Reston Mattress




The Mildex Reston mattress with additional comfort system takes care of you during your rest and allows you to enjoy a real pleasure of sleep.
Thanks to the combination of an exclusive design and a reinforced spring block, the mattress has many sensitive points of support, anticipating and guiding every human movement, relieving stress and restoring strength.
The exclusive cover of cotton jersey and high-volume hypoallergenic fiber quilted with unique dot stitching provides not only aesthetic pleasure but also ensures peace of mind during sleep. The mattress is supplemented with additional comfort system.

– The system of additional comfort with hypoallergenic latex gives additional comfort to the bed and allows to relax all groups of muscles;
– Pillow Top (hypoallergenic latex 3 cm + Ormafoam 2 cm) gives exclusivity to your bedroom, allowing you to plunge into a feeling of luxury and pleasure;
– The contrasting burlap gives the mattress an exclusive look and increases its longevity and resistance to wear and tear;
– The cotton jersey in the cover ensures the correct exchange of air, which has a positive effect on the body’s thermoregulation during sleep;
– coconut in comfort layers contribute to the reduction of muscular tension.

Support the Ukrainian army to sleep calmly!