Mattress Size Chart

Let’s take a look at the mattress size comparison:

Narrow Twin Size: It is an excellent choice for children’s rooms or guest bedrooms. 30”x75”.

Twin Size: The perfect bed for one adult or a child. Use this size in small rooms, dorms, vacation homes, etc. Also fits twin-size hi-risers and day beds! 38” x 75”.

Super Single: This type of mattress is between a single and a double bed. It’s a good fit for small places or people who sleep alone. 48”x75”.

Twin Extra Long: Typically used in college dorm rooms. Provides extra length for tall individuals. 38” x 80”.

Full or Double Size: This is the smallest size to consider for two people. Also very popular for children. 53” x 75”.

Full Extra Long: Provides extra length for taller individuals. 53” x 80”.

Queen Size: Provides a more comfortable sleeping area than a full size. 60” x 80”. Full and queen bed sizes are most popular sizes for two people.

Eastern King Size: Lots of room to be comfortable without disturbing your partner! 76” x 80”. Box spring is made in two pieces to allow for ease of delivery.

California King Size: This size offers more length with less width and is the standard king-size on the West Coast. 72” x 84”. Box spring is made in two pieces to allow for ease of delivery.

What is the size of a twin matress?

Twin mattresses  are typically 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. Some twin mattresses may be a bit wider or narrower, but the length will usually be around 75 inches. Additionally, twin mattresses are sometimes called “single” mattresses. This is because they are just big enough for one person to sleep comfortably on them. If you’re shopping for a mattress for a child or teenager, a twin mattress is a good option. It’s also a good choice if you need an extra bed for guests but don’t have a lot of extra space in your home

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