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Are you a professional writer tired of scrappy pay from unreliable clients? If yes, it’s time to join an excellent online writing platform with consistent work and a higher ranking. Statistics show that most online writers are freelancers who lack the resources to secure jobs and have low leverage when negotiating with clients.

We aim to provide a favorable working environment for our writers. Therefore, we write blogs containing accurate and informative content contingent on the provided topic. For example, our qualified team of writers is currently doing blogs about mattresses, and we would love for you to be part of our team.

Why Join Our Team?

We have done various projects for many years, including product guides, how-to, and informational articles. Over the years, our top priority has been to provide top-tier articles, which has greatly improved our rankings and client loyalty. By joining us, you become part of a trusted writing community.

Another benefit of becoming part of our team is you get unlimited access to our resources and programs. Every writer requires assistance on occasion in order to enhance and stay ahead of the competition. We are a hub of experienced individuals ready to offer support and guidance to any team member. We believe in teamwork, which has propelled us to where we are today.

The main challenge most freelancers face is low pay for their quality work. We always take care of our team members and consider their efforts as we negotiate the payment amount with potential clients.

Joining a well-established writing community is also easier to schedule your writing hours. In addition, you’ll enjoy the convenience of writing blogs according to your availability rather than the client’s demands. This makes it easier to deliver quality as much as quantity is concerned.

How to Join

Two heads are better than one, and becoming part of the team is easy. If you’re ready to join forces and write high-quality guest contributions, feel free to send us an email or fill in all the required fields in the form below.

We value quality work, which is required for all projects. Publishing quality and informative written content make it easy for us to secure more jobs for you. We always advise our writers to be at their best at all times, more so when writing about these mattresses.

What Makes a Good Writer?

There are certain traits a good writer possesses to ensure they stay at the top of their game. As aforementioned, we need someone to write about mattresses, and by far, these topics are not as harsh or technical as most content writing. We value these traits, and it is a requirement for all writers to follow the standard writing requirements such as:

1. Doing your Research

The first step toward writing a great blog is to do extensive research. Research allows you to understand the topic at hand, in our case, mattresses, making it easy to arrange the ideas before writing. Furthermore, good research ensures your blog stays relevant and you provide relevant products; suppose you’re writing about mattress buying guides.

2. Being creative

After understating the topic and arranging the ideas, a good writer must creatively combine these points to create engaging and free-flowing content. Creativity also reduces the chances of plagiarism. The writer must adapt to the article’s flow and develop relevant topics that the audience finds engaging. Furthermore, creative writing makes the readers want to read or learn more about the product or topic at hand.

3. Following the provided instructions

Most clients provide guidelines on how they want their blogs submitted. These instructions are mostly formatting guidelines such as font size, headings, and links. A good writer ensures that their work meets each specification. It is important to note that all mattress blogs must be at least 2,000 words long, 100% unique, and well structured.

4. Observing editorial guidelines

A good writer observes and follows the basic editorial guidelines to ensure relevant, free-flowing, and error-free work. You are required to proofread your work to ensure it is free-flowing, and there are other crucial requirements such as ensuring the work is error-free and plagiarism free. Various online platforms such as Grammarly will assist you in conducting these checks.

5. Submitting work on time

We are sensitive when it comes to deadlines and always specify the time frame before providing any task. A good writer should therefore ensure they submit their work before then. We value communication as well. Suppose there is a burning issue; you need to contact us for clarification.

Become Part of The Team!

There are many benefits and an endless list of resources to enjoy by joining us and becoming part of our team. We provide the perfect platform for those who wish to showcase their quality writing abilities but don’t know where to start. You’ll be able to interact with our team of professional writers who will guide and help you propel your writing to the next level.

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