Wellington Mattress




wo-sided Wellington mattress with different stiffness of the sides. The mattress is based on the independent block of 800 springs per bed, which has an anatomic effect. The strengthened spring block provides optimal support of the body during sleep.
Bi-coconut layer provides the necessary stiffness of the bed. At the same time there is always the possibility of using the softer side with Bi-Foam material. Bi-Foam is the foam of high density which has high level of comfort and durability. The mattress cover is made of soft knit fabric with anti-stress impregnation.

– The use of natural, natural materials;
– The presence of two sides of different rigidity;
– Reinforced spring block with point support;
– Comfort system: quilted soft jersey with high-density material Hollcon;
– Innovative bi-coir material combined natural coconut with modern polyester fiber, which gives the mattress greater durability and longevity;
– Reinforcement system of the entire mattress perimeter.

Support the Ukrainian army to sleep calmly!