parts of the stomach sleepers.

Still, the comfort layer will provide enough cushioning to the heavier stomach sleepers. However, average to small stomach sleepers may look for other adjustable mattress designs.

Side and back sleepers usually need a mattress that contains a blend of support and comfort-providing materials. Side sleepers require support and compression relief for body parts like hips, shoulders, and torsos.

Back sleepers also need proper support to keep their spine, hips, and neck aligned. Sleepy Panda has all of these qualities; which make it the right mattress for a majority of side and back sleepers.

The springs of this mattress also work individually to reduce partner disturbance. Each spring is wrapped separately to maintain air circulation and prohibit motion transfer. People who are switching from the traditional spring mattress would surely love the disturbance-free feel of Sleepy Panda.

3. The Edge Support of the Mattress:

The edge support of Sleepy Panda is much better than the all-foam designs. The spring base of this mattress plays a crucial role in maintaining the support and bounce even on the edges of the mattress.

Sleepy Panda has used thicker springs around the edges to strengthen the edge support. This helps you in hopping out of bed in the morning easily and also prevents you from falling off the bed in your sleep.

4. The Weight and Thickness of the Mattress:

The materials like thick pocket spring base and foam comfort layer make Sleepy Panda quite heavier as compared to other mattresses. The weight of Queen Size mattress is 48 kilograms; which means that you would need help in lifting and placing this mattress on the right place.

It comes in a compressed box like all the other online mattresses, and you can place it on any standard bed frame or platform. The mattress expands to the width of 30 centimeters after unpacking; which is the average level of thickness of a hybrid mattress. This thickness is ideal for people who like higher mattresses and switching from a traditional spring mattress.

5. The Temperature of the Mattress:

The temperature of this mattress is cool, and it is one of the worth highlighting features of this mattress. The gel-infused memory foam layer, along with the bamboo fiber cover, works very well to maintain the regular airflow in this mattress.

Although, some buyers have reported about heat retention, so; you may also feel that in case your bedroom becomes very warm in the summer months.

6. The Cost of the Mattress:

The price of Sleepy Panda is highly affordable as compared to the other hybrid mattresses available in the market. However, it is not the cheapest mattress available in this category.

We found out that the larger variants of this mattress are offering a better price value than the smaller ones. Let’s look at the rate chart to understand the price of this mattress in a better way:

  • Single: $499
  • Double: $699
  • Queen: $949
  • King: $1049

7. The Warranty Scheme and Trial Period of the Mattress:

The Sleepy Panda mattress comes with a 10-year warranty scheme and a 100 day trial period. The company ships the mattresses free of cost in every area of Australia and even the option of same-day delivery is also available for the metro areas.

But, the company has poor customer service, and many people who weren’t satisfied with the mattress found it difficult to return during the trial period. You should keep this flaw in mind before placing the order if you are not sure about purchasing.

Yes, you can try the mattress and return it as well, but the returning process isn’t smooth like other mattresses companies.

8. Our Final Verdict:

In the end, we would say that Sleepy Panda is an average hybrid mattress that can be liked by you if you are a back or side sleeper who wants a medium-firm mattress on a low budget.

Considering the flaws in returning policies and complaints about the low quality of materials, it is doubtful whether this mattress is a good choice or not.

However, it offers many features similar to other hybrid mattresses that can comfort you. But, it is advisable to contact the company to understand the refund policy before placing your order.

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